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saturday 02/04/2011

I agree, Pussycats are effective, but they need 2-3 more 3*'s!
Attack Manipulation is used highly often...such as Montanas and mostly Uppers.
I have a Piranas, Uppers, and Nightmare decks and all have half and half, but I found out that The Piranas and Nightmare arn't to bad together!
Anyone else ever try that? Also is it the same for Gheist and Roots?

Yea i just like their bonus, lets me beat Sentinals/Rescue/Montana etc much easier. I use sentinels now by the way

friday 01/04/2011

Blaaster is kinda expensive but ive got a wee lee to sell so il try to get him
thanks for the helpsmiley

Uranus > Pussycats *gets shot*

That'simposseble except if you have Robb and other 3 All stars in your deck smiley

5-star ? clan bonus-team dmg+2, ablity-Team+all 2. 8/8
The ability is that every team member gets plus 2 to every stat, including plus 2 hp and pillz.
Banned, of course.

I was going to post the same thing a tanto. Agree completely. May of been one point behind the person ahead of him.her at that point but now way someone kicks a 200pt gap in 5 min.

More than 1 leader cancels effect...
so far i'm sticking to using timber...i juz got hugo so will lvl him up....then maybe put 2 of them to build a mono rescue 1st.
collecting la junta n fang pi guys as well so might mix n match .

thursday 31/03/2011

@xienwolf deleted
i tried my best smiley
keep them coming guys this is actually quite fun

Customer service usually responds within a week. Remember, there's plenty of us and very few of them. Be patient my friend smiley. They will answer the call smiley

@KitsuneKatsumi: wrong...wrong..*rubs your nose in it and beats you with a newspaper*

for us talented players who love to abuse 5 stars with 2 stars, that would just kill it for us.I tie alot because i predict well..

my stars: Jessie, Dean, Flo, Trish and Stacey..

so no..just play better.and stop copying me!!!

wednesday 30/03/2011


There's an excellent sticky explaining this


tuesday 29/03/2011

My public presets never get deleted, because everyone who uses them just suffers from so much winning

If i used those nightmare for a half deck which would i use for the montana half. i have a good amount of montana. so chances are i have them. just no cr's haha

Nightmare is pretty deadly.. with kolos ghumbo and oshitsune

Some people are nuisance enough to leave (without white flag) after they get EXP on their non-max cards.

Well, Freaks and Pussycats are notoriously the least-played clans (Well, aside from Leaders these days, sine the best ones were banned) ... For the first week or so after a new Legendary opens up, that clan is everywhere as well. (As you'll see in a few weeks, when Rescue's LD goes up.)

You can also go with Sakrohm, as long as you avoid Uranus, Wakai, Murray, Petra, and the two squid. You never see, say, Venus and Halley out there these days. Just the four names and the tqo squid. Real shame.

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