thursday 03/07/2014

On that low budget...
Beetenka to Glenn
Frankie Hi to Jose Star

When you can afford it...
Beetenka to Kazayan
Frankie Hi to Jose Star
Burt to Maurice

I'm not a real fan of kamekun due to his predictability, I usually throw in zhu tang when playing FPC

wednesday 02/07/2014

Bokneehog , I have been playing original Decks for a LONG time now.
I've made it to 1300 ELO the few times I've tried with backwater decks that really are strange combinations.
I'm using Ulu Watu with Vortex right now. Jordygn , Daag , Cyb Lhia , Vektor , Noland , Zack , Eugene , Dave

ComeAtMe hits the nail.

saturday 28/06/2014

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Not if you bluff jsut right

friday 27/06/2014

I say freaks an pussycats slow an painfull death.

wednesday 25/06/2014

1. Flinch and Karen (and maybe Fuzzy June) are the only stop cards worth using
2. I personally think reprisal is better than courage. The reason you haven't played many reprisal cards is that reprisal is pretty new (Mechakolos was the first in june last year) Curlix, Mechakolos, Crazy Carlo, Noctezuma, Magnar, Hindelga, Dr van wesel Ld, and Bridge are all nice reprisal cards
3. Confidence sucks but revenge is nice. It is harder to use than reprisal but there are nice revenge cards (Kalindra Cr, Chiara Cr, Cliff)

sunday 22/06/2014

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He has 3 5 stars in the decksmiley

wednesday 18/06/2014

Ban trish then? better than robb cr?
why you compare cards from diffrrent clans

monday 16/06/2014

Eliska over Tsuka ALL the way.

sunday 15/06/2014

I imagine after more time passes people will realize that they still aren't a particularly strong clan. Certainly viable, but absolutely nowhere near top tier.

tuesday 10/06/2014

Who even cares that he commented. wow.

Charlie's Wrestlers
Here is my deck, can you guys suggest what to change or how my deck fares? Thank you

wednesday 04/06/2014

Boomstock is HUGELY overrated. There's a ton of cards like him (8/5 shaky 2*) and just about every other one is better due to being less shakey - and sometimes unconditional. Dao Wang, for intance. His power is always sold. Boomstock sucks on repisal, and on courage, sucks against SoA (both 0ld SoA and pilling SoA). He's... a liability, basicaly.

What's amazing is that every other such card is underrated to the extreme, cheap as dirt, underplayed and kick ass in the right hands... yet the worst incarnation, Boomstock, gets people up in a frenzy about how good he is...

tuesday 03/06/2014

I dont think you could win a match with this hand
Oxo 2*
Aleister 2*
Wakai 2*
Spiaghi 2*

Like JO3SHMO said, those 2 might be a good change, although I would change Wakai to Murray and let Spiaghi on the deck

sunday 01/06/2014


What do you think?

tuesday 27/05/2014

Plz -30 rate it

monday 26/05/2014

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Jose Star and Harold to Wendel and Oxen
Desmond to Vermaire

tuesday 20/05/2014

Zornado is good, but he's expensive. Also he's 5s. If you need a second dr and don't mind using courage, Niva is much better.
Also there's Houtay. Both of which would help you shave off stars for other cards. Like if you want to run that old school 2 5s Jungo type build.
Nahema or Beauregard + Ongh.

monday 19/05/2014

Noodile Cr or Curlix?
Mulligan or Karen?

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