sunday 24/10/2010

Here is the first step, and think hard (seriously) what do you think your strong suit is when it comes to clan bonuses.
is it manipulating your opponent with +/- power / attack.
or creating a hard situation for your opponent and using your head with SoA and/or SoB.
step 2, do you like to to KO your opponent (typically pilling very high with 1 card, and bluffing with others (doesnt have to be in that order))
or do you like to strategize your games where you play pill for pill games with 3/4 cards.

post some more info and i assure you we can think of something.

(ALSO what type of game mode do you plan on playing?) it makes a difference...

Well this one dude gave me like 16k for two avatars, what a nice guy, then i had to just keep collecting donations to get 20k

saturday 23/10/2010

Angieis Tony Semendo.
You can see from his signature in the corner.

Yeah try something that doesn't win all the time

I've seen Vickie Cr's second art, (Spoiler Alert) she's holding a decapitated horse head and a bloody knife. smiley

The first and second one are both funny, it took me a while to understand the second one.


comment my deck pls

This is not pokemon smiley
prize cards are cards u get when u complete some specific missions, they go directly at ur colection and u can use them in a deck if u wish so

You cant get a bonus from 2 of the same character. you need a different card from that clansmiley

The yesterday's release was awesome. But most of them are star level heavy. A wave of yays and noes are shouted out yesterday. Anyway, my prediction on the following are this:

C Beast is Estalt v1.5 of Vortex. Vortex deck consists of mind and muscle cards, this card is part of the muscle division of Vortex. But then he will not do well in ELO and t1DT because of the massive bulk of SoA and DR deck users. 5 power won't do much if fighting Power and Attack manipulation. He'll do well in t2 DT and Survivor.

Burdock's release have accomplished a lot of things like giving hope to Roots user, making a lot of enemies, starting a war on Roots haters and may accomplish more in the future. I don't use Roots btw since I use Piranas, All Stars and Skeelz. This card will be hated and loved by many players.

Ector rocks. His annoying factor made him a decent Piranas card. His common rarity and economic 3 star level also made him a decent Piranas addition. His immunity to DR made him a decent Piranas. He's awesome in many factors. He'll be an all around Piranas staple in many rooms.

Tino's kinda sad. He's a cannibal to begin with. He's a five star common card. His damage attracts a lot of DRs. Winning and losing against him is easy as long as you have a SoA and/or DR cards to deny heavy damagers like Avola, Don, Griezzo, etc. Seeing him on the NB you have just bought will annoy you. He's a good card gone wrong. My condolence to Montana users.

That's all. Thankssmiley.

Sry its kinda long and sry if this is the wrong place for this. Im a noob so i dont have that much clintz to spend so keep that in mind.

I alrdy have a montana clan with hugo, avola, Fleash Pimp, Gianfranco, Milovan, Oscar, Rosa, and Sharon

Ficcanaso, filomena, replace hugo and rosa in elo. I dont play elo much cuz i feel i need way more expensive cards that i cant afford.

I got some credits from the free offers and got a pack and got Naginata from la junta and Zatman from Uppers?
Those are actuaaly the two clans i was thinking about making my deck from so...

So my question is should i even play in evo? should i sell them both and get mona? or which new clan should i make seeling the other card.

Sry its so long but thanks a bunch to any1 who can help.

I would use Hula Magda and Esmeralda but Esmeralda and Magda would go in Mono freaks because in monon freaks the bonus is garanteed but i would use Hula in a Half freaks deck because if Hula is the only freaks in a hand she still can get Poison through

friday 22/10/2010

edd / donnie / vito (I don't recommend vito except you are really in need of SOA)
sharon / ottavia / milovan / veccio (you choose)
prince jr

for nightmare, it is pretty expensive if you want a good one
sell all of your nightmare (Except hel) and buy these cards:
kenny / glorg / azgorth (every single card has their own strength and weaknesses, so you choose)
nerfeniti / orlok / sargh (again, you choose, every card is good)
eadh / hel / sheitane (for me, I prefer hel)

I would not count on dregn's price falling anytime soon. Lots of clintz have been spent to keep his price this high and those who have bought tons of copies of Dregn won't let the price fall that easily, even though he is worth 10k at most.

Hmm... Those who have spent enough to be power players in his market may not have enough to do anything about it.

Indeed. In a 4/4 deck, Draheera has power:

6 in 4/35
7 in 18/35
8 in 12/35
9 in 1/35

of the draws she appears in.

Posted a new Type 2 Survivor Deck using Ulu Watu & Junkz. Can you see any improvements for it? (besides using Dj Korr Cr which I don't have)


You can, sell only 1 per day till u get credits (or be certain lvl, don't know), tht makes 2 things:
1. unless u give profit to UR u won't b able to pass cards between multi accs (ya ppl do sometimes even tho they can b ban for tht)
2. avoids ppl in too low lvl to have uber decks (wich indeed i think it's stupid)

there are 2 ways, either buy credits or do surveys/offers, if any is available, so u can unlock the market at any lvl

I went with gheist/nightmare, and so far have only lost one game with it. set up is as follows
Arkn 2*
Bristone 3*
Z3r0 D34d 2*
Wardom 5*

Oshitsune 4*
Glorg 4*
Mawpin 2*
Pan 3*

Possible substitutions are:
XU52 5* for Wardom 5*,
Toro 4* for Wardom 5* and then Pan 3* for Azgroth 4* or Kenny 4*
Toro 4* for Wardom 5* and then Oshitsune 4* for Ghumbo 5*
Leviatonn 3* for Wardom 5* and then Pan 3* for Ghumbo 5*

Lots of options, depends on the bans per week for ELO, obviously
All substitutions depend on play style, i personally like it how it is but I may try out XU52 in the future

I have won the last 8 out of 9 games with this deck, and the loss was a simple mistake, (was not paying attention (Sliman is a sneaky one))

If i can keep the win:loss ratio at that i will be very, very happy.

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