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friday 21/01/2011

What do you think of this deck of this deck remember im level 13 so please rate if your think its good for my level



Yah ive got 56k now and im thinking of doing either mono rescue or a gheist/undecided half deck thanks for the help

thursday 20/01/2011

Where exactly is this list you're talking about?

I guss you mean Piotr, not pieter

Thx guys

wednesday 19/01/2011

The problem with that logic evil is that like itbd said the gheist have so many more elo playable cards than the roots do. roots players have far fewer options, so bans hurt them more

I think your forgeting bangers but then i remenber the crap cards until u have like 400 clintz

To be honest its pretty weak for a 4 star put 7/4 would be better

Thanks so is this death match

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Look good dani

In all honesty with your low amount of starting cards from those specific clans you want, Buy the credits(or be beastly in ELO tourneys and win mucho credits) and go with a Titanium pack with those 4 clans. I've bought quite a few packs(upwards of 4000 credits worth) and TItanium always nets me a nice return on my credits because 4 rares with the right clans chosen its a Clintz goldmine.(Nightmare,Vortex are huge $ makers)

I don't see any preset...

tuesday 18/01/2011

Updated my deck, any help on it?

Title says it all...
Just one lots of 2hko options, my play style is more brute than trickerysmiley

Just make sure you use arkn, zero dead and leviaton as that are the only really good 2 and 3* options. well there is bristone to, if you need some damage reduction, but if you want that i advice to slap in a uranus or spiaghi.

For the higher *'d powerhouses. they have lots of great options, you just have to try them out.for example most people like rolph as there 5* position but i prefere wardomm with the high damage and the possibility to 2hko with about anything. just try them out and see what roles for you, great options are draheera, wardomm, rolph, mathene and toro.

Yup... can confirm working fine

as said what dolly does is N x 2 points for rest of match if she gets through, N being remaining rounds.

why she makes a good either first turn large pill for 6 points ( due to her min ) and also a good no-pillz bluff to power up wardom / anibal

I managed to plug away on a bunch of little 5-8 credit offers and get about 3 newblood packs. Got my Ash... All I cared about. =P

monday 17/01/2011

How is this Ur related ?smiley

But i choose PSP smiley

Alfonzo - 50k a week, I kinda doubt it mate...

There's a "Submit" button on "My Tickets" tab. Try that.

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