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thursday 16/12/2010

Now 20,000 clintz to use. These roll in fast

It could work but there is a chance it would be full of spam and the today list would reach for pages.

Try Freaks, Pussycats, La Junta or Fang Pi Clan. They can add pressure to the Vortex clan's bonus. But my suggestion is only applicable if you are really devoted to the Vortex. If not, try another clan. Vortex is very hard to use and some of its useful cards are expensive.


wednesday 15/12/2010

smiley they should rely do that

I would love a feature that shows presets you've commented on. There are a lot that I've commented either because a friend has commented and I've looked or going thru the presets in general and I don't have the author as a friend. I would like to be able to see if my comment has gotten a response or just look and see what the rest of UR voted up or down.


Check this


Embolt is more like shakespeare.

Montanas are good for beginners, they have good attack manipulation... but really, for a more experienced player something strategic like Piranas is generally better.

GHEIST, in my opinion, are all-rounders when it comes to different strategies.
If you have a solid strategy it's hard to go wrong with GHEIST smiley

I was thinking:

ELO chat room

Type 2 Chat Room

Type 1 Chat room

UR related Chat room


Just as a reference, the main weaknesses for GHEIST are

Nightmaresmiley & Piranassmiley (Stop Opp. Bonus, which means the opponent's Abilities aren't canceled)
GHEISTsmiley & Rootssmiley (Stop Opp. Ability, so pretty much all abilities will be canceled and the only way to win is through brute force)
Skeelzsmiley (Protection:Ability, so basically your clan bonus is wasted. Skeelz are the ones feared most by GHEIST playerssmiley)

GHEIST is fairly expensive, so as an alternative you could go is Roots which have the same clan bonus. They're probably one of the cheapest clans out there, if not THE cheapest.

In a same atk scenario:
lower star count wins always
If they are the same star, then the attacker wins

You can however log into your iphone account online from a computer and toggle the random settings to non-random and it will save for your iphone matches

tuesday 14/12/2010

@OutofPillz PI, thats great insights! Yea i meant that Ryuichi's week price. True, prices are determined by the market's demand and supply factors and player's expectations that a "normal" price does not actually exist.

hot 73 messages

After those bloody comments personal attacks and insults

to sum up, everyone has their own view, however, majority thinks that UR should use old Vickie Cr image

and please notice above of the message board and read it especially M-Bison

Message Board
Welcome to the players' message board. You can chat about Urban Rivals in a friendly way. We won't tolerate irrelevant or racist messages, insults or any message whose sole purpose is to create chaos in the community.

this is message board that should be used in friendly way, and please do not insult another player
this is so far the most rude thread I've ever read in my UR career

Will it still be able to do well if Bloodh is not selected? Or rather, is it a balanced deck.

Remember when jungo were released, pl thought they had finally a chance to stop roots domination in ELO?

To fight them attack manipulation should be more useful than SOA/SOB IMO.
Also any heavy poison card like sigma will be jungos nightmare.

monday 13/12/2010

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