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tuesday 22/02/2011


Please comment on it, details in description.

@De Steen: not trying to be a language police here but I don't think you can swear in this forum

I read what someone put about rival clans, but how about opinions on clans that work well together?

C blade is only good against SOA and even then, for the few times it happens, the effect isn't overwhelming.

monday 21/02/2011

Today i made Uranus or mine? which i found amusing, made me laughsmiley So I was wondering if anyone else had made or come across any laughable deck names and if so I'd love for them to share, thanks smiley

Hmm maybe he's right, coz look at his level right. 25 so im sure he knows he needs 2 of the same clan


same Xavi this game gets boring a lot so I tend to multitask, being male I tend to be quite bad at it so generally forget...

...don't bump dead threads...

sunday 20/02/2011

Best Bonus: Rescue
Best Clan Theme: Junkz
Best Artwork: Nightmare
Best Throwing Weapon: Nightmare (where do they find all of those chopped off hands to throw?)
Best Clan Overall: There is no best clan, in my opinion.

Best 2*: Lehane..a beast of a card. Like a mini-Gibson.
Best 3*: Muze
Best 4*: Jackie Cr
Best 5*: Guru Cr
Best Leader: Eyrik @Regigigas Eyrik is a lot less predictable than the overrated Ambre.
Best Legendary: Kreenk Ld deserves a chance.
Best Artwork: Ahkab

try this its great

I am only level 13, but I am looking for some deck advice.
Any input would be nice.

Nah noone else is a mammoth therfore noone else gets to join smiley

Hostile Thoughts

Let me know what you think, I've been having pretty good luck with it

saturday 19/02/2011

Hasn't worked for about 2-3 weeks nowAlso the delete message button in the mail does not work in iPhones safari

Hmm.. Nimestiec, Nata, Ludwig and Sol Hona adds to around 1700 clintz..
Then Radek (Total 2,2K), Rodney (2,9K) Jalil (3,9K) and Odile (4,7K).
Not the best, not the worst but can work. Nata can be subbed to Ngrath once he drops more.

There is a guild chat but hardly anyone uses them. The best place to chat would be xat chatrooms like http://xat.com/the_kage_alliance

Gcttirth - What do you mean by doing offers? smiley

New blood. always new blood. wait for new release then buy it immediatly. sell em' when they're expensive smiley

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