tuesday 02/11/2010

Oh wait, I must be blind >.> I feel like an idiot now. My post did get excepted. I'm a fool smiley

Check out your private sales, i have sent you a gift


Thank you I found it.

monday 01/11/2010

I think after 24 hours if it's not over 100, it gets deleted that day
Then after 48 hours if it's not over 150 it gets deleted
And if you make it through that then you're ok smiley
But I don't really know, would be nice if an admin or such just told us how that works smiley

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Why dont you set up a real debate?
Debating about 2 weak cards is almost pointless, there both weak and very unusable which leads me to the actual point of who cares which one wins? There both 'crap' so even if Onyx wins this debate he still is a 'crap' card and thefore wasted your time.

Sorry troll came out there, Onyx.

If u sell private the comission is 10% if not wrong

I tried to cancel my auction but it won't cancel and give cards back

New Blood, never ever get me anything! i got a c wing when he was 17k once but thats out of the 40 other packs I baught, as for Full Deck, your garunteed a rare and you get uncommons, I usually get atleast a 10k card, and then a few 1k and then mabey 1 or 2 5k if im lucky



sunday 31/10/2010

"the reason is because if its the same thing we have on here we would be stuck with the same cards, unless UR figures out how to update with new cards like they do now. this would mean weekly updates to the systems so the new cards become available, which is a pain to do."
I bet they wouldn't care if it was a pain to do because they'd just set it up as DLC every two weeks. All they have to do is just make it insanely overpriced and people will still buy them. I agree though, a card game on Xbox? Yeah, that's a fail...

Tan man is cr now good luck getting him now lol

I bought credits only once. Just to be able to sell more than 1 card per day. That's really enough. If you know how to manipulate the market, you can get huge amounts of clintz. While playing, while waiting for my opponent to move, I keep refreshing the market, offers sorted by date and if I see someone selling a card for a price much lower than all copies above it, I buy it and sell immediatelly. Sometimes you will get only 5 clintz from that, and sometimes... well...

Monday 21/06/10:
Tanaereva Cr Level 5 - bought from ******* - 28 500 Clintz.
Tanaereva Cr Level 5 - sold to ****** - 32 799 Clintz.

(remember about 5% tax while doing this)

So, I don't think it influences the game that much, as I am able to gain clintz (and therefore cards) by buying credits only once. I recommend the above strategy for everyone, but don't bother if you have bad connection

"Happy Halloween"?

Halloween used to be scary... smiley

I forgot to take the cards I was training out of my deck for a proper fight. I forget what my opponent had but I was trying to win with four Jonas XD Yes, I have four Jonas. (because he's that AWESOME) but four of them isn't going to win a fight XD

Woah, nice advice. But a friend of mine jailbroke my iTouch. By force actually, I didn't want my iTouch to be jailbroken but he insisted that it's really great and you get free stuff and stuff. I didn't know what happened next but I found my iTouch jailbroken the next day. XD
Will syncing your jailbroken iTouch cause, you know, problems?

Ah, Ashigaru. I think that dude is underrated, he's got the best Leader stats and his ability is extremely nifty. Perfect for countering your opponent.
Oh, I usually don't do surveys, since I don't like giving away information for some reason. smiley

saturday 30/10/2010

Thanks for the info. That random is very annoying.

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