sunday 28/11/2010

I think UR staff should ban URsmiley

1st of all wich clans u played and liked, do u usualy prefer bluff (+and-attack will help) or straight attack(+ and - power and dmg will help), or simply mess with other ability/bonus (SoA/SoB)?

How in the world are we supose to get these legendary cards what finish all missions in a clan? how?

saturday 27/11/2010

It would change every second but it'll be a lot.

Dont worry about BL because people have actually added me as a friend then BL me straight after, why? I really dont know....for lols? smiley

I'm guessing your allowed one per mission set that the character had.

The bonus i would like is defeat -3 opp life min 1
the clan name would be LOSERS and the characters would be parodied from the comic books and movie LOSERS.
the clan leader is Clay 5 stars 7/6 ability defeat -3 opp life min 0

a good half deck pair for this clan would be vortex, pussycats or jungo. lose with losers, win with jungo. paired with vortex it will be even deadlier.

LOL I like bison's joke comments but that one is kinda promoting cheating
not sure why it got approved... oh well
life is a mystery

In equal attack, lowest stars always wins
if both have equal stars, player who played first wins


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Piranas side = spot on for you,
change montana to gheist though imo

I don't see how this relates to UR at all so I am going to close this thread. If there is a specific important purpose for this, my PM is open for your explanation.


friday 26/11/2010

M-Bison- Direct Quote
*Turns on the 80s radio*

Cheesy pop ftw? smiley
Nah, it's just that damn "Like A G6" song.

Liars gonna lie.
Haters gonna hate.

Noobs gonna fail.

Uppers: lawful evil. If you read the comics, Zlatar once brainwashed all the clan leaders to take over clint city.
Piranas: neutral evil. They rob and loot for in a semi-organized way to serve their own purposes.
Sakrohm: true neutral, crazy cultists.
FPC: lawful neutral. Their headquarters is a monastery, with gongs and stuff. That's lawful.
La junta: lawful neutral, they're a structured military organization that doesn't care about right or wrong.
Roots: chaotic good. Sure they care about the environment and stuff, but their leader is a chimp.
Pcats: lawful neutral. Any clan that has a judge amongst them is probably lawful.
All stars: neutral good. Organized sports isn't chaotic, and their emphasis on individual performance is kinda neutralish.

Anyway, I don't want to be the one to enourage 'off-topicness' so I'll close this thread off to save from further unrelated bumps.

AR_Shuiro has not posted in a while too.

PS: Charizard wins with the last word, ha!!

thursday 25/11/2010

Obviously, this thread will lead to massive spam. I'm sure you won't mind so much if I close it smiley

Also remember no more on event rooms

wednesday 24/11/2010

and hi guys and gals

I already made this kind of thread.

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