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friday 14/01/2011

Ty all, I do like having another DR in my deck

*sigh* Steve is overpriced but I need him

thursday 13/01/2011

Aniki, Drorb, Selina and Lovhak will probably go down in price slowly. (Especially Aniki with the next newblood packs)
Enzo is somewhat overpriced (despites being the only 8 power non-cr montana. He's nice to have if you're getting a T2 montana deck.
C Beast is sort of a gamble to play. Useless against some hands, brutal against some others. Reasonnably priced, maybe a bit high.
Clara is an overall good card.
Out of those you suggested, I'd go with Clara and Selina, then Aniki when his price goes down. Lovhak is pretty good too.

So it's always worth doing as many as possible then.
Great information, thank you very much!

Pretty much what is said allready said, just put pressure with fpc's and junta's 2hko options and the most important thing is just dont be to predictable, it counts even more for those clans as for the others

Thanks for clearing that up, everyone!

wednesday 12/01/2011

Where did i say low power?
I said that Zat is awesome in low PILL battles. Because of his low minimums. smiley


Dont try the end

I've noticed that the Freaks, while being one of the least played clans in UR, are overly represented on the message boards. Is it just me, or do the Freaks players tend to troll more than non-Freaks players?

My theory: Once someone is as curious about the game to go to an underused clan, they're curious enough to care about other people on the game, leading them to the forums.

Easiest to play are clans that cancel bonuses.Then the ones that cancel abilities.Freaks have a rough time so do fang pi if you are new.Rescue lack the cards at T1,and are set back alot by SOA.I still find montana and uppers tricky to use.The two power clans are also good,but stay away from vortex. Hope that helpedsmiley

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I built up clintz since the beginning and spent most of it to build this up to now, its been doing decent

looking to get rid of hugo and replace it with something -

Arkn - 2
Dolly - 3
Dr Saw - 4
Elke - 2
Methane - 4
Platinum - 2
Vladimir - 5
Hugo - 5
total - 27

Piranas, they make their bonus nothing and take them on pill for pill while taking/adding pills
Pussy, they reduce most montana cards to a mear 2 damage, you can win with 12 pill muze and just defend!

Tan man is Tanaereva Cr

Sometimes Uppers is kind hard to play against SOA/SOB, so I go skeelz or SOA SOB myself with uppers

My comp realy sucks lol around 14 years old any way hears a new deck an gheist finaly i can play my favorits

Zatman and Nanook are better descriptions of walls. For just a couple of pillz they make your opponent spend many more pillz than you do to get a higher attack. I don't really like thinking of Glorg and Leviatonn as walls because a 7 or 8 power card can win with quite a fewer number of pillz

Just use both in you're deck because they're both staples...

tuesday 11/01/2011

Yeah kinda.. they give you slightly better odds on getting better cards.. only because there are only 4 clans you're picking from instead of 6

True story, M-Bison

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