tuesday 07/12/2010

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If it's the guild one just click it's tab (a guild admin must have opened it), if it's the other make sure u don't have wayy too slow net and simply click start live chat in the balloon tht appears when u click a person's name (remember that the other person needs to have you added as friend (despite you have him/her or no))

What God333-tcg said.

She's even on a few card comments for the same reason.

I do have price concern.....2k is my current cash right now...

Anyway, here's another Skeelz Uppers deck.... almost the same as the other one....


monday 06/12/2010

Im guessing you tpyed into google urban rivals cheat or hack well they dont work so dont go making another account or you will get banned smiley

Well as you said Jungo work very well since they counteract eachother in terms of bonus. Vortex works because you conserve and gain pillz to give to your Freaks cards.

Sorry to bump this topic. I was just about to post one asking if anyone knew where to find wallpapers. I found this, http://www.flickr.com/photos/15720907@N03/ , but I have no idea how to get those pictures to save.

Check your connection. You can contact your provider to know if there is a problem with it.
I also advise you to delete cookies from your browser and clear your cache.
If you are using Internet Explorer, try Forefox instead. It might help.

@C0L0SSAL : the average delay before a player receives an answer from the English customer support is less than 24 hours which is very fast.

Jungo goes well with Sakrohm, they share the same life-gain theme, Sigma is a mini-Sylth, and Niva/Pegh fill in nicely for Uranus bans. SOAs are a problem, but attack manip and the number of high-powered cards in both clans assures that you won't be too disadvantaged.



Then they are cheating and you tell a mod/staff/support.

I recommend, if not using clintz directly, to ask a mod to assist you in the trade so that you ensure to have the right cards every time. And that means that there is a mod on your card signature for you to brag about smiley

Noob Bump, jees, just don't how do you benefit, please clode mods, this was answered more then 2 years ago

sunday 05/12/2010

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Um, thanks?

Polly a glitch. Call the CS.

Oh no one of these threads again. First every clan has it's ups and down. Nightmare are big damage lower power and Piranas are bigger power lower damage. Just because they have the same bonus don't mean they are even close to being the same.

I also don't get how Freaks and Jungo and All Star/Bangers are the same. Freaks bonus if used the last round does nothing, unlike the jungos. Also Freaks have a limit to it and it kicks in everyround after you hit once. Jungos need to win every round for there bonus to take full effect, freaks only one.

Also about all stars vs Bangers, it's totally different wanna believe it or not. Say Gyro and Flo both face Caelus both with bonus active. Gyro would gain 2 power making him a 7 power but Caelus would then take him down to 2 power while he stays at 4, meaning double the power of Gyro. Now if flo will face Caelus, he would bring her down to 2 power but she would then bring him down to 2 also. Pill for pill flo would win and just because she is a - Power and not a +. This is situational but still proves even if you think a clan can be the same because they have the same/Similar bonuses doesn't mean it's true.

Maybe a well implemented reviews section along with the current comments section. smiley

I'm not saying its all about level, but there is the general assumption that devotion and time spent at an activity will improve your general skill level, as well as this with every level gained, every game played even, more understanding is gained. although a level 70 may be a noob and lose, i would expect a higher level of play then from a level 20 with more limited experience, and as such i would pay more attention.
the question was regarding the level that you start really paying attention, don't say you always pay attention, because really if you come up against a level 20 in a dt is not like coming upon a level 40 (usually)

saturday 04/12/2010

5* - i would say Oflgn because with him you gain Life or you can drain your opponents life with Dregn

4* - i would sayKrung because with his ability he has 10 power but it is Confidence though

3* - i would say Sunder because he has 7 power which is alway good with Vortex and he can take 3 extra life with his ability

2* - I would say C wing definately because you can bluff him and he can lead to some 2 hot KO from Dregn and C beast as for the other it would be Cyb Lhia but i would switch her to Drorb when SoA are dominant (same with Krung)

Yes, I guess there are alot of uncertainties in the course of a DT, and a "tiny cuts" strategy work just as well as the "quick games" strategy. All I'm saying is that you aren't actually "losing" BPs when your opponent forfeits, because forfeits give you a little BP and a lot of time to play more games.

If your opponent forfeits in the 4th round after allowing the timer to run just before an inevitable KO, then you are absolutely right, he is a total jerk. But I tend to view those players as "stallers" rather than "forfeiters", because he's not trying to save time, he's just being a sore loser smiley

There is an detailed explanation in the rules page.

Actually there's missions with john and melvin, respectively.Every clan to my knowledge has a mission aside from the vortex clan(too new) and the leaders(cant be used in the same deck,lol).And since they're both well out in the open and not even secret,i take it you dont have these cards?

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