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friday 07/01/2011

@waldoj and sebliz
this thread is pretty old.. around 2 years ago? or more (they are talking about lamar before he become a cr)
so please don't bump it
rowdy, jiro, tremorh, robb, randy, jessie, and stacey are not exist back then (and striker is perma banned now)

I hate UR not showing the year (so we can identify it is an old thread or not)

please close this thread mod..

You don't get any. It's 500 + 100n
n = your level

thursday 06/01/2011

Which card is it? Some cards probably will never rise again.

For T1, I'm focusing on attack
actually no dr is fine..
you want to win as quick as possible..
second one would be fine
but with few changes:
shogunn (I don't like shogunn though..)


since you don't have qubik (and too expensive since he is new) second one is fine for now with juicy lord to loocio

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It's because you have a Hitler avatard.

wednesday 05/01/2011

Hmmm or I could stick with Vortex/Bangers for a bit and just replace BB, Bennie, and Saddy with Loocio, Garrik, and either Graff or B Ball. May be the cheapest of the options for the short-term.

You need at least two people from the same clan in your deck and also you also need at least two while in game
to get their bonus



"3* Azel (I think it is 3*)"

Azel is a 4* card and she is useless at 3*

Awesome thanks guys gotta get some more junkers then lol

Other way for Gheist and Roots Gheist only have that power from their abilities (draheera, wardom, lin xia, arkn, all the other gheists not mentioned)

I hate it - fights take way too long now! Added extra click to enter fight is lame.

tuesday 04/01/2011

Interesting thread title...

R&C and help plz (aside from Aurelia to Lehane, Lehane is sometimes banned....)

1. you cannot get more than one rare in normal packs (Except they change it)
what you can get:

2. in full deck yes
you will get 1 guaranteed, but there is a chance you get more than 1 rares each pack

3. for titanium, I never tried it

monday 03/01/2011

Uppers, rescue and montana are in my easy to start out with.

Please read the f...reely available manual.

Esp: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=clan
During a fight, if you have 2 different characters from the same clan on your team, a Clan Bonus will be enabled. It can change the balance of the power of the battle.

You almost certainly don't fulfill the condition to trigger the bonus. And yes, manuals are there to be read; tutorials are there to be followe. Forums are NOT there to get answers to questions that are already answered in these.

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