thursday 27/01/2011

Fork is when in a win lose situation u get something out of it...
c wing, tsubame, tino etc etc are all fork cards.

wednesday 26/01/2011

You can ask a mod to help

Looks good.

Pack will nearly allways give you more clintz then buying them on there own

tuesday 25/01/2011

In terms of finding you 'thing'
id recommend a pirana/junks deck, these clans have a wide variety of abilities and allow you to mix up your strategy alot, letting u be more flexible with your build and then working outwards from there

the only reason why no rescue is they are strictly life, and you will just get stuck in the cycle rescue have you will stay with them get bored and not be able to play any other kind of deck smiley so i wouldnt start with them, you have 7k thats enough to get out of the "cheap" barrier

monday 24/01/2011

It was all a dream
looking at the computer screen
thinking could i be a euzebe

I write fanfic but I only tend to post it on my Deviantart account. It gets a little crazy sometimes with my over-active imagination XD

It happens you could ask them but chances are they wont give it back. Only ask once though and if they say no stop.

Google translate usally works fine.

The best thing to do is to waite intill they announce it and then buy elite packs chosing the two clans that are getting crs and two clans with card that are worth a lot.

It is probally just a bit of lag and a couple of loses dosn't matter.

Try to beat them then just runni9ng straight away.

Rolph, XU52, Wardom, Leviatonn, Methane, Zero dead, Anibal, Arkn, Draheera Bristone

1) Draheera
2) Bristone
3) zero dead
4) Wardom
smiley Spiaghi

saturday 22/01/2011

Well guilds are smalll(or big) communities that you can chat to ask advuice and play games with!

You cabn join mine guild:1108029

friday 21/01/2011

1 messages

among 6clans to be chosen
among all the clans

It is chosen at random.


So, in case you're still on the boards, a bit of clarification on blacklisting that wasn't quite given correctly.

Blacklists can be given for personal reasons or because you're bitter about how a match turned out. I've done that before. I'm not sure it does anything there, but a bit of personal vengeance has called for it once or twice.

But the main reason I made the thread was simply to correct the extremely misleading post by Coolasc. Yes, there are two types of blacklists. But opposed to what he said, if a mod or admin blacklists you you are not restricted from contacting the site. The two types of blacklists are actually Personal blacklists and (not the true name for it) Site blacklists. Mods and Admins have a personal blacklist as well, and this functions just like Thoro explained. The Site blacklist is for people who have broken a major rule, and typically last for thirtyish days the first time. If you are repeatedly placed on this blacklist for breaking the rules, then you may face a permanent ban.

I just wanted to post this because it wouldn't end well if you thought that Mods and Admins can just randomly ban people. No, Mods require for you to break a rule to ban you. You do have to do your i's and cross your t's around them, but they aren't all powerful.

Thanks anyone who read this.

And, this is one of the jobs that Mods have control over, thanks for po

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