monday 11/10/2010

Just ask contact support. Even if it'll take a long time.


"Bodenpower is meh. There is better in the clan
Ongh is average."

Dude... i really feel like insulting you right now! Think before you talk.
Is Shann better? Maybe, still i like Boden better but saying he is "meh"... did you start playing this game yesterday?
Ongh is "average"? 8/6 raw stats and he is average? Dominates pretty much everything, helps against Ulu and Bangers when no one else does, etc... I'm going to stop now because i'm really having bad thoughts involving your face and my fist.

Call me hater or whatever, you deserved it.


Can you help me build a Freaks deck for Elo?:
Should i use Mono or Half deck?
If i should use Half deck, then what should be my second clan?
I would appreciate some card suggestion too.
Thank you smiley

Urban rivals has updated there ability and bonus surver so there are quite a few glitches around (E.G escue decks randomly get +3 life).

I had a game with Candice vs Dregn and Dregn lost his ability (I do have a Yayoi on my team, but not in this fight). Other strange ones as well.

"If u sell a card u used on preset then it'll disapear"

Not true. I have a preset where I sold half of the deck months ago, and it's still up.
I have, however, noticed that if a preset doesn't get any comments, it gets deleted -- even if it's ranked higher than one of your other presets.

sunday 10/10/2010

2nd deck is much better

Hmm. Well if you use +2 power that means you use 3 pillz. and you have 8 attack if you had 6 power before. But if you use 3 pillz on attack you have 24 attack. +1 for pillz used on attack.
It would be better to use +2 power only if you use more than 9 pillz which happens rare. Thats why i dont really like the idea.
Second thing is cealus/robb. Imagine eryik+robb+2power unbeatable? In most cases yes.
I just saw somebody also made same comment, but i don´t want to erase allsmiley

Montana Gheist they work well together and are fun to play

You know jungo might breed, so you could get crossbreeds from the future. Sylth + Scopica. You can even have the 2 lions mate o.O Greow + Nahema. Could be Jungo got captured and experimented on and you get mutated animals.

Sayign Pussycars fell to Dregn is the easy way out. Maybe they submitted into a harem with one sole goal to strike at the right time.

All Stars would be the gladiators of the arenas and could just as well rebel as some of the best fighters

Junkz in a resistance? LOL they'll party on under a single emperor or not.


Well I play UR for fun so it doesn't really ruin my day. . .otherwise that would be extremely counter - productive

Montana even without mona
you can be in the top 50th if you use their bonus wisely

There could be -pillz or +life or whatever abilities maybe soonsmiley

saturday 09/10/2010

Well, skeelz kill soa and sob clan
maybe you need att or power manipulation clan

Most piranas decks do have low damage and junta do have good damage i have used this combo sucessfully, however i find the clan that works best with piranas is junkz. check this might not work next week but if gil escapes then maybe u could switch in tula/hawkins noel for hawkins

Tht friend will get the card as soon as get to market -> private sales and buys it

It depends. If you want to expand your collection, buy full deck. If you want to get better cards for your deck, then Elite.


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