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saturday 05/02/2011

21:18 Event Surviving Survivor 4: Redemption Island ..vous avez perdu de peu contre deathbychips, Time Conquers All (7-10) - vos gains : -1 points et -1 Clintz
21:18 Event Surviving Survivor 4: Redemption Island ..vous avez perdu de peu contre deathbychips, Time Conquers All (7-10) - vos gains : 9 points et 2 Clintz

This bug is very bad for events smiley


Thanks for watching honor guard smiley
I hate stop cards lolz
I just managed to persuade the others about my hatred lol

Platinum is a must have. And against all noobish instincts, do NOT get brutox. Tons of noobs do. smiley

Either that or she has no grasp of the english language. i still go for now grasp.

I always thought a mutated insect clan would be good too.

But I have to agree that a cyborg clan would be cool.

I would mix it about in terms of meta-game for ELO

if there is high SOA in ELO then do things like wardog > dean/thromund, nahomi > trish, ray > naginata and even dacote > bryan/gatline/burger/chiro. I would side with more extreme changes if you are wanting to do mono junta in SOA weeks.

I wouldn't do mono junta in those heavy SOA weeks and instead do half decks with them (also you can then keep their heavy ability cards in your deck and counter SOA with your half deck.

Vice versa with weeks where there is not so much SOA I would use all their dangerous ability based cards in mono.

They aren't great in ELO survivor but their T2 options are strong (however even better with general cr). Naginata, ray, emeth are fierce choices for them.

good luck to you smiley

I think things like a stronger server and progam updates should come first. Then clan balancing and ELO ban reforming should be next.

Fix what the biggest issues are, then take the time to consider changes.

friday 04/02/2011

I read your comics. You are great with a cracked staff of illustrators, they do good work.


The writing is, well..... not good.

Grant it, I completely understand how hard it would be to write plots reference a city that has pirates, two different types of aliens, horror movie characters, junk yard militants, the mafia, etc. I have noticed that you focus on one or two clans per comic book, which is a good idea.

Hire a writer, you will notice a difference.

Ability : Nosiop
- Converts poison-status to similiar Heal-status with max = (12 - poison min.)

Ability : Replacement heros
- Replaces opponent highest star card with random card from his remaining deck.

Ability : Forceplay
- You can choose what card opponent plays next round (but opponent chooses still the pilling.)

Ability: Kinetic force
- Your character gets +X to both power and damage with formula (opponent damage / 2, rounded down) (Makes card strong against high damage cards and weak agains low damage cards)

Ability: Resurrection
- If you lose the round you can replay the fight (both you and enemy can choose new amount of pills for same cards)

Ability: Evil Joker
- If opponent has 4 or more pillz and you manage to play exactly the same number of pills with evil joker as opponent does - Its automatic knockout regardless of anything.

Ability: Professional assassin
- Cancels leader team ability for the rest of the game.

The first one is easy, just buy 6 piranas shove em in a deck and lose 10 batles smiley
as for pillz, hawkins noel, trey for + pillz, andsom for - pills, may take time
for kristin youll have it as bad as us all smiley
and then by this point you might have more clints to buy better piranas smiley

thursday 03/02/2011

That's because Adler mission is hidden and it doesn't show you how many KO's you have with him. The only way to see how far you with his mission is to go to the jungo clan page then missions.

To reduce the number of players who quit games the staff got the idea to create a five minutes ban.
The first thing about it is that idea hurts the guy who commits the lesser fault.
If you quit, the other player in the worst case, lose a point or two of missions or the joy to take 30 seconds to dispatch the adversary.
On the other hand if you don´t quit you have a dude with one card and no pillz looking at the screen thinking about what would have been if he played only one pill, what would be the reaction if he played the strongest card first, how cool would look jeena if she used a bikini, why the A isn´t close to B in the keyboard, how much are two pillz plus three pillz times zero.
The second thing is how slow the game is becoming, with players having to endure their slow death, the number of adversaries is lower, it takes now very often two or three trials to get an adversary in the random mode and the games get slower because the analyst will take at least 30 seconds of joy knowing you can´t do much to cut his pleasure.
who ends winning with this?
Not even the analyst who will never learn to play fast enough to compete in a tournament.
The game is great, please, stop to reinvent the wheel every mounth.

Cool.. didn't know that, I'll lock it, thanks smiley

wednesday 02/02/2011

The chance you draw 1 specific card is 50 %
However the chance of you drawing and given set of 4 cards is 1 in 70

1 pill automatically gets used every round, working on the principle that any number multipled by 0 is 0. Always add an extra plus 1 to all your multiplication work-outs.

Same here. That's a small leak many have already discovered.

I recommend getting a better internet provider/new computer.

Unless you are specifically shooting to get every card in the game by buying packs, elites are probably a better investment.

tuesday 01/02/2011

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Do you use Sentinel in mono? If so, keep him. If not, do what boreddude said and complete his mission and then sell him

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