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saturday 25/12/2010

About new room where bad cards can be used: i hosted this tourney that was pretty successful in trying out games without high-powered cards HipHop Messiahz Crappy Cards Tourney
about blacklisting players: could be abused. anyone could just blacklist players they can't beat so they'll only meet players they can beat.
game chat: would be nice but would have no practical use except to start flamewars.
trade tool: long overdue. UR remains a CCG and will wait to be a true TCG until a trading tool is implemented.

i'd like more sorting options in the market. i'd like to be able to sort not only by clans and cards missing in collection but also by abilities, power, damage, etc
i'd also like to be able to sort by a price range. say for example by putting in the search 300-400 clintz, all cards with that value would be shown. instead of just the highest-lowest sorting we have

friday 24/12/2010

I think it would be a bit more interesting if they had a contest, a design of a new character, so all players can email them there drawing and then the winner would simply get that character without buying it. I think that would be better.

thursday 23/12/2010

Yeah. Personal betting and challenges would be cool. There you can list yourself with certain information that you must adhere to like : "I'll play against you T1 ELO with only 10 pills, you'll have 12. youll get 200 cz if you win, I'll get 300 if I win". Kate is used as stakeholder.

Kind of miniature event system, 1 on 1 style.

- You could limit/force cards/stars. (I'll play 17 star deck against 25 star deck with 4:1 pay ratio)
- You could reveal all/some of the cards youre using (Im guaranteed to have Bob Joby on the deck.)
- You could tweak number of pills/life. (I'll have just 6 life. Fight me.)

Thanks for the help, guys.

Lol don't even worry about him.. he doesnt know what he's talking about.. you have a nice idea smiley

They should have left him how he was coz revenge is revenge and them 2 life really messed with people it was fun while lasted but please put back or take away revenge skeelz dont need another revenge card. great card before


I know plenty of people that do that. Sometimes I go in there to work on missions, notably the montana 1000 rounds one when I get bombarded with ulu + ambre + graks. Don't tell me that is a coincidence. o.O

Yeah any rare card I believe but Leaders.

wednesday 22/12/2010

I didn't delete it, someone else did. I have no idea who.

I contacted Euzebe, she knew nothing about it.

I could probably see reasoning for it being deleted though, as its not exactly what the event tool was designed for.

It was a good way to get events noticed and was fun while it lasted, but arguably 'illegal' as far as creating events is concerned.

I was just wondering and this might have been addressed before but in the online comics the most recent one I see is through the caldron episode 2 which came out Feb. 22nd of this year. Besides this French one have there been any other comics either online or that can be bought between the 22nd of Feb. and now or has there just been a drought of comics?

Im using a ulu watu deck and its great fun but it needs some more attack deducters so it can deal with kolos more effectivly.

Yeah but Aigwon Noel isn't a good card

He is alright i sold him while price is high

Wrong section, but these are the decks that I use.

DM type 1; record 6/0/0 Sorry Peach...

DM type 2; record 9/0/0 deleted
-------------- record 11/0/0 Fun Survivor Party

I prefer the first type 2 deck more because of the addition of Serena.

tuesday 21/12/2010

You can also sort "My Collection" by the date the cards were first created, so if you have opened multiple copies, you can find the newest ones.

I would also recommend this Uppers budget deck for beginners. k os parece??
You can replace Glenn with Dorian and the deck would still be under 15k.

Real nice. But obviously not for elo right?

monday 20/12/2010

Keep the surprise, thanks smiley

Since it is a beginer deck Kharl for Dacha Macha

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