monday 15/11/2010

I agree with Toxica. Thread is over, I'm sure you got your answer a long time ago already Wolfsage. It is getting far too insulting and personal now

Holy crap, Master JP. Kudos to you for taking the effort to make that list. xD

@ Bison
Oh , Thanks , It Sounded a little harsh.
Anyway , Thanks To Everyone For Understanding
Im Changing It Anyway.


Play non-random.

sunday 14/11/2010

This should be on the tournaments and events section smiley

saturday 13/11/2010

I'm loving ELO. smiley

You need to clarify for us.

Are you talking about losing everything in UR? If you forgot your credentials, there's ways to get them back.

Are you talking about losing every game on your computer? That's generally what happens when you format the drive. Sorry dude, you need to go find them all and reinstall them all.

Are you talking about the Flash Player needed to play UR (which you may also have lost during the reformat, I think some new computers have at least a basic flash player in the factory settings though nowadays)? Go to Google and type that in, it shouldn't take long to find the most recent flash player. Do the same for "Java" while you're at it, as that will also save you time.

I already made the 10,000th topic, >

Oh yes. In order to prevent botting, the market will close itself off to you once too many transactions have taken place. Unfortunately, this catches me as well sometimes. In the near future, try selling only a few cards at a time. The effect should lift after a few hours.

friday 12/11/2010

Thank you all for your indifference smiley

Don't play games high, you increase your likelihood of a seizure this way smiley

"Trade them in for different arts of cards? Would take awhile but wow I could see that attracting some customers."
Great idea

Close thread please. I actually made this so I can have the 10,000th contest thread. XD

If you want to play Uppers, be prepared to fork out some heavy duty dough if you want Jackie, and, for me at least, Uppers aren't useable in ELO. If you want to do ELO go, with Montana. Sakrohm is good for T2 with their damage reducers. Uppers are probably best for deathmatch and T1.

And we can thank "the administration" for giving us the chance to show us what he could make.I just wonder who they are...

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