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friday 18/02/2011

It really depends on how you like to play. When I play sentinel I personally prefer to go mono because of John and Coby but it makes for a deck that is totally destroyed by stop opponent's ability cards. I would just look at the clans that opponents use against you and decide which clan looks the most fun to play to you and buy some of those cards and see if you like playing with them.

May I suggest a cheap deck? If yes, here it is!

Hugo + Saks smiley

Big time OP. Basically your opponent starts with 9 life...
Waay too OP. Never gonna happen my friend smiley

I dont have a credit card and my mom wont let me borrow..... how can i get it using MOL points!!!


Radek replacing Nyema... seriously???

thursday 17/02/2011

I recently purchased 10 elite packs. I chose to go with Vortex, Skeelz, Nightmare and Sentinel. In addition to the usual scrubs I've also received 3 Havoks, 1 Sasha, 1 Lehane, 1 Edwin, 1 Glorg, 1 Azel, 1 Shaakarti and 1 Copper. Not the epic haul I was hoping for (2-3 Kolos, 1-2 Dregn, Ghumbo, Caelus, Jay, etc.) but it was a pretty nice batch nonetheless. I sold all of my Sentinel and the Edwin and got a nice price for them all. The decision to go with Sentinel really paid off when I got that Copper. I think going forward I will switch Sentinel to Ulu Watu or Jungo to see if I can catch lightening twice. In all I ended up with 7 Rare's out of the 10 packs. Much better than I probably would have gotten with the Titanium pack.

Vortex have to be used completely different then the other clans, but they are by no means underpowered.
what is the gamemode you want to play ? elo, t1, t2, survivor ?

My advice would be to play them in a half deck paired up with another clan, junkz are one of my fav clans to play them with, they have pill manipulation and atk manipulation themself, and with that continue on the pill advantage theme the vortex start out with, they also have great 3*'s with 4 damage that can 2hko with dregn.

here is a fine deck for either t1 or elo game modes:
dagg -> can be replaced with lovhak or lehrg if dagg is to expensive

gill -> can be replaced by veenyle to cut down in price or if you feel you need an extra damage reducer.

OK so iv decided to go mono sentinel for T1 and would like advice to my deck i have so far. if i should change anything. i have Kamakura, lehane, miranda, tobbie, rick, miss chloe and klaus. for sure im replacing klaus. im thinking with john or dayton.. maybe possibly melvin. not sure which one exactly but leaning toward john. im also thinking about removing miss chloe for a owen. but im debating on that too. can you guys give me your imput on my deck. anything would be nice about the desisions i need to make! plzz and thank you!

wednesday 16/02/2011

I only watched a vid. BOOM. 1 credit, and I can sell multiple times. BTW, are you sure your friends isn't selling the cards to Kate? smiley

@ UM_Korovie ,
Lol ! do you work in a bed & matress company smiley

@ LOA_ WSN ,
U even can not make a sentence right. " i no say lie" ->wrong.
right answer-> " i do not/don't saying lie " smiley

Correcting you if you're wrong.

I was too lazy to see big comics, but just looks at the Skeelz intro comics. 5 Junkz characters. 2 are made by the same artist, the other 3 have other creators. And since the big comics have way more characters, it's just very unlikely that one artist made them all. Seeing as their characters are now a property of UR, they can do whatever they want, and therefore, a comics author can use all the characters he wants.

And Jobys Revenge (I hate name change option, I never knew you were Jackiexxmt until I read this): remember there is the Scott Ld series. I may wait for someone else to buy it and state his opinion though. I don't want to pay to read another comic about an evil guy beating everyone up but then, Scott comes and beats him with no problem.

But to be honest, I think basing an official comic book on RESCUE is not a good idea. I doubt Vortex will even be included..

Rofl why even bother with guilds? smiley

tuesday 15/02/2011

Critical strike should do like, +3 or 4 damage no matter what the power is. And I actually like the idea.

This could be a new ability condition. Sureshot: +X damage/pillz/life, or even Sureshot: Stop Opp. Ability. But that could be weird, because what if the ability you stopped is a Stop: + power and with it, it's not a sureshot anymore? smiley.Sureshot: SoB could work though, but it would be useless

Some cards would be more predictable. As in "uh, he needs that sureshot to win. He'll use all the pillz" so the abilities should be really good. On the other hand, you must watch out with bluffs, because it's not difficult to sureshot a character with no pillz and get big advantage.

Great idea for ability condition smiley Not so much for a clan bonus

CS5 to be exact.

monday 14/02/2011

Uppers having no good 2* is TOTALLY irrelevant.
The point I'm making is, each clan can be played mono-clan effectively. Okay, I dunno about Freaks & Leaders, but seriously? I'm sure many people play mono Nightmare, or mono Ulu Watu etc.

Just saying. I've tried playing (nearly) every clan in mono. Lack of support cards are disappointing. At least one in each would be nice. Doesn't have to be 'super strong' or anything.

Was this worth a bump?

Bad Connection
Just an ass
Preventing you from winning (your coming first in dt or dm)
Naturally slow and needs time to think
Had to go to the toilet
Spilt liquid on the screen
Fell asleep
Decided to get a life and left the game......

smiley *looks at deck*
smiley that deck had to inntentionally been made as a FAIL smileysmiley

Look in your collection. They were added atomatically.

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