tuesday 26/10/2010

1 star: Unagi, since we're talking splashes. 3 damage. Take that, gwen!
2 star: Spiaghi, though I have high hopes for C wing in the futuresmiley
3 star: Chiara
4 star: Yayoi, solider than psylo and kati, only 1 less damage than bryan.
5 star: Hm...probably Ashigaru or Copper (when he's not banned)

other formats:
1 star: Wanda
2 star: Lehane
3 star: Lyse teria Cr or Jackie 3*
4 star: Jackie or Graksmxxt
5 star: Kolos, or maybe one of the big 5 if you're super rich.

Thank you to all who commented.that was pretty awesomesmiley

Thanks. I Now get it.
Hey Tanto89, Go take a long walk off a short cliff. I asked for help. Not a smartass comment. We cant all be four star Legends you tool.

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Primarily I use classic montana uppers for T1
why? I believe everyone know why

T2: my classic build ulu watu sakrohm + ambre
why? power, damage and damage reducer everywhere

ELO: fang pi, roots, all stars, piranas
but primarily I love fang pi, no banned card, and pretty straight forward, out run your opp with pure power and KO your opp with your damage

monday 25/10/2010

Would you buy 100000 clintz or packs smiley IF packs which ones and why smileysmiley

smiley Thanks been wondering for a while

No just lobbies and hopefully will try survivor soon

Oops click the 2nd hyper link not the first one smiley If you like it rate up, if you got any comments please leave them. i think it's pretty solid

Emeth, on the format election page, it says he will stay, yet on the banned characters page, it says he is banned by players vote.

Can anyone explain this to me?

sunday 24/10/2010

I learned more about the game, and would like to change my choices smiley
Steve has minor DR. I personally think Lothar and Lea are better.
Azgroth has only 4 damage, so even though he's powerful, there's little incentive for him to win. Especially since the only 8 damage Nightmare card is Esalt.
Praxie is definitely overrated. Base 8 power isn't much nowadays, if you don't have power or attack manipulation to back it up. I don't care if his 4 damage is resistant to DR, against most cards in the current meta he'll lose in equal pill fights.

IF you do not want to play in ELO, or even if its just a few weeks, I would recommend selling that Zatman and getting Mona.
Reasons being to play Montana you Really, no, MUST get Mona, you will see a 50-60% increase in wins. and she isn't on the temp player ban list. so the only time she will be is when they staff temp bans her...

Mono Montana deck for T1 should look something like this,
Mona, Edd, Avola, Spiaghi
Oscar, Prince Jr, Milovan, Sharon

You can switch out Milovan for Ottavia

Don't want to play Elo? to counter what you said this deck is usable in Elo, costs around 27k clintz (your price range)
This deck is 1200 Elo worthy, getting to 1300 will be rough, but it comes with practice

Hope this helps you out, message me for other tips

Here is the first step, and think hard (seriously) what do you think your strong suit is when it comes to clan bonuses.
is it manipulating your opponent with +/- power / attack.
or creating a hard situation for your opponent and using your head with SoA and/or SoB.
step 2, do you like to to KO your opponent (typically pilling very high with 1 card, and bluffing with others (doesnt have to be in that order))
or do you like to strategize your games where you play pill for pill games with 3/4 cards.

post some more info and i assure you we can think of something.

(ALSO what type of game mode do you plan on playing?) it makes a difference...

Well this one dude gave me like 16k for two avatars, what a nice guy, then i had to just keep collecting donations to get 20k

saturday 23/10/2010

Angieis Tony Semendo.
You can see from his signature in the corner.

Yeah try something that doesn't win all the time

I've seen Vickie Cr's second art, (Spoiler Alert) she's holding a decapitated horse head and a bloody knife. smiley

The first and second one are both funny, it took me a while to understand the second one.


comment my deck pls

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