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sunday 13/02/2011

Oh only a phyllis well your still the best

It's not a ELO deck but to the Piranas suggestion I might try it out since I did go through a lot of posts and piranas were mentioned a lot for Vortex or take consderation to Ulu Watu/ All Star because the pill dependent thing is a good idea

And thanks for the suggestion on switching C Blade out but I think after spending 1000 clintz on it I would like to use it a bit more for now.

I was thinking the app could be free. This whole game is free right? Really, it just depends on how bad you want the cards. Some people may want to spend time and work to earn their favorite cards, some may want to just cheat and buy them right off the bat. Thats up to them. However to use Ad Sense, I dont know. Many people get around that by putting it into Airplane Mode and disabling the internet. Thats easy for some games but for this itd disable the whole game. Besides that, where would the ads go? Top right? If they went anywhere Id suggest the loading screen as people wait for their next match to load.

I remember Fraggle saying that about "in app purchases". I listed that thread here. As I mentioned, that was handled by another game in that they had a direct link to a website to purchase whatever the person wanted. I guess for UR that would be a direct link to the Market or the Shop. Doesnt sound very good but I dont think many people would complain. I know Id just be happy to have the game on my phone so I can play it more often. Now the other problems with the different screen sizes, I have no ideas about that.

I really believe that all the hassle and work that would be put into a UR app for Android would pay off and many new people would join. However, it would have to connect to the internet and play just as if the person was on the computer, tournaments and everything. I think itd work out great.

Ulu Watu/ junkz works well but dependin on ur deck, ull prob hav meh dmg. however solidness of these 2 clans usually means ull win the necessary 3/4 rounds
Ulu Watu/ Uppers also works well- ( Stanly, Gaia, nanook, Taigo/ Gabrielle, Wendel, Oxen, Nellie, Harold)

Jungo/ Freaks
Jungo/ Pussycats
Jungo/ most attk manip clans
all these do well

saturday 12/02/2011

Look at the 'Legendary Missions' section, under Missions.
After Scott, according to the comic it could be a GHEIST Ld (Don't take my word for it though)!

There isn't really such a thing as "The best piranas deck"
1. There are SO many possibilities that you could do with the Piranas and pretty much all of them can be considered good and
2. It all depends on your type of play style and also how smart you play it...Some people try and 2HK0 while others prefer to gather there pillz and nuke on the 4th round in ELO (Now it is too ridiculous because of all of the life you have, peopl let u win rounds 1-3 and then fury with their highest damage dealing character and win by 1 life which is really stupid...just saying...)

I am asking for some advice for the game... I know how the game works however, i don't really understand strategies and tactics used. My current deck is nightmare with the following characters.

This is my only deck i have and its only for type 2 because i dont know whats the best deck for type 1.

I read a good amount on strategies with the nightmare deck and other clans but most of the time i am reluctant to because most guides are outdated,

So what i am asking is for some advice...
i am able to buy some credits and purchase some packets. Thinking about purchasing the titanium car pack.. but i hate to do this because I am never sure what clans to choose..
what clans/decks are successful in ELO, survival, and tournament (type 1 and 2). And what strategies/tactics are used with the deck..

in fewer words...
im able to get any character... what some of the most successful decks in the various battle types and what strategies are used.

feel free to answer only what you wish. smiley

Yeah, let's compare 2 completely different cards from two completely different clans.
Different damage (yes there is a huge difference between 4 and 5 in terms of gameplay), different bonus, one is a support card, the two clans don't use the same strategies...
Seriously, what's the point?

I'll say Scubb for the heck of it.

Stars are relative to overall power of card (this is not straightforward, but rather a general guideline). 2 star characters are "weak" and 5 star characters are "strong".

Some game modes dictate how many stars your deck can have in total, while other modes are free for any deck.

Also note that you can use undeveloped high star count cards, their current developement level is used to calculate the relevant stars... so you every now and then might see "5 star" card in level 3 - which actually means its level 3 card with relevant stats.

I would prefere Copper

Junkz is good...not really a fan of the other two for elo..

Would combine Junkz with Uppers this week

Hawkins is best, duh

1. The move is called fury, costs 3 pillz and adds 2 damage.
Power is the basevalue, which will be multiplied with your pillz, the result is calles attack.

So (Power * pillz) +/- attackmodification = final attack

To the last question, there are many things you can do. Elo is the most important tournament. It runs for a week, has big prizes and is hard to master.
Daily tournament can be used either to get some credits on the way (top 1/3 = 1 credit) or to gain a nice ammount of clintz by aiming at the top spots.
Dm is about quick fun and will level your account up pretty fast, so if you aim for a certain leader this is the way to go.
Survivor is another masters disciplin, you can accumulate a bunch of clintz and credits but it's not easy and beeing successful here will earn you well deserved respect.

@happenin im currently using a ulu watu / skeelz deck works great smiley
but i havent been facing as many piranhas, but many more junks

because ive seen so many junks (maybe just me smiley ) i would suggest using a nightmare or piranha deck? or another attack manip clan

Win in the top 10 in DT's
i never go first

Buying packs produces a much larger profit then buying cards individually,
For example there about 10 cards out of the 35 cards in the new blood pack Which are worth over 10 000, some of which are Uncommon, which means easier to find.
If you buy around 10 of these packs you'll probably make 30-50 thousand clintz
Or you could buy 2 packs of 10 000 clintz.
So really the profit is in the card packs, if that's what you meant.

Well, you need to get more cards first, then add the card till' you have 9, then you can take a card out.

Raeth, for sure. The only one I'd consider over him would be Kristin for strategical reasons depending on the week, but rarely this would happen

Ok thanks smiley

friday 11/02/2011

The tournament lag where the timer is still going probably is top of my irritation now... UGH

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