saturday 13/01/2018


Stop Opp Ability plus Life Gap and Excelent Powerbase equals a dead Riots player.

Hope I have helped.

See ya! smiley

It happened to me, and quite often too. In my case it happened every time I attacked with Beck - Nena (with the ability) and the opponent had a reducer and another card.

Balrog, Elke, Hoffman, Hriger, Julia, Koshiro, L Lace 01, Stalfhaust all of them are from GHEIST by the way

friday 12/01/2018

Thanks! It seems that it isnt worth it to get the cards just to complete these missions

The urdb does have a good card search system, and I think the staff should try to implement it here on the game. Same for the repaire de zapatan, having the market evolution would improve the game a lot. Idk, maybe trying to buy the codes would make it?

thursday 11/01/2018

I opened a few packs, and i only got 1 gorgon lmao, i got butcher braxton 9 times in 10 packs, but gorgon once lol, defo bugged

Nice, he is really in the pack
got him in first pack

wednesday 10/01/2018

Riots make Nightmare seem so OP smiley

I would say gheist XU-Kr4ng is not big 5 level. Since it’s kind if in need been playing either first and second round. At the same time power manipulation clans, attack manipulation clans and ability manipulation clans easily make sure that it’s ability is not doing anything useful.

Aight sure thanks

Better leave the aavilability of big 5 as it is, I am still missing Kiki, DJ Korr, Lyse, Gurusmiley i have never got luck with my gold tokenz chests, only once pulled General and usually getting low value cards flavio :O

tuesday 09/01/2018

You need to be at least level 21.

Wow, Smokey got Cr in 2009?

There were exploitable issues in the trading system that allowed cheaters to double cards and clintz.
Similarly to cloning pokemon in old gameboy games.

This was the reason why they were deactivated. Our developers would need to recreate those tools from scratch for the new site. I don't know when, but its one of the things we wanna do when we will have the time.

Hasn't this been an issue since..... Forever? It is pretty sad that this has not been fixed.. Maybe now that there are only like 20 people actually playing UR, They might listen..

@Anzboy, tbh Josephine is the better of those 3.smiley

monday 08/01/2018

I used to love them. Always so much fun.smiley

sunday 07/01/2018

Is there no way to change laguage options in client?
my steam and pc are in english yet urban rivals gets translated into my native language (dutch)
but it is the worst translation I have seen anywhere in my life, it triggers me so much,
worst thing is ... it used to be in english
from one day to another t changed, and now I'm stuck with poor translationwork

Found the special snowflake.

Nice! I can finally get the legendary without doing the annoying clan specific missions!

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