friday 03/12/2010

Did here deleted
Playd pretty well on the tourney, made the change on Taigo and Gabrielle cuz i missed a DR

I though about Raeth, but its odd damage, more expensive and potentially less power...

thursday 02/12/2010

La Junta

byran/ dacote
emeth/ naginata

comments or suggestions smiley ?

So far based on my time playing freaks definitely Esmeralda.
Even with 1 less damage Esmeralda if not used early she can be a wall to force pill usage.

Unlike Magda with a base power is 5, even WITH her ability she'll have trouble with attack manipulators
Against 1 pillz Most Uppers you'd need 3 pillz
Against 2 pillz Most Montana you'd need 4 or 5 pillz
Against 1 pillz Most Junkz/Sentinel you'd need 3 pillz

Besides hitting with a 3 damage card that needs a considerable amount of pillz to win isn't a good idea.
This card is situational, only good when the bonus is available and you don't have to versus an attack manipulator.

-But you won't always have your bonus will you?
-What happens when you only draw 1 freak member?
-What happens when the enemy has an SOB ability card (and you move first)?
-UR is packed with attack manipulators!
Is it worth using considerable amount of pills for just 3 damage?

I'm still even leaning towards Harleen over Magda.
Shame though the freaks don't really have a really strong/solid 2* like other clans (Jessie of Allstars, Gil of Junkz, Hawkins and Tula of Piranas)
The freaks got a great 5* in Baldovino but he will never shine unless the Freaks get a solid 2* card (or two) .
They should give the freaks a Revenge or Defeat card.
A good 2* Defeat and 3* Revenge would really really help the freaks.

Lets put it this way:

Is C Beast essential to your deck?

if not - Do you have the cards that make you deck you can play effectively?

If not - you have perfectly good reason to sell C Beast and buy cards that will make you actually win more.

If C Beast is just dusting in your collection and you need better cards to play with then SELL FFS!

Cheap recruits!

Good for type 1...can modify cards to get rid of Hugo-fit in Owen mayb for ELO

As a former Montana user which clan do you think i should collect and use? I want you to give honest opinions and i want you to answer the question of WHY?
I want you to consider all possible reasons for using either clan be it ELO, T1 or T2. I want you to put alot of thought into your answers. I thank you all for your time.

Looks old and outdated to me

wednesday 01/12/2010

Graphic novels, aka comics. in 2008, Marvel and Soliel announced a partnership to translate and sell several of their titles in the U.S. They're available as collections. Someone maintains a list of the releases on Amazon:

Thanks guys for the suggestions i really appreciate every advice!

I've decided to follow Steelie_Mob's deck but modified a bit. please help me to see if its ok or not(:


No he's mention on a legendary card that why it up people

Good points from everyone, i guess its to each his own. I will be sticking to the good ol captain bloodh smiley

@ Tanto : i know its not stated in the rules, but i tried that so many times when my 5* card lost again 2* card

Is it possible to remove your FB account, and move the FB UR account to a normal UR account?

tuesday 30/11/2010

I grought credit 2 months ago and my star is still heresmiley

If your using 'my collection' then you load up the deck and next to the decks name there is a delete button. this deletes the preset. Then to add / remove cards from your deck simply click remove card (it should be the top option directly underneath the card.) This will only work if you have over 8 cards in the deck. (that means that you've got to add another card in before you take one out if you have a deck of 8 characters.)

In 'my collection pro' you click delete a preset and select the one from the list. To remove cards from your deck you simply click the characters picture (at the top where its shows your characters) and that card is removed. (this time you dont need to have 8 cards in to remove cards). To add characters you just have to click on the cards name and then again on which version(s) of that card you want to use. (you probably wont have to worry about the last bit).
Also in collection pro, if you want to take all the characters out of the deck, simply click the reset button and the cards will be added to the drop down list.

Hope this helps. Sorry its long

Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Jackie, and Zatman

needless to say, I got destroyed
Jackie, Zatman, Rubie, and Oxen was another tough hand, but I actually managed to win that one surprisingly (sasha then all pill with manfred, and let redra to the rest smiley )

As for person, I played Damian twice, won 6-2 and lost 1-2

monday 29/11/2010

Can someone quickly make a ELO or a T2 deck that is good for Survivor I have around 55-75k clints that I can use.

GHEIST is all about offense, High damage, decent power, abilities to shift rounds into your favor

Roots is defense, high power, low damage, life manipulators, damage reducers, they are all about waiting things out and having the superior life for the win at the end of the match

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