monday 22/11/2010

More cards will rise in price, soon. smiley


Aw heck yes! Let's ban the whole GHEIST/Roots clan and have half of UR quit!

Choose what you want to use, it's your decision after all. smiley

This is nothing like Black Tuesday. xD Or was it Thursday? Oh well...

The point being, the people who can afford this get something out of it, and those who can't will have to wait until they can get something out of it. smiley This is also a time to show how people how people will come together and share! xD

I did it in the lost warehous =) unevolved cards often have 1/2/3 power and not everyone there cares about winning a battle

Aren't you supposed to be able to cancel auctions if you click cancel on it? Whenever I try it it's still there.

sunday 21/11/2010

How to make an auction?

Thanks mate smiley

Marco. Sledg is more solid but marco is just better in most situations. He also has a mission, though its a KO mission.

As for ban status, sledg's as good as permabanned anyway so there's practically no difference between the two. He's been playable maybe like a week in the last 6 months or so.

Going 2nd is an advantage... unless you're in a type 2 room and you have ambre, then you'll prolly wanna go first smiley
But um, I think the OP meant that if the star counts were the same, they could use this instead of the random person goes first, then the two players switch every other round.
Either ways, it's better how it is now

Color: dark green or white,
food: turkey, or cabbage rolls smiley
hobbies: UR if it counts. Cycling, singing (xD), reading (mostly SF)

Is that enough?

Ow also red when it's showoff deck from one tht was also made (aka standard deck + 1 card so all friends can green)

Thanks, but Harion already answered. Consider closed.

saturday 20/11/2010

T2 or Elo

I want a Lyse Teria Cr please. She's just amazing for a 3 star.

Well, well, it seems your question has just been answered with the legendary characters missions. Unexpected.

I think either elite packs or muliple full decks.

oh, thank you smiley i didnt have a clue lol smiley


The answer to all of your newbie questions. smiley

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