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monday 03/01/2011

deleted is very strong, but I would suggest replacing coby with havok or chole, coby doesn't work too well in a non mono environment. Good luck!

sunday 02/01/2011


as said for tournament it's here, ofc in a tournament every1 has their opinion and it's mostly ur speed (but also ur luck) that will give you the high positions


each deck has it's own goals and description inside.

I actually got beat today by Acid dc in Junkz but to be fair im elite so no clan can stand in my way, its easier for you to leave then waste your 2 worthless rounds just to end up losing.

A chance to brag never goes a miss.

Brittany w/ fury / Selina w/ fury / Ditha w/ fury
Rodney w/ fury / Askai

Definitely Robb if budget allows. Kang is ok for beginners nevertheless.

Orc i would change uppers to skeelz, since uppers don't have any non-crs worth over 10k while skeelz have caelus and jay, both worth at least 20k

saturday 01/01/2011

Double post?

whatever the case it's cool I guess

I'd say yo don't need to use such a high number of question marks.

If you compare the 2 clans with all the power(I mean how strong) Roots wins(Kiki cr all the way!smiley)
I hate to admit this but gheist is now much compatible in elo.. but when playing the 2 clans, most of my highest scores came from roots paired with uppers.. I don't know why... I love roots as much as I hate facing them in elo xDsmiley

@Devi regs2: because you can put a space in your name... you name should have maximum of four characters(I think) so having just 4 spaces makes your name acceptable in ursmiley

I Envy Bison smiley

Lol unlike some of you he isnt afraid of speaking up. Hell most of the time hes right. But sometimes he may just want to disagree for the sake of it but whatever.
Bison has a right to speak.
And i agree this isnt really a bad thing.

Thank you all smiley smiley

friday 31/12/2010

Not bad bunch for 10'

Want something foolproof? 3 pill every round!

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That happened to me,

Ask CS to remove her. smiley

Although they told me it couldn't be done.. they took it off anyway.. how odd. >.>

thursday 30/12/2010

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Tobbie is so cheap and the best 2* sentinel appart from lehane, both are in my eyes staples for t1 sentinel
some other cheap cards are ( i know there a little more expensive as you search for but yeah)
- skiner
- john (only for mono)
- dayton

for montana think about these cards:
- sharon
- gianfranco
- ottavia
- edd and donnie for higher stars, edd is easily the better one but donnie is amazing to

Haha mods are not reading the comments very well,

you have a hand of redra drake belgosi and caelus, you play 0 pillz redra the other player plays 3 methane, redra loses next round you can play drake IF he wins that round he inflicts what ever damage he is/ruduced too, and when/IF drake wins that round you gain his revenge +2 life

To tanto89 : it was previous round, within the same battle.

to Lunien : I might have confused the card but I am sure it was ability +2 power while bonus was +2 life.

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