thursday 04/11/2010

My main issue with the auction system is the reserve price. The reserve feature is a cheap way to pull a fast one on bidders, and is a horrible idea. But the system was bearable until recently, since UR (insert title of people who control this kinda stuff) have taken off the note that a reserve price hasn't been met.
Really, UR? The notice that a reserve price was there before has been the sin tax on those cheating the system and hiding their true intents! And then you go ahead and remove the barrier that reserve prices drive away business? Why? Yes, you have the cost of adding a reserve price, but WHY do you insist on making it so that the people using the feature can easily surpass any sort of loss that comes from the use of hidden start prices?

The reserve price will always be the worst part of the auctions. But the small percent fee of the reserve price is not a large enough incentive to be honest.

People who agree that the reserve feature is horrible, mark your auctions. How? Add in a blurb saying that you don't use the reserve price. Starting today until UR removes the reserve feature, I'm doing that.

@maki ah i get it now

Avoid timing out or giving up from battles (if you do so on a tournament hour, you'll lose 20 points), also remember for tournaments you must be in T1, T2 or ELO room... survivor, deathmatch, events and the no deck format rooms do not count

I'm pretty sure you'll see plenty of Roots next week.
And this deck seems to be totally weak against cards like Yookie Arno Noodile Rico.
Just putting it out there.

R3IMUS is a lvl 9, if you hadn't noticed.

But there are sooooooo many guilds, Rage.

wednesday 03/11/2010

Most likely in the january.

Ow and forfot to mention a thing, what you want the deck for? a deck will b very different if you are thinking T1, ELO or T2, then again 1 more difference, in T1 or T2 if you go survivor, deathmatch or daily tournamentes

>T1 (deathmatch) - deck will try to have the most powerfull cards, including all cards

>T1 (tournament) - deck will try to have as low stars as possible, but still win, avoiding staff banned from ELO

>ELO - deck will have 25* in an attempt of most powerful possible, in wich can't have ELO banned chars

>ELO (Survivor) - same as ELO, but you may want to focus more on SoA, pill gain or dr

>T2 (Deathmach/survivor) - you will want fast KO's and high power cards for these so you can quickly KO, in survivor later rounds, pill and attack manipulation will help a lot, including all cards

>T2 (tournament) - you will want a deck with the least stars possible, sometimes players use 10 cards deck to spread even more the stars, min stars 26, advice 26-29* in 8-10cards, avoiding staff banned from ELO

remember when i say avoiding it's not forbidden to use them, for example: hugo helps a lot in montana decks, erik in all stars, Jackie and Zatman on uppers...


@yugirival - it's not a discovery, but an observation, you can't really make any sort of conclusions from his post. He observed 1500+ fights (props to him for that), but statistically speaking it's pretty insignificant, UR has recently passed 1 billion games played, 1500/1 billion is not much. It's an interesting anecdote, but at the same time we don't want to mislead others (since he claimed it was a fact) into thinking that a faster computer/internet connection gives you a greater chance to win.

Only the game programmers know how UR calculates the random part of the game, until they release it somehow, what we have will be just observations and anecdotes, unless someone collects stats on a significant number of games.

Greem's bonus means that if the opponent has SoA, you still get to keep your ability, you are still affected by Styrnge's ability regardless

tuesday 02/11/2010

The way you put those abilities they would be overpowered, instead of min 1 the min that you have said on the Drain (wich i guess u were thinking as the initial values on opp cards/stats) abilities would be ok, dmg and power drain would need a high min or low drain amount as (as for example compare with caleus (-5 min 2) a card with a drain 3 would already be fairly better than him in the way u say... if was drain 3, min 4 would b ok, as would turn 8 power in 5 power cards, but would only get big bonus from these high powered cards.

smiley deleted smiley

This is a deck inspired by another deck people liked and wanted to see Sigma in the deck.

Oh wait, I must be blind >.> I feel like an idiot now. My post did get excepted. I'm a fool smiley

Check out your private sales, i have sent you a gift

Thank you I found it.

monday 01/11/2010

I think after 24 hours if it's not over 100, it gets deleted that day
Then after 48 hours if it's not over 150 it gets deleted
And if you make it through that then you're ok smiley
But I don't really know, would be nice if an admin or such just told us how that works smiley

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Why dont you set up a real debate?
Debating about 2 weak cards is almost pointless, there both weak and very unusable which leads me to the actual point of who cares which one wins? There both 'crap' so even if Onyx wins this debate he still is a 'crap' card and thefore wasted your time.

Sorry troll came out there, Onyx.

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