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monday 28/03/2011

When you are at "My Collection", then there are buttons below every card - "Up" or something.
And when at "My Collection Pro" you can click on any of your cards and button appears where you can push for giving exp.
You have to have some exp accumulated ready though.

Hi fellow rivals

im jus asking if u could reccomend a better ulu watu/bangers deck for me
my current deck is angie, bodenpower, lucas shaan
buck, hikiyousan,lulabee and shayna
i jus got alot of other good ulu watus so should i put them in?
feedback would be very good
thank you

Any advises to improve this?? ( i dont have enough money for a cr this is this is what i have got 15k)
its 2type deck and its mainly for dts..

scubb *4
tyd * 3
andsom *3
puff *2 or hawkins noel *2
raeth * 4
kristin *4
urlich *3

its my 1st deck that i made alone is there anything i can do to improve it?

Heal is quened before poison, if that's what you mean

In fact, heal is quened before everything except damage (non KO), so if for example you have 5 HP left on rd 4 (won with Eggman previously), and you fury with Nyema, you'll have 12 life at the end, not 14

I had 2500 clintz on 16th March and I had my mouse on him and said "what if he becomes Cr? Nah, better spare my money" and next day he was announced Cr smiley(

I actually forgot about Archibald smiley

He is a good card with up to 7 damage and +2 pills if you win? Tight.

I'd still put him behind Trish and somewhere with Laura and Nahomi.

Roots are wicked inexpensive too

sunday 27/03/2011

Well.. What if you have P = Opp. P and opponent has Opp. P = P?

Then why did you bother asking for help??

What do we gain if these efficiency rankings come out for the cards lets say....

reducing the metagame to some sort of formula misses on too many factors that make this game so playable

rarity has nothing to do with efficiency
abilities become more valuable or less valuable as the game develops with the release of more cards.

Abilities like that would definatly disrupt the balance. your Curse idea would make clans like All Stars, Uppers, and every other attack or power manipulation clan way over powered. However, if the curse ability plays double edged, meaning, not only does it take away from ur opponent next round but also from your card, lets say the lose of your next cards ability or bonus, then it would balanced. Assitance is simply an upgrade of the Confidence ability, but again it would make several cards OP, like Jackie CR, Caelus CR, Blaaster, etc.

Don't buy. because there is an inflation.
don't buy. because this reduces inflation.

Yeah. "a create a card contest" that could occur maybe at least twice a year. smiley

If it is cr well 0xp are worth more
if its a regular card its because they can lvl them up to gain lots of xp

For elo - dregn
if your going DT's - shaakarti all the way

Go to this link so see the list of MODS.


I'd friend all the ones who speak the language(s) you know if I were you. You never know when you might need help in trades, or any other general info. smiley

What about a Sentinal and Montana T1 deck?

Sentiel's bonus is like Junkz bonus. Lots use Junkz and Sentinel is good

Also, Sentiel's are most affective in half decks IMO

saturday 26/03/2011

Oh, Ok, thanks Tanto, that makes sense.

You should read the full sentence
it's -10 opp attack MINIMUM 3
so 5 attack would become 3, 8 attack would become 3,
2 attack will stay the same since it is lower than minimum

same with montana, -12 opp attack min 8
any attack that lower than 8 would not be reduced

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