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friday 11/05/2018

Hay just a idea for UR can make money nothing more really.
plus odd's it wont happen.
tho levels don't really matter to much other then a few missions i hear an the leader cards other then that the level's are pointless.
to me any way this is a game i play to have fun kill time so levels to me don't mean any thing.

tuesday 08/05/2018

Other Pill Manipulator Clans:
4* Joy 6/6 +3 Pills
2* DJ LBerto 6/2 Defeat +2 Pills, max. 10
3* Kreenk LD 7/3 +1 Pills Per Damage
2* Doug Snop 7/2 +2 Pillz
5* Karl 7/7 Defeat: Recover 2/3 Pills

3* Wild Holiday Ld 7/3 Victory/Defeat: Opp Life and Pills -1, min. 2
4* Victor Van Dort 7/4 +2 Pills and Life
3* Poppy Mary 8/3 Dope 1, max 11
3* Poppy Mary Noel 7/4 +2 Pills, max. 9

3* Judge Lynch : Absurd attack reduction! Even when you 0 pill vs 8 power cards, they need to pill by 4-5! (depending on attack manipulation)
5* Butcher Braxton (game changer threat as scary as Surstorming)
3* Doc Ollie 6/1 Growth: Power and Dmg +1
2* Dakota 8/2 … +1 life/damage
2* Burton 7/1 Growth: Toxin 1, min. 4
Riots (Bonus = Victory/Defeat +1 Pills)
3* Newell 7/3 Brawl: -1 Pills, min. 1
2* Argos 6/3 Defeat: Pills +2, max. 11.
3* Grace 7/3 +1 Pills Per Damage
2* Grouchy 7/2 +2 Pills
5* Archimedes 8/5 Pills +2
3* Pr Hide 7/4 Victory/Defeat +1 Pills

3* Pr Cushing 7/4 Damage -3,1 (reducing damage and getting 1 pill)
3* Fastbender 8/3 Revenge: Power and Dmg +2

Personally, I prefer Piranas of pill manipulators, as most their pill manipulators are allowed in high level EFC (new ELO) and DT. But results vary based on game mode and combination of decks. Ghostown for example are supported by insane life gap potential (threat) through Butcher Braxton, Dakota and Burton. Which often create massive pill advantage.

So feel free to try your own combo. And welcome to Urban Rival!

monday 07/05/2018

Timber could use a tweek a small one to boot take UR staff 60 sec to do seriously.

give timber 7 power 7 damage witch means take 1 of his damage an make it power. lol he still be a great card like he is not but compared to all the other leaders he lasck to much player's toss him aside as soon as they get another leader. with the + 1 power he will help so much more an since its what the first leader you get be incredible to them to start with. an with his abilitys he still be a 7/8 so yea plenty strong for 2 hit ko's.

@ Dr Pr Hutson, DUC-DarkDemon bridget use to heal you even when you had 0 life but when jungo came out it became to op an that's why shes is banned even to this day. they need to make a counter to her or as i just made timber idea to counter her. much easier. but bridget is powerful as is why shes banned reanimate wont work with her. she needs a leader that can counter her ability.

You don't need to deal the damage against Zlatar in particular, that's just a lore thing.

Fixed spelling errors. Jeremy François cannot be hyperlinked through conventional means. (His character number is 631).

You can also argue for Ymirah Cr and Behemoth as a clan switch if you thing about it. Another can be ARN 2000 and Schatzi?

Personally, I care not if staff does that makes cards switch clans into Mythic or not.
Interesting to look at, but I am personally interested in the switch of clans from time to time that the actual Cr or Mt announcements myself.

It does not affect me in the slightest except create a feel for the overall lore of Urban Rivals.

See, didn't take long!

sunday 06/05/2018

Over the years I think the different developers have done a great job at continuing to differentiate the clans with exact bonuses.

