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sunday 28/11/2010

When I purchase a card how do I get it to show up in my collection?

Hi, I am a noob that just recently started. Im saving up credits from the tournaments, but wat shud i use it on. If i buy a booster pack i wont be able to sell the cards right?(because im not able to purchase any credits) So is it better if i just get clintz with my credits?
Plz help

Ive Noticed That Some Players Are Well Known Character Illustrators, Is There A Way For Me To post My Character Ideas To Staff/Publishers?

She was banned ages ago coz of her immense usefulness

now she is banned again because with the new good 2* pussycats she has even more immense usefulnesses (3 GOOD 2* makes way for the high end cards and with brittany 3 2* is not hard for the pussy's)

so there she deserves the ban, she has too many good usefulnesses, not least at 1*

You can't cancel an auction, but if you are lucky nobody will bid, and you will get all your cards back smiley

As opposition to encourage you can make terror: -X attack, power, damage

when your character wins round, opponent character in next combat gets reduced stats.

Once u purchased a card (unless u selected otherwise) bit will b auto add to ur deck

Mhmhm. Ironically, one could still win, then ,)

I am not sure if that's really a great solution.
I'd change at least one thing, though: all played with ZERO pillz, after one round, no more extra time but all cards played at ZERO pillz immediately. (Prevents jerks to just have 3 rounds play automatically and pretend to be away, then actually play and maybe even KO with a surprise all-in last round.) Also keep the "3 times in an hour(?) and you get some minutes' playing ban".

What I'd really like is a "stalling marker". Have people rate an opponent. But, well, even before I write this I can tell that this won't work... only look at the whole preset-idiocy. People will not rate honestly but uprate friends and downrate people that are too strong.
Maybe recording average response time for a round would be an intersting path... but if one records in which round and the result of the game, that could result in SERIOUS work for the server, DB, and whatever programme or whoever is to evaluate the data. Not even talking about formulating a penalty rule. Getting stallers is really, really hard - you don't want to get genuinely slow machines, as annoying as they occasionally are.

Whoops...yeah, Kolos doesn't have 8 power smiley

And that is a TYPE TWO deck.

Ingle Wild: Well yeah everybody knows that smiley

on topic: Try clans that are dependant on ability, not bonus, for example freaks usually are pretty good if plyaed right against nighmare, but depends on your playing style

I think UR staff should ban URsmiley

1st of all wich clans u played and liked, do u usualy prefer bluff (+and-attack will help) or straight attack(+ and - power and dmg will help), or simply mess with other ability/bonus (SoA/SoB)?

How in the world are we supose to get these legendary cards what finish all missions in a clan? how?

saturday 27/11/2010

It would change every second but it'll be a lot.

Dont worry about BL because people have actually added me as a friend then BL me straight after, why? I really dont know....for lols? smiley

I'm guessing your allowed one per mission set that the character had.

The bonus i would like is defeat -3 opp life min 1
the clan name would be LOSERS and the characters would be parodied from the comic books and movie LOSERS.
the clan leader is Clay 5 stars 7/6 ability defeat -3 opp life min 0

a good half deck pair for this clan would be vortex, pussycats or jungo. lose with losers, win with jungo. paired with vortex it will be even deadlier.

LOL I like bison's joke comments but that one is kinda promoting cheating
not sure why it got approved... oh well
life is a mystery

In equal attack, lowest stars always wins
if both have equal stars, player who played first wins


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