friday 29/10/2010

George is better than joao. coraille needs to be replaced soon.
some good ulu cards:
Ice Jim
Miss Lulabee

Don't be so sure. Would you ban a 2/5 3* with no ability?

My Tobbie or To-Be are :

Boohma - Jungo
Magda - Freaks
Wheeler - Piranas
Denise - Rescue

Ah kk thanks alot

Need help.

A Halloween themed card would be nice, but I don't know if it would make sense... I always considered the Noel cards a sort of Christmas present to the players. Santa doesn't start poking his ass into other Holidays until around Thanksgiving.

When pulling out a high damaged Power = Power Opp card against a newbie, the newbie will counter you with their lowest powered card, therefore, if you are using Stanford, you'll can easily counter that by pilling low. The -10 Attack bonus will do the job.

thursday 28/10/2010

Hello. I want people to rate my decks even more please. I want it to reach 500+ points. One has 420 points and the other has 370 points.

Ignore argos

montana or gheist are the best for their cheap price

the language has nothing to do with it
i once sold splata cr for 14k instead of 140k, i was lucky to get him back...but then i once sold a gil for 1000 instead of 10k and didnt get him back....

Oh Your On About The Selling One Card Per Day Limit Well Considering You Haveen't Bought Credits Thats Why The Limit Is In Effect, Once You Buy Any Amount Of Credits It's Removed So Then There Is No Limit On How Many Cards You Want To Sell. smiley

Shop Link -
(In Case You Did'nt Know)

Hope This Helped!
Horo WolfSage

Well Urban Rivals Have Had A Bit Of Trouble Recently Like With Certain Characters Abilities Don't Worry As Soon As They Know They'll Get Sorted On The Problem smiley


post 6

wednesday 27/10/2010

Guildmate, It's kinda complicated, but the more I think of it, the more I love it.

@poison Ivy - people who'd be interested in that game mode wouldn't expand their collections... and that's kinda wrong :/


This is my half deck if it helps

I love Jungosmiley although they Elo banned Askai lol

I like thinking, i'm not saying that... i'm not saying harrass the player into making a move lol
but sometimes you know when a player is taking their time the whole turn to slow you down, some people do it to be a pain
others do it because they are doing something else.
i see both sides i really do, smiley
just frustratingsmiley

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