tuesday 11/01/2011

Define best. All game modes have different top decks, and every player has their own variation.

Yes, there are better. But nobody can tell you what they are but yourself.

What's the chance? Very good if you buy those cards off the market, not so good if you buy something else. As for packs, anything that includes older Sakrohm, Piranas and La Junta. So anyone but new bloods. Morphun isn't in packs, you need to do his mission. Neither is Smokey Cr, you need to win one off elo, as he is too cheap to get from lottery

I would have to say use a calculator, because your math is ALL jacked up. smiley


His may be more likely to work but if mine has a stroke of luck it will be a lot quicker than waiting around for a month. smiley

monday 10/01/2011

What about emeth general cr kolos ambre?
thats sweet smiley

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Old thread.

@ O.P. - you might want to think about changing that first sentence....


I play Fang Pi Clang as my sub deck after finally saving up for staples. Here's my take.

Fang Pi Clang is a "high risk high reward" type of clan. Their high damage makes them be able to 2HKO with other members of the clan. However, lack of attack/power manipulation makes them unable to win every round in a battle, so you have to make most of the two rounds that YOU want to hit.

This being said, you have to plan which cards can 2HKO with each other. For example:
Rei and Kati.
Nakata and Sayura.
Chan and Tsubame.

It is very hard outright to 2hKO, for they are easy to see coming. For example, you hit Kati with 6 pills. You play Rei. Your opponent can see that you can 2HKO with her. Your opponent counts the pills needed to beat Rei.

But wait! What if Rei is a bluff? Your opponent will be in a dilemma.

But that's where "risk-reward" thing goes on. If you guess right, you KO, if not, you most definitely lose.
The "high-risk, high-reward" playstyle changes when played with a half-deck. I myself use Pussycats in a half deck with them. Fang Pi is a lot more fun to play than attack manip clans because of the risks. I recommend them as a sub deck after you finish building your primary. smiley

Vortex, nightmare, piranas, skeelz

For Sentinel, TOBBIE IS A MUST!!!!!!!! Low power battle with attack minipulation gives you a great edge.
For La Junta, see if you can get Chiro. I mean, I think the last time I saw Chiro's price it was well under 1,000. Hope that is in your price range, which should be low, for you are a noob.

I also don't understand people who complain about Ld cards. It's not even hard to get them. If they were overpowered (and one of them is), everyone would get them, and seeing the same clan everywhere is not really positive. Now everyone complains about Bella. "it doesn't deserve a legendary status". Well, what the hell? Admins decide on the meaning of "Legendary", not us, and for them, it means "Card that can't be obtained through usual ways", not "Card that is overpowered and everyone will use it". If you don't like it, don't get it. Some people enjoy collecting cards and doing those missions. I am one of them. I know I'll never use Kreenk or Dudley, but I have them both. And I'm going for Bella as soon as the prices go down a bit. Also, they are, in a way, free. Of course you have to spend some clintz and time on them, but... You had to spend time TO GET clintz to buy any other non-legendary card. Of course you could just buy a booster pack and get the card you seek, but now you can do the same to get the cards required for the legendary missions.

Also, I love how people whine about Dudley Ld while he is only slightly different from Donnie. Whichever is better depends on strategy, but Donnie is quite a common card in Montana decks. The only reason people hate Dudley is because Nightmare already has few good 4* cards.

I think they could be quite more complex. And we're still waiting for Vortex character-specific missions.

But that one's obvious. What I mean by complex is something like:
- Win X matches by winning all 4 rounds
- Get a draw by K.O. (possibly X times, but idk, it's very rare)

Also, LEADER missions. Not missions like "Win X rounds with that leader" but missions that force you to make a proper use of them. Their missions count only if you get them in your hand (but not if you have more than one)
Ambre: Win X "courage" rounds
Ashigaru: Win by K.O. in third round (enemy starts that round and it's usually the key round)
Bridget: Win X times with at least 10 life at the end
Eklore: Win X times without giving any of your characters more than 4 pillz
Eyrik: Win X rounds in which you have at least 2 more power than the enemy
Hugo: Win X rounds in which you have at most 6 more attack than the enemy (you wouldn't win it if it wasn't for Hugo)
Morphun: Win X times without using all the pillz
Timber: Win by K.O. X times (yes, I know it's a standard mission too)
Vansaar: Win X times in the Lost Warehouse (some people are not aware that winning actually gives some XP)
Vholt: Win X times without winning more than 2 rounds

The point is to encourage using forgotten leaders. I've never seen anyone use Vholt. Timber and Ashigaru are rare too.

Current missions are getting.. Boring. It's always either Win X rounds, Do X damage, K.O. X times

sunday 09/01/2011

I have a question!when server updates battle points in daily/weekly/monthly rankings?i collected around 3000 BPs before cca 3 hours and it isnt showned yet!

Hi, i am still new to this game, but i am very good at learning, as of right now, i am starting to build my deck, but i don't have that many clintz and i can't buy credits, so i need help building a deck.

The Deck have to be Cheap and it have to be ELO, that is where i going to win most of my credits when i get to level 15, as right now i am doing good to win 1 credit in the tournament in T1. I want my deck to have Upper and All-star, and maybe 1 Leader (so the deck don't cost more as Leader are free)

so Cheap, ELO, Upper, All-star, and maybe Leader and one more thing it should be a good to win able deck

Hope you can help and thank you alot

You could to buy Ctz?But I never have cos chances are that you get more by buying cards. Then selling the ones you don,t want,and buying the ones you do.It,s more fun that way ,plus you get used to the market.

You get your stars for 30 days after your last credit "purchase"

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