friday 26/11/2010

Liars gonna lie.
Haters gonna hate.

Noobs gonna fail.

Uppers: lawful evil. If you read the comics, Zlatar once brainwashed all the clan leaders to take over clint city.
Piranas: neutral evil. They rob and loot for in a semi-organized way to serve their own purposes.
Sakrohm: true neutral, crazy cultists.
FPC: lawful neutral. Their headquarters is a monastery, with gongs and stuff. That's lawful.
La junta: lawful neutral, they're a structured military organization that doesn't care about right or wrong.
Roots: chaotic good. Sure they care about the environment and stuff, but their leader is a chimp.
Pcats: lawful neutral. Any clan that has a judge amongst them is probably lawful.
All stars: neutral good. Organized sports isn't chaotic, and their emphasis on individual performance is kinda neutralish.

Anyway, I don't want to be the one to enourage 'off-topicness' so I'll close this thread off to save from further unrelated bumps.

AR_Shuiro has not posted in a while too.

PS: Charizard wins with the last word, ha!!

thursday 25/11/2010

Obviously, this thread will lead to massive spam. I'm sure you won't mind so much if I close it smiley

Also remember no more on event rooms

wednesday 24/11/2010

and hi guys and gals

I already made this kind of thread.

Yeh I understand what your saying lol, (About the name xD)

Oh I thought Cars x Girls = formula to mens brain and thinking pattern, maybe Its just mine. smiley
(Even though I dont know nothing about cars...)

And I've got to agree with you on that, girls are just weird lol, example time?

Girl ''i bought this dress, I think it looks nice don't you?''
Boy ''Yes its ashame its got that dirty 4 figure number on the price tag.''
Girl ''It looks awful doesn't it?''
Boy ''No I just agreed it looks nice''
Girl ''You think its horrible don't you''

Opps sorry I forgot its not weird it just girls can read minds... smiley

Yup. You must use the quickbattle function. smiley Another way to get this is by hitting the 'b' key on your keyboard in a room. smiley


Why not?

ROFL, if the game glitches cause they took away 40 bp from me, I will laugh

Appreciate spycee ? if there is hawkins, hawkins noel, tula and later on bonnie ld ?
dont think so

tuesday 23/11/2010

pokemon is now at gen 5, and if anyone didnt know, the first evolutions of the starter pokemon have their english names!!!
GRASS: Snivy
FIRE: Tepig
WATER: Oshawott

Jackie, zatman, wendel, oxen, uranus, graksmxxt, sigma, murray
or in short:
♫ ♫ C'est kiki va gagner ?! ♫

monday 22/11/2010

More cards will rise in price, soon. smiley


Aw heck yes! Let's ban the whole GHEIST/Roots clan and have half of UR quit!

Choose what you want to use, it's your decision after all. smiley

This is nothing like Black Tuesday. xD Or was it Thursday? Oh well...

The point being, the people who can afford this get something out of it, and those who can't will have to wait until they can get something out of it. smiley This is also a time to show how people how people will come together and share! xD

I did it in the lost warehous =) unevolved cards often have 1/2/3 power and not everyone there cares about winning a battle

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