sunday 19/12/2010

Replace Vickie Cr with Enzo, you will get an amazing, and solid, deck! (Cheap, too)

2 star = Spiaghi
3 star = Uranus

saturday 18/12/2010

Lyse Teria Cr
Tan Man
And more.
This is a list for 12 pill rounds.

Tony Semedo...
completely awesome...

friday 17/12/2010

I always thought it was hello without the H

I say any one of them. Not much goin on there. Read about some of the deck set ups and pick a style you like.

Yeah. Hmm... thx guyssmiley. I'll probably get Gatline.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I guess I will save my GHEIST characters after all. Maybe I'll sell my NIGHTMARE cards?

Half decks are the best
I find skeelz good with most clans (especially sakrohm) since it covers soa and sob to a degree
But's my take:
Hawkins Noel
Tula might be a stretch but everything else is dirt cheap
Obvious upgrades are Nellie, Dorian, Hawkins, Ulrich, Raeth, etc get them when you have more cash

Once again newbs (that better then other word?) are bumping threads, please close this mods, the starter poster has not played for ages.

Think about this the presents are hidden so i think its going to be one of the theifs

I'd recomend:
1 5*- Askai or Adler (Sell the other one)
1 4*- Buba
4 3* Radek, Odile, Nyema, Scopica, or Boohma
2 2* Mindy, Pegh, or Wendy

thursday 16/12/2010

Now 20,000 clintz to use. These roll in fast

It could work but there is a chance it would be full of spam and the today list would reach for pages.

Try Freaks, Pussycats, La Junta or Fang Pi Clan. They can add pressure to the Vortex clan's bonus. But my suggestion is only applicable if you are really devoted to the Vortex. If not, try another clan. Vortex is very hard to use and some of its useful cards are expensive.


wednesday 15/12/2010

smiley they should rely do that

I would love a feature that shows presets you've commented on. There are a lot that I've commented either because a friend has commented and I've looked or going thru the presets in general and I don't have the author as a friend. I would like to be able to see if my comment has gotten a response or just look and see what the rest of UR voted up or down.


Check this


Embolt is more like shakespeare.

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