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friday 25/02/2011

Doesn't make a difference at what level, the cheapest one wins!!!

And don't worry folks, a 5 star Dagg isn't as good as having a 6* Zdrone or a 7* Mac Hen. Trust me, I would know smiley

Ahh gotchya! thanks for the help

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I think they should take Eryik and Bridget off the Banned list with Ambre

I'd have to say Splata is the better investment. (Never played Freaks, but I sure as hell have a hard time against them)

thursday 24/02/2011

I dont see why people buy bulk tbh, they pay more money for alot of cards, is it because they are lazy to buy em off the market?

Definitely collect graks and uranus as they are staple and are in danger of (cough) becoming CR... (cough)
Nightmare and piranas are also great choices for survivor/DMs. Just defintely grab the "Sakrohm Shields."

Hey Kitsune, I like the cut of your jib. I'll be trying out the 3 Freaks idea myself.

Arawaka being banned in ELO, that means she is great too smiley
Erzebet also usefull in some cases
Jeyn abilities also good to use as attacker in defending strategies with Pussycats
and my fav, the one and only Katja, now she is the only Sentinel card that can obtain 9 power in ELO (so far) smiley
actually it depends on your strategy, even Ogoun Kyuu will be usefull when facing card with power=opp power smiley

Freaks comes back to ELO and it triggered the rising price of Freaks card smiley
(even they suffer many banned this week, their prices kinda stable atm, for those whom invest in Freaks, congratz smiley)

That's what mod's work

The most likely cards to become crs are the originals. a clan starts with 6 cards. once i had 4 copy of every original in jungo but thought that scopica would become cr and bought 30 of her. 1 week later kreen became cr.

wednesday 23/02/2011

Dean by far. he is such a beast.

@schum i'm an avid skeelz player so i just gotta say that there isn't a lot of revenge in most skeelz decks just 1 staple: chiara. jay is usually dependent of the person's playing style and drake isn't used too much because there are better options at his star count.

@ alpha if you are looking at a cheap half deck of skeelz: redra, liam, cley, danae isn't too horrible...and if u r looking for a cheap full deck that might be a bit tougher cuz a lot of the more staple skeelz cards are quite pricey.

and for uppers i actually chose uppers as one of my half decks too when i started - and a good cheap half deck with them could be frankie hi, burt, samantha, harold, or glenn depending on your play style...

i think all the cards i mentioned are all below 1000 on the market...but if u have more to spend i'm sure u can think of othe rdecks

U get tickets by selling cards to kate or thru various different missions that you complete

Junkz work well ive noticed but i find they r best mono

Mai Valentine or Harpie Lady (Yu-Gi-Oh!) for the Pussycats. smiley

Try to re login or refresh the "Opponents Page" several times not all the browser page.

Elo does not allow unevolved cards anymore.
And the pusicats are the usual suspects of having 25* deck with 2x 5* cards and 1 to 2 x 1*. You know Svethlana and Gwen.
If you check some of the top rated elo decks containing pc more than 40% contain those.

Or maybe a clan with bonus of, cancel attack minip?
pretty lame clan name.. but it cancels all + and - attack abilities and bonus'

this idea is pretty lame, sorry for wasting ur time smiley

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