thursday 30/09/2010

Buy credits the limits removed, end of story

I don't like Sentinel myself, since their best are always banned.

But you can make a nice deck with their better cards, just be aware that unlike other clans, with a bit of wiggle room, Sentinel have two groups of cards: Possibly use, and never use, where most clans have a "eh, whatever" range.

wednesday 29/09/2010

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Then if u had any net problem u'd b unable to reload the page, believe tht is why only 1 at time is allowed


They're bumping the thread 'up' to the top of the list by replying.

But that sentogan idea is really smart.

tuesday 28/09/2010

Bah, don't complain, at least u can do surveys smiley

Think of it this way.....
there are the abilities that are yonks old (+power + damage)
and the "modern abilities" e.g +/- life

each clan has to catch up some day

Traxxxion just wanted his account deleted. He thinking of starting afresh.

Secret Mission.

No, i've done this a few times myself, and they don't steal your password.

once you have valued your collection, you can go into your profile, click account details and preferences, external links, and delete the application so it can't access you profile anymore.

it's safe.

I'd be surprised if he gives it back... After all, the French and Americans...

Finally, Orlok. while he is cute for a demon spawn, little baby Orlok puts dear old daddy Estalt to shame. 3* 6/4 with defeat:-2 life min 5. and with his SOB bonus he will definitely be a stable in Nightmare and become among the most important cards to have in deck. Mainly for the purpose of preserving pills while still being able to do damage. cause if your opponent no pills a 6 or below u get the 4 damage that Orlok sports (6 on 6 its good either way) or they pill, leaving u with the pill advantage and still he hits them with taking 2 life. pretty simple, he wins u win, he loses u win in a small way. Not to mention he makes Eduardo and Scopica both null and void. he makes any life gainer either completely nullified or dumbed down. The one and only down side to this card is that SOA removes the defeat option, but he'd have no problems with GHEIST or Roots, just cards with SOA abilities

monday 27/09/2010

Dregn's price still surprises me. I had figured the initial 60k frenzy was based simply on his long-awaited build-up, but the fact that he's still, two releases later, worth 35-40K on the market is puzzling to me. He's a good solid card, but he's beating cards like Kolos and Jackie price-wise. That'll not last, and anyone currently hoarding the guy is probably in for a big dip in net worth soon.

Good question but would a UR staff needa ask it, guest.

You can buy half, if not a full clan, except their CRs

Nope, there's none. I finished the Aktara mission with 6 Aktara.

Being accused of picking on newbs because you beat one when using quick search in elo.....

I don't believe this is that competitive of a game to put into GameBattles. Can't exactly clan match either, but I guess I do support the idea.

sunday 26/09/2010

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