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wednesday 09/02/2011


@ Miss selina , i think you do not need any starts. Cuz you already have the good caracters from FPG. smiley JK smiley

Try to chance your browser or Update it. There were some problems with the later Firefox Updates. It's working for me again but for some time I had to use a different Browser because the second to last Java plugin wasn't working at all in Firefox

@ ChF_Neon morphun is my deck n not wayne stark, but why take out rubie

tuesday 08/02/2011

N-B-A: Twice. But only when courage is activated, as in when you play first in the round.

No, but great thinking though!

Less time = smarter people shine with their fast calculations

Which is awesome and I japprove

You mean the website?

"why would someone want to play randomly??

you already answered it. the answer is to play. I've started playing urban rivals in random mode.and I really miss those moments when I just base the outcome of a battle on looks, clans, artwork, username, guild, character story, star count, birth dates, and other superficial things. all for fun. smileysmileysmiley

monday 07/02/2011

By best friends call me cash.

sunday 06/02/2011

Well yeah, support cards are heavily weakened in half. But that new card Kamakura would make a good replacement! smiley
Sentinel FTW!
Can't wait for their REAL Legendary. *cough lenny ld cough*

@ Tanto

I know its the old her. I like the old one better. And yes, I did mention that there was an issue with a video game.

But still. I'd like one that resembles the old one a bit closer.

Yeah. Fury is when you spend 3 pillz to give your character an extra +2 Damage.

When you're choosing pillz you may notice on the right part of the pillz you have it has 3 pillz kinda in a box looking thing and it says Fury.

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Thanks you guys. smiley

Keep it under 25 stars.
Lol, jk, if you are going to have cards that aren't always banned uch as Leviatonn, Methane, and Brimstone, always be ready to switch them out for another card.
Never use support cards such as Taljon
Sorry I could only give you tips and not a straight deck. I haven't used either clan before, and my decks usually suck.
Good luck though!

I'm just waiting for the Sentinel Legendary to come out.

Doesn't really deserve its own thread.

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