monday 27/12/2010

Just thought up of some really nice ones... I've already posted but I have some more smiley

Aftershock: X
If a card with the aftershock ability wins the round, the opponent will lose X amount of life after the 4th round.

That's right. And unlike poison, you can stack aftershock as much as you like. You could set your opponent up so they will get KO'ed with aftershock, and to win they'll have to KO you before aftershock comes into play (that is, at the end of the game).
Intimidation: X
If your power is more than your opponent's, X is activated (X being an ability).
Burn: X
If you win the round, your opponent loses X amount of life after the next round. If it is played in the 4th round the burn will not work.
If you win the round, for the next round your opponent's pillz get played 2 more or 2 less than what they specify.
Counter: X
If you play second in the round, X gets activated (X being an ability). Basically the opposite of Courage.
Flip Stats
Your power and damage get swapped around. If the ability is canceled, your power and damage remain the same.
Flip Opp. Stats
Same as Flip Stats, but to your opponent.

In other words, whoever posted that has his date set ten years in past.

@Gen_Grievous, Because more people get on this forum

sunday 26/12/2010

Plz rate and comment

Very true, I use a GHEIST and Nightmare deck, but woe betides when I don't draw both against a Freaks user with Baldovino or Cassandra. I got a friend into this game who chose to play freaks and afte playin against him, I never looked down on freaks again. Freaks are basically a clan who don't even need thee bonus to get around. Epic eh?

Non Cr:
Wee Lee

Close calls:

elchew got it right when it comes to THE BIG FIVE. There's no other way around it, those are the gods of UR. Jackie Cr is great but she just doesn't have that status, you know?

Oops i ment 4 for the eklore example and thankyou orc

saturday 25/12/2010

Yes you would need to make a new acc, but you need to delete this one first, having multiple acc. is cheating.

Your player ID I assume, go to your profile, (click on you name) and then there will your player ID on the bottom left corner of the white box.

Your player ID is: 11800398

It works like this: The card with fewest stars wins a tie. If the cards have the same amount of stars, the player who played first wins.

It might be OP, but like I said, they ARE meant to be legendary.
What's the point of trying to complete all those missions without getting a half decent card? smiley

His mission exists. do it, that is all there is

About new room where bad cards can be used: i hosted this tourney that was pretty successful in trying out games without high-powered cards HipHop Messiahz Crappy Cards Tourney
about blacklisting players: could be abused. anyone could just blacklist players they can't beat so they'll only meet players they can beat.
game chat: would be nice but would have no practical use except to start flamewars.
trade tool: long overdue. UR remains a CCG and will wait to be a true TCG until a trading tool is implemented.

i'd like more sorting options in the market. i'd like to be able to sort not only by clans and cards missing in collection but also by abilities, power, damage, etc
i'd also like to be able to sort by a price range. say for example by putting in the search 300-400 clintz, all cards with that value would be shown. instead of just the highest-lowest sorting we have

friday 24/12/2010

I think it would be a bit more interesting if they had a contest, a design of a new character, so all players can email them there drawing and then the winner would simply get that character without buying it. I think that would be better.

thursday 23/12/2010

Yeah. Personal betting and challenges would be cool. There you can list yourself with certain information that you must adhere to like : "I'll play against you T1 ELO with only 10 pills, you'll have 12. youll get 200 cz if you win, I'll get 300 if I win". Kate is used as stakeholder.

Kind of miniature event system, 1 on 1 style.

- You could limit/force cards/stars. (I'll play 17 star deck against 25 star deck with 4:1 pay ratio)
- You could reveal all/some of the cards youre using (Im guaranteed to have Bob Joby on the deck.)
- You could tweak number of pills/life. (I'll have just 6 life. Fight me.)

Thanks for the help, guys.

Lol don't even worry about him.. he doesnt know what he's talking about.. you have a nice idea smiley

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