tuesday 03/06/2014

I dont think you could win a match with this hand
Oxo 2*
Aleister 2*
Wakai 2*
Spiaghi 2*

Like JO3SHMO said, those 2 might be a good change, although I would change Wakai to Murray and let Spiaghi on the deck

sunday 01/06/2014


What do you think?

tuesday 27/05/2014

Plz -30 rate it

monday 26/05/2014

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Jose Star and Harold to Wendel and Oxen
Desmond to Vermaire

tuesday 20/05/2014

Zornado is good, but he's expensive. Also he's 5s. If you need a second dr and don't mind using courage, Niva is much better.
Also there's Houtay. Both of which would help you shave off stars for other cards. Like if you want to run that old school 2 5s Jungo type build.
Nahema or Beauregard + Ongh.

monday 19/05/2014

Noodile Cr or Curlix?
Mulligan or Karen?

sunday 18/05/2014


Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome

saturday 17/05/2014

I love the Freaks combo of Daqun/Madelone. U can easily get ur opp to over-pill on turn 1 or sneak turn 1 poison thru on the cheap. Either way u still get the dmg u need to make the poison ability count, w/o hurting urself to badly.

Thx guys I appreciate the help

friday 16/05/2014

To illustrate Tree Frog's sorrow: my record in the past 15 ELO matches has been 10-5. I've gone from 1332 to 1347 in that period...

saturday 10/05/2014

Your elo record is 1119 and you're acting like you have some right to complain about elo bans?

You've given no good counter point on why these cards should be unbanned,you havent at least acknowledged their strengths,and any player that plays a lot with one or two clans should know the clans they use inside out.

Marco cr/Alec cr are both part of a mono exclusive clan and are ALWAYS good draws because they'll always making the maximum of their ability.

Sledg and cliff have both given numerous opportunities to be re-integrated into elo and be played as normal cards,but consistent vote bans have shown this not to be the case.

And of course lea and elvira were trade-offs to bring back sledg,which clearly failed. They may be back someday,just now now.

Campbell gets banned because like lear barduh,they're both part of clans that utilizes life cards to their advantage and are both pretty similar in style play.

And then there's kerry,who doesnt really get banned all that often,but like lea can be a gap if needed,but is generally well liked in elo.

So there's a rundown of why cards are banned.And next time,would it kill you to write a few paragraphs about WHY you think they're getting screwed instead of just ignorantly spamming?

Because you might actually make a point if you do,you know.

thursday 08/05/2014

wednesday 07/05/2014

Except for Lorna against GHEIST/Roots. She wrecked some scrub going for a Mechakolos KO once.

... seriously though, Skeelz needs some decent Ability/Bonus Stops. An all-stop in particular would be nice.

sunday 04/05/2014

I need a elo deck for 100k any suggestions?

saturday 03/05/2014

To be perfectly honest, unless you're using a pauper deck just about anything is going to get you to 1300. Rather than focusing on improving your deck, you should first reassess how you play before deciding that the deck is the problem. There's more to using Freaks than 6 pilling or nothing.

That being said, during a week like this where Freaks, Rescue, and Gheist are everywhere Piranas are a strong choice, and are relatively low risk. They only really lose to decks with a lot of DR and one nuke. Aside from that, high damage from other clans like Uppers or FPC get below the Freaks minimum so they have to be wary of how many pills they use round one.

You'll end up with 1211 ELO, that means 5 credits and around 750 clintz.

thursday 01/05/2014

Came back after a few years of not playing. Made this deck with whatever I had in my collection. Aside from Parmabarb (thank god they effectively gave us Bonnie Ld back) most of these cards are pretty old. Ok, maybe realllllllly old.

Please let me know what you think. I'm not very sure what the current ELO meta is like since I've been away for so long but I'm trying to see what works again. smiley


You Have No Dignity.

Chiara Cr just feels like the 8 power that the Bangers should have gotten long ago smiley
I'd like to make this work in as many ways as possible, especially in ELO smiley

wednesday 30/04/2014

Scooty not Scotty smiley
Other option for 2* if u dont like thormund : Winston / Victoria or Tolliver

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