thursday 28/10/2010


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wednesday 27/10/2010

Guildmate, It's kinda complicated, but the more I think of it, the more I love it.

@poison Ivy - people who'd be interested in that game mode wouldn't expand their collections... and that's kinda wrong :/


This is my half deck if it helps

I love Jungosmiley although they Elo banned Askai lol

I like thinking, i'm not saying that... i'm not saying harrass the player into making a move lol
but sometimes you know when a player is taking their time the whole turn to slow you down, some people do it to be a pain
others do it because they are doing something else.
i see both sides i really do, smiley
just frustratingsmiley

They are useful, just not for the cards that get sold in big masses. especially with bulk sales being redirected to the auctions.
also as already mentioned some high priced cards could pretty much destroy the statistics.

they are however useful for long term statistics. some cards, especially cr have a kind of circle they are going through.

0-10, damn smiley

So I have been playing around with some different deck ideas using Sakrohm but I haven't found any decks that just jump out at me as being good. For that matter there aren't really any cards that get me excited. Anyone have any fun ideas on creating a good full deck or half deck using Sakrohm?

You need to create decks with multiple cards from the same clan. If you have two or more characters from the same clan drawn in your hand, that clan bonus will activate.

The Dreen -> Jay example shows exactly why cards like Robb are overpowered. I mean...
Nyema 6 pills VS Robb 2 pills = Robb wins.

tuesday 26/10/2010


Here is a rough Killer baby sketch! lol,

1 star: Unagi, since we're talking splashes. 3 damage. Take that, gwen!
2 star: Spiaghi, though I have high hopes for C wing in the futuresmiley
3 star: Chiara
4 star: Yayoi, solider than psylo and kati, only 1 less damage than bryan.
5 star: Hm...probably Ashigaru or Copper (when he's not banned)

other formats:
1 star: Wanda
2 star: Lehane
3 star: Lyse teria Cr or Jackie 3*
4 star: Jackie or Graksmxxt
5 star: Kolos, or maybe one of the big 5 if you're super rich.

Thank you to all who commented.that was pretty awesomesmiley

Thanks. I Now get it.
Hey Tanto89, Go take a long walk off a short cliff. I asked for help. Not a smartass comment. We cant all be four star Legends you tool.

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Primarily I use classic montana uppers for T1
why? I believe everyone know why

T2: my classic build ulu watu sakrohm + ambre
why? power, damage and damage reducer everywhere

ELO: fang pi, roots, all stars, piranas
but primarily I love fang pi, no banned card, and pretty straight forward, out run your opp with pure power and KO your opp with your damage

monday 25/10/2010

Would you buy 100000 clintz or packs smiley IF packs which ones and why smileysmiley

smiley Thanks been wondering for a while

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