monday 13/12/2010

Ongh is a scary finisher, almost a guaranteed 8 life gap on the last round, just aim for like 3/4s of your opponent's pills or something

but askai is more versatile imo, attack manipulation is super useful, not just at the endgame when you're throwing all your pills at each other, also he ko's with jalil, boohma, greow, and mono staple buba, and while ko-ing is not really a jungo "thing," its nice to have options (although i guess one could make the argument that ongh better fits the standard jungo playstyle)

nobody likes bragh

So wise, oh so wise

I cant figure out how 2 get into guild chat since UR started opening up as another tab i havent been able 2 get into guild chat am i just failing i would really like some help

Http:// smiley

How about you flesh out your ideas here: If you could make an LD what would it be?
because this is like a less general version of my thread that i made hours before this one came up

I life the perfect clone and mayor ideas though
well... i like the mayor one much more then the clone... but the clone isn't bad either

sunday 12/12/2010

Ok ty i will do that.

It would be nice to be able to look up just Mono clan decks.

1. hawkins- truly amazing card
2.bonnie ld - not sure how good she is in rl, noone is so maybe no1
3. tula - not enough reduction, but good card
4.hawkins noel- not woth winning really but an ok filer
5. spycee- urrrgh terrible terrible card, but his stopping power makes him usable
the other 2 are non contender

You have to pay to start an auction. Especially if there is a reserve price that needs to be met.

I love my avatar and I love SNES!!smiley


How kool would it be if they added a "Daily T" to the public preset titles?

I'm not saying we're going to get this but it would be kool. That way some players won't give a auto red face or give bad comments to some T1 decks because it has to many Elo banned cards.

Gheist do ok in DT, but you will be under constant pressure against DT monster (jackie, zatman, LT, etc) and DT clan (montana, uppers)

saturday 11/12/2010

This is not chess.
There is not just 1 / 1/2 / 0 for win / draw / loss.
I am not going to repeat all the pointless "discussion".

If you love chess so much that you want its scoring system more or less applied here, why don't you petition to get rid of those stpid BP and levels and everything. They are silly and should not matter and one should get 1 point for winning, regardless how, 1/2 for drawing and 0 for losing.

This matter has never been resolved. I never got a response after posting to the above link DerMagus provided. Any other suggestions???

It seems that the pop-up window isnt slowed down unlike hidden tabs.
(havent switched to popups in a while..)

The first post is full of cander and winsmiley

friday 10/12/2010

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