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monday 28/02/2011

Hey, I was wondering what clan is better suited for ghiest

This is my current deck, would be cool if u rated and left a comment smiley


It matters in mostly for guilds looking for new members There are some guilds that have a minimum BP accumulation requirement. And if you remain consistently high in accuulating BP it helps you that much more to get in. Other than that, its just bragging rights smiley So brag away and scoff at those whose BP accumulation is lower tha you lol

sunday 27/02/2011

Hey, I've made a ghiest / nightmare deck, but i kinda need help with it smiley


Plz rate and leave comments on how i can improve

P.S. I may be willing to switch Nightmare with Piranhas

But Otto is still infront of Sakrohm City when he should be infront of Skeelz Academy

You better get on that legendary quick, she'll dissapear for a while soon


saturday 26/02/2011

I've seen Skeelz/nightmare, Ulu Watu/sentinel, and ulu watu/nightmare alot. Any other common pairings? I'm especially interested in the use of DRs in DM, too. Antibes have luck with aliens or pussycats?

@Xx1013xX - but then Willy wouldn't have his bonus smiley trey/trey/willy/ambre hand would mean you can use 20 pillz on 12-powered willy, which is 252, less than with Shann (266). smiley

@BotShot - lol

Because you can do all with the same number at the same time/after the same preconditions... if it was 1-2-3-4-5-6... you could always only do one and in one specific order and only start with the next after you finished the previous.

Im here in Australia and i ususally get the releases at around 10pm to midnight ( + 9:00) im pretty sure

Can i sell only one card in hole year without star smiley

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Honestly, I'm playing less and less nowadays. To me, the game has been getting a little(understatement~) boring. I'll do a few matches and find myself bored out of my mind. So now, I spend most of my time here talking with the wonderful people in my guild, or other friends outside. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy a match here and there, though. Just earlier I played a couple of matches against a friend who was taking a break from the game, that was fun. But yeah, you're still the main reason I stay here, Bison. smiley

Grax and Uranus should be owned by all competetive players. I highly doubt UR will make more powerful DRs than them.
I like Caelus more than Copper even though Copper is more powerful "most" of the time. Caelus is also a particularly fun card to splash in DMs. Especially against those pesky piranas hunting for the Bonnie mission a wee while back smiley
I'm not crazy about Dregn or charlie for DMs/Survivor, but that's just me.

I sold a Rowdy that was double-signed by TnT_KoRn. No-one believed me xD
I ended up selling it on the market for 11k. Someone out there, with that rowdy, could make ike a 5k-10k profit.
I once sold a Fraggle signed Sakazuki for 7k in a mini auction. Then i told the person i sold it to that Fraggle had like half a dozen more on the market for 900 clintz xD

friday 25/02/2011

Hmm well this is weird though, in the add Otto is in Sakrohm but he is rly in Skeelz, will he be moved?

I have gifted good cheap cards in the past,and what do they say?Have you got a Kolos I can havesmiley

Well for you... try montana-uppers
Sharon, Milovan, Aniki, Filomena Harold, Frankie Hi, Beetenka, Glenn for a basic dt deck

As for my favorite clans, it's simple: Sakrohm, Uppers, Montana, Skeelz, Rescue

Doesn't make a difference at what level, the cheapest one wins!!!

And don't worry folks, a 5 star Dagg isn't as good as having a 6* Zdrone or a 7* Mac Hen. Trust me, I would know smiley

Ahh gotchya! thanks for the help

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I think they should take Eryik and Bridget off the Banned list with Ambre

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