I find it amusing how much I prefer one over the other in most these situations, especially between the + power clans. Ulu Watu are one of my favorite clans, I find them incredibly fun to play. However, I barely ever consider playing the Bangers even though some of their decks are very powerful to play.

Yeah, Cannibal Jo CR is the only card in the collection I am upset about not owning. The Big 5 and lots of the random Soleil characters I never imagined acquiring when I started playing back in 09.

The entire Cannibal Jo situation has always left me kind of resentful. Due to some personal things then, I just wasn't able to be very active during that window of opportunity to own her. With the Big 5 pricing now, I would need to be insanely lucky to acquire her.

saturday 05/05/2018

I can only agree with you.

friday 04/05/2018

If you are willing to see this information outside of UR, you can check out the graphs on our fansite (the site link will change soon).


Navigate to any card and the it's at the bottom of the page.
Note that the UI will be changing soon.

thursday 03/05/2018

619 Queen...
"There he goes! 619!" Idk what is going on, on this thread but Rey Misterio

tuesday 01/05/2018

As the game currently exists, the only 'counter' to Cancel is SoA/SoB. You could make a new ability that could neutrize cancel opp X modif. I don't think the ability would be all that strong. Sure it may help in rare situations against Pandora, Mimmo, or Raptors, but not against Space Hans Ld or Ymirah Cr...
Actually, now that I think of it, that could be an interesting ability for a Leader, since it would stack on top of normal abilities...

Sidenote: to link to characters its #Character. Example: #_Sue; without underscore: Sue
Heres a link to the list of hyperlinks and how to use them: [RULES] Introductions & Recruitment / Hyperlinks / Guilds

sunday 29/04/2018

Well, the concept of 'inflation' applies here.
Yes, I do remember when cards were 100 Cz, but also, there were not as many cards in play then. And you are right, they did not give away as much money back then - the while daily rewards thing was not around back then. It was HARD to make money in game back then (unless you used real money to buy cards). PLUS, the bronze & silver tokens are available, which was not the case back then.
So, as in any economic system, prices & wages always go up over time.smiley

thursday 26/04/2018

I just notice something while reading the dominion comic.

The two figurines that are shown clearly. Has a kind of a demonic /monster silhouette shown in the background.

I'm thinking that the silhouette shown in the background might be their final form. That lelena turn the figurine into.

Wow thanks for the help again. i will close this now lol

saturday 21/04/2018

Hi, nice stories. I will also post one short story, which is part of a longer one, but it stands alone I think

The gears are moving

In the underground city called Riotspolis, the engineers work without a break.
•Dr Copernica: We need more support on the legs. When the body and the hands are ready, they will weigh tons. So, let's strengthen the legs.
•Greendy: Yeeees Dr Copeeeernica! I will cut some pieces of steel and I will reeeeinforce it!
•Dr Copernica: Thank you Greendy. This will be my heritage to Riotspolis!
•Pericles: You have nothing to prove Dr Copernica. You are and will always be our top engineer.
•Dr Copernica: My Patriarch!
•Pericles: Can't you just call me Pericles?
•Dr Copernica: This is impossible my Patriarch! It surpasses my capabilities.
•Pericles: So, when do you think it will be ready?
•Dr Copernica: Hard to say. The main body within a few days. I am worried about the engine. No matter what I did, I couldn't decrease the amount of Thermonium needed to make it work.
•Pericles: Nobody said that great achievements come with a low price.
•Dr Copernica: My Patriarch, why such a hurry?
•Pericles: Something big is coming. I feel it in my gears. We must be ready.

Bump still have a couple requests to finish but looking for some more

friday 20/04/2018

Last time i checked we had free offers hadnt checked in months but they hardly ever gave credits even after full completion

After the market reset. A lot of Cr cards price have sky rocket. Which totally makes sense. Since a lot of the older members who are not active anymore had cards they were selling on the market.

But I still find it funny. To see the price of cards like Lamar Cr (which I bought for 900k in 2014) price be see high and expensive

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