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sunday 09/01/2011

You get your stars for 30 days after your last credit "purchase"

If you really did take a screenshot of it, so it is easier to see what you are talking about.

Thanks OutofPillPl.I put together a pussycat T1 at first,but it lacked punch.So turned to the Junta.Much better.Most Montana players will draw you in not playing too many pills then hit you with large damage.Or keep chipping away at your health until you run out of options.My pussies lost one match 4:0!and each loss was so close only about a pill out.It was as if they couldn,t win no matter.The Junta faired alot better. Hit them hard from the off,then don,t be scared to follow up with a furious KO!

Ummm how did you come up with that equation?
Thats just....just terrible.

I like the new four star in Belgosi since he's the only Skeelz 4 Star that has an ability that helps him win.

But out of those 2, I usually choose Manfred. He works really well with Chiara.

saturday 08/01/2011

I won a C Wing in a free lottery today. That's the highest priced card I won in a lottery so far.

Only answer i can give you guy that make sense is the luck part

what i mean is yes your attack is higher then your opp but your attack have to hit the opp monster

the luck part come in is his attack hit you enough time to kill your monster, while your attack hit him NOT enough time to kill his monster so you lost

this idea come from seeing the fight, you can sometime see your attack miss by your attack bouncing off of the opp monster

hope that answer your question

Try the piranas, they have two ability stoppers and some high power cards other than that its the nightmare that could bring them down a bit.If you contact me I will publish decks that may help you out.I come up againt Ulu Watu backed by Ambre all the time in T2 deathmatch,and beat them down with a ghiest sentinel split.

You can only play missions that are available. Some missions will unlock others when completed. Check your missions to see what you have unlocked.

Yup. Same here. Im sure it will be up soon.


friday 07/01/2011

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Lol the time already is halved when playing in DT rooms during a tournament.. and i doubt they're going to half it again and give you only 30 seconds a round

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+ Vince and Nerfeniti

Is there any difference between Buying a card and Purchasing a card on the Sales, Purchases and Auctions section of the message board as they pretty much sound the same?

Depends on wich area u want to play, guess for deathmach ulu is the best of these (try add tan man too) but for survivor maby junkz

When u get enough money, replace Ditha with yayoi and Neloe to Deea, id hit that up

@waldoj and sebliz
this thread is pretty old.. around 2 years ago? or more (they are talking about lamar before he become a cr)
so please don't bump it
rowdy, jiro, tremorh, robb, randy, jessie, and stacey are not exist back then (and striker is perma banned now)

I hate UR not showing the year (so we can identify it is an old thread or not)

please close this thread mod..

You don't get any. It's 500 + 100n
n = your level

thursday 06/01/2011

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