sunday 10/10/2010

Montana even without mona
you can be in the top 50th if you use their bonus wisely

There could be -pillz or +life or whatever abilities maybe soonsmiley

saturday 09/10/2010

Well, skeelz kill soa and sob clan
maybe you need att or power manipulation clan

Most piranas decks do have low damage and junta do have good damage i have used this combo sucessfully, however i find the clan that works best with piranas is junkz. check this might not work next week but if gil escapes then maybe u could switch in tula/hawkins noel for hawkins

Tht friend will get the card as soon as get to market -> private sales and buys it

It depends. If you want to expand your collection, buy full deck. If you want to get better cards for your deck, then Elite.


Don, Donnie or Fabio

would like to like to place top ten in a daily tourny...

here is the rest of my deck...

@OutofPillz - You just had my explanation right..... And another fact is: Marina can be banned.

And what the teachers are is what appealed to me.

Invest in Bob Joby. Buy all of them on the market, and sell later for profit.

Now if I were joking, that would be a semi funny semi lame joke. But seriously, his price fluctuate from 100 to 130 daily, so buying and selling in bulk can be very nice.

friday 08/10/2010

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Well. It took me like 5 seconds to figure out.

Spudd is 7th 4 star all stars character in this game.

Now, what do I win?

I'd take Spudd if I may choose the prize. smiley

thursday 07/10/2010

See 2.4

Mods should do this instead of accepting each and every thread like this one.smiley

Im with trippy 100% naginata is just too good with ambre

So this is one of my Type 1 Nightmare decks. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Yea this is asked alot smiley may be ur should force players to read the rules before playing afte rthey read the rules they take a small test to see if they realy did read it.

wednesday 06/10/2010

I bought some cards from him, Btw I asked for feedback. It's not relevant what he sold to me. smiley

I played greem
maki PI i lost next round

Nightmare, Skeelz, Vortex and Uppers.

Resuming what's been said before:

-in a player's name: it's often the Guild's tag, in guilds such as Underworld priests or any with a name with U then other with P

-if in a topic is when someone wants their thread to go back up and so get more visible, as most ppl don't go look on 2nd or 3rd pages for a (for example) sale

-when commenting a card is can be underpriced, used on these cards that are way cheap for their usefulness... or can b underpowered, when are too weak

other small things u can see on comments:
OP - overpowered on comments, some ppl also used to overpriced
bump - same as up, getting a thread to the top
gl - good luck
wtf - what the firetruck
for now can't remember more

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