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saturday 20/11/2010

I'm sorry to say this, but I think you're getting a little annoying.
This is exactly what I did when I first joined (Not about guilds though) and I slowly grew in the forum.
Thing is, I matured the forums in two weeks, it's been three months since you've been like this.
I speak the truth, and I speak for all.

I got another one:
a vortex with + X pillz as an ability.
heres my example:
3*-3/2-[unlocks ability: +3 Pillz)
the ultimate vortex bluff card!

friday 19/11/2010

What ghiestbuster means, and correct me if I'm wrong smiley,
... is that other players, who intend to help you in this message thread, CAN offer suggestions to what cards/clans you want (or have available) to use.

For example: You want to use La Junta? You should definitely invest in cards like: WInston, Tank, Archibald, Dean, Bruce, Chiro, and Nahomi. Strong emphasis to grab Dean & Nahomi because they are staple La Junta ELO Cards, if you really wanna use La Junta.

So yeah (I'm REALLY NOT trying to be a smart-aleck/condescending) but what I did is an example of "a person from the forum helping you out." Hope this helps smiley

Sorry, I had a brain fart in my previous post smiley

If it wasn't already clear, a "Reserve Price" is the MINIMUM price the seller will auction his/her card. Until you reach the seller's HIDDEN reserve price, your bid will not be accepted.

Solution: Figure out how much your willing to pay for the card, keep that range in mind, and keep bidding until your bid is accepted smiley

Thanks guys,guess we can close it?(Hint!)

thursday 18/11/2010

Bangers - easy two hit kos and good power.

So the banner's text translated:
""participate in daily tournaments
and try your luck
Winning for Volumes 1 and 2 of merry nightmare
offered by Taifu comics""
First time Google Translator isn't being sucky

Would love more card release

@ Bison, no issues with me bro smiley
I haven't copyrighted the name style... yet smiley
And I forgive you. THIS time smiley

wednesday 17/11/2010

The nature of the game for newbies kind of lands you with rainbow decks against your will. Like he said, just do your best with what you got. Eventually, clint by clint, weasel your way into a mono (or a 50/50 if you're feeling adventurous) of some kind- you'll probably get crushed by high end decks still, but at least you'll have something going for you. I gotta kinda agree with what the other guy said: Hugo 's your gateway.

You'll start escalating once you're finally able place 1/3 in DTs for the credits (and complete a mission or two for them.) It may not seem like it, but trust me- there's a huge gap between "placing for extra clintz" and "placing for a credit." Placing for a credit is a lot easier