wednesday 20/10/2010

There is random setting and a non-random setting.

In random you have a higher chance of winning with a higher attack, or a guaranteed win with double attack.
In non-random, highest attack always wins.

Basically, random is a coin flip without extreme attack manipulation.

I think the confusion involves many ppl misunderstanding what ROUND is
each game has 4 ROUNDS
round 1, player with the highest star count goes first, the opposing player goes second - end of ROUND 1
courage will activate only for the 1st player, if the 2nd player uses a card with courage ability, it will not activate
round 2, the player that went 2nd in the 1st round now goes 1st, courage will activate for this player - end of ROUND 2
the same goes on for round 2 and round 3

Ambre, same mechanics, but instead everyone in the deck will have COURAGE ability if that card goes first in a round
ONLY if the card goes first in a round

CONFIDENCE - this will activate ONLY if you WON the PREVIOUS round
REVENGE - this will activate ONLY if you LOST the PREVIOUS round
DEFEAT - will activate if you LOSE the CURRENT round


Lol Hax and Lin Xia.

Kreen was unusual, I agree. But Tanman deserves to go Cr, (I don't have him so I'm not just saying that)

Well, you got the answer
imageshack is easiest one, I use photobucket, but you need to sign up if you use photobucket
I'm sorry to let you down smiley
I'm moving home and I don't have internet until this morning

tuesday 19/10/2010

Maybe they changed the mechanic once again. It was this way some days ago. Furied Piotr could KO against an opponent with 9 Life+Freaks-Poison.

^ Yep, that's pretty much it. Wicer said it, and this is kinda fun to see a few other takes on it.

Trinmkkt and Venus. Jonas and Elliot.

Gheist will get a

7 deafeat -2 pillz min 5
2 stop opponits ability


4 deafeat +2 life
4 stop opponits bounes

my gesses

monday 18/10/2010

I would like to say thanks to everyone who posted on this forum, I couldn't of done it without all of your support. Hope the new forum will succeed like this one and the one before and hopefully will live on. Thanks again,

~Edon EG

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Click shop then they have a link for buying credits. thought you can earn credits doing dts survivor an elo matches you just got to lvl up to at least 15-20 not thats high realy

Courage must be played first, not in the first round. (Well if you play first in the first round that counts.)
Stop is activated when stopped, when your opponent has GHEIST/Roots and you have a card, such as Glosh, Glosh's power increases by 3.

sunday 17/10/2010


Muwahahahahahaha is the only description I can think of.


29 to 0

Epic Life Gain

Saho is a big meh..
not many will use it, even if you use it, he/she will not win many times, often people will underestimate he/she (because if they use low pillz, you need many pillz to win, at the end, even if you win, they still have the pillz advantage)

I can see lothar in some budget deck he is like mickey t, use it at a right time, and boom, 5 damage, or you can throw him 0 pillz to waste 2-3 pillz of your opp
but he has many flaw, soa, sob, +/- attack and + power (especially ulu watu) will pretty much beat him to dust
he has many competitor though, some people might love solid power card, there are krash, some love solid damage, there are larry, or rescue super star lea and steve will take the spot

spudd is an ok card,
nice little wall (I mean little is his damage) and a replacement for marina if someone really need a level 4 card (except they know kang is 1 power and 2 attack less, but give 1 less star too)
I can see this card win when he only use 1-2 pillz everytime (it's like gibson) people will just let this card win, since it's only 4 damage or they will reduce it

serena is the star of this release for me
actually she has nothing to brag about, it is an ok card, but better than the rest 10/6 with protection bonus is a nice replacement of hikiyousan
she cannot replace stanly in ELO though..
I might use this card in T2 especially with many nightmare in T2

saturday 16/10/2010

No options anymore, guys. They just assign a deck. For my friend, he got the Junta/Sent/AS deck, which is weird since when I started decks were balanced.

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