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friday 04/03/2011

What the hell! why would you bump this? last time it was 23/1/08 thats 3 years ago so why update a dead topic when almost everyone who posted on this are long retired? their should be a penalty for bumping threads for no apparent reason (and don't give me that "oh you just did moron" because its already bumped and Im sure atleast 10 other people will latch onto it now..

Same for me I had 733 points but it only recorded as 269 points so I didn't get the tourney win
On a (slightly more) serious note..... Idk maybe the server hates you? smiley

thursday 03/03/2011


Happened to me quite a few times now, i receive no points or clintz and all my cards are undefined

How can i get my tikets

wednesday 02/03/2011

I also finds that sometimes it didn't work. also there are no history .it's blank when tournaments point doens't count.

Jack Dandy by Uninvited Guest.


Probably one of the top 3 favorite songs to come out in the last 5 years.

Post 10 and 12

Love it love it love it. smiley

tuesday 01/03/2011

Thanks Shadow - updated Flash (it was a bit of a task....there were some problems) and seems to have restored functionality. smiley

Rainbow!!!!! last 2 rainbow packs i got a numar and an ongh

1) Sometimes people just close their browser in a fit of rage when they lose, so yeah, sore losers.
2) Yes. -20pts and -1 clintz
3)Timeout 3 times and you're banned from playing for 5 mins
4) No

Timing out is rude, don't do it......
unless you're going for the missionsmiley

Vortex, Piranas, Pussycats, and either jungo junkz or Ulu watu.

monday 28/02/2011

Yes i agree i used sentinels and ambre and 10 dms i wasn t beat one time they are good.

ICC held withasiian 14 countries. bt you are a english. Then, how did you know about ICC ?

Tell me wat u think and give me suggestions and stuff about this deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1773612

Hey, I was wondering what clan is better suited for ghiest

This is my current deck, would be cool if u rated and left a comment smiley


It matters in mostly for guilds looking for new members There are some guilds that have a minimum BP accumulation requirement. And if you remain consistently high in accuulating BP it helps you that much more to get in. Other than that, its just bragging rights smiley So brag away and scoff at those whose BP accumulation is lower tha you lol

sunday 27/02/2011

Hey, I've made a ghiest / nightmare deck, but i kinda need help with it smiley


Plz rate and leave comments on how i can improve

P.S. I may be willing to switch Nightmare with Piranhas

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