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friday 11/02/2011

The tournament lag where the timer is still going probably is top of my irritation now... UGH

La Junta is one of those clans where they have everything necessary to do a mono deck without too many holes. Most clans have a star that is heavily lacking and really needs a boost, but La Junta has a great mix of 2,3,4, and 5 stars that are relatively usable in ELO. Sure, I would prefer that they get a little bit more pizzazz, but Isatis and Thormund have done that pretty well recently.

My game gets stuck sometimes due to connection problems, and it is frustrating to not only lose a match you should have won, but then get hit with negative 20 points on top of that!

I think a better idea would be to provide an incentive of extra points for people who do play faster. They could give 2 extra points each round you play within the first third of the time bar, 1 extra point for playing the round within the second third of the timebar, and no extra points if you play in the final third of the time bar each round.

I just got a iMac, installed the latest flash, and it still isn't opening to allow me to play. Suggestions?

I'm not sure if Selina is trolling or really that silly.

Get back in the kitchen

Back from the Future???
Inflict 175 damage with Kyle
Reward: 75 Mission Points & 10 credits

Once upon a time ,
I got first turn against Ambre. That time i was too little Kid ; level 16 .
In that fight i had a Hugo and three other all starts.

@ Saim923_HiDeF ,
Well, but i didn't get any friend request from you smiley

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Thanks guys. appreciate it. couldn;'t find it.

thursday 10/02/2011

"From her profile. Hard to believe "
Why don't you have a seat right here...

Pass level 15, then start playing DMT2 or go to bed smiley

Ahk, i dont read forums regularly. But it would still be nice smiley

I got K cube probably my favourite starter card smiley

Yea Im debating to spend some money to give me some decnt card I could use to help me out. I'm just looking and which ones from sentenel and la junta I can use ad work with.. You guys know any good ones to keep an eye out for

wednesday 09/02/2011

Unsuccessful trolls are unsuccessful

Take your wins with your losses. Yes the turn time sucks to have to wait, but wussing out of a battle looks bad on your part. Nothing ticks off people more then having to wait for your turn to expire.

Personally, I have never attended any event. Heck, I do not even have more than one functional deck so I couldn't do any deck switching.

But I still think deck switching is not a bad thing, as such. Simply because it provides additional strategic depth to the game. Now I cannot claim to know the workings of higher level play, but I assume that the rock-paper-scissor analogy applies, only extended into several different objects where one object may counter and, indeed, be countered by several others.

Also from reading the thread it would seem most people attribute the imperative to change decks comes from losing to a bad matchup. I am, once again, not experienced so I cannot speak for the balance of the game but I think that usually the outcome of the game is not majorly decided by the matchup but rather by the decision inside the game.

Both players have the ability, and I dare say; the impetus, to switch decks between rounds to try to mindgame their opponent or obtain a better matchup.

Arguing that it is a "low blow" or a "dirty tactic" only applies if one of the players in game decide that it is so. As long as both the players have the ability to swap decks there really isn't anything unfair or underhanded about it.

R u playing in random?

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