wednesday 22/12/2010

I was just wondering and this might have been addressed before but in the online comics the most recent one I see is through the caldron episode 2 which came out Feb. 22nd of this year. Besides this French one have there been any other comics either online or that can be bought between the 22nd of Feb. and now or has there just been a drought of comics?

Im using a ulu watu deck and its great fun but it needs some more attack deducters so it can deal with kolos more effectivly.

Yeah but Aigwon Noel isn't a good card

He is alright i sold him while price is high

Wrong section, but these are the decks that I use.

DM type 1; record 6/0/0 Sorry Peach...

DM type 2; record 9/0/0 deleted
-------------- record 11/0/0 Fun Survivor Party

I prefer the first type 2 deck more because of the addition of Serena.

tuesday 21/12/2010

You can also sort "My Collection" by the date the cards were first created, so if you have opened multiple copies, you can find the newest ones.

I would also recommend this Uppers budget deck for beginners. k os parece??
You can replace Glenn with Dorian and the deck would still be under 15k.

Real nice. But obviously not for elo right?

monday 20/12/2010

Keep the surprise, thanks smiley

Since it is a beginer deck Kharl for Dacha Macha

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Cr is still the same card, it goes out of packs, the only Cr's re-edited are Kiki, Rass and Berserker Girl... take example of the 2 extremely useful last Cr's Tanevera Cr and Jackie Cr they were great, now it will get harder to put your hands in one of them as only a limited number (as big as the number of these cards existed when became Cr) exists (making them more expensive for rarity).

What cards are in that starter deck thensmiley

Gheist hands down the greatest ELO deck if they are not banned.

Lihoi Chun

I Picked Brute Force, is that good?

What Card is the best to pick for begginers 300 below.


sunday 19/12/2010

Dont worry,the next few releases will even that course out,if not when they are in their home strectch,pre-cr rumors.

Okay, super hyped up on this deck, please help me reach over 2500!

Replace Vickie Cr with Enzo, you will get an amazing, and solid, deck! (Cheap, too)

2 star = Spiaghi
3 star = Uranus

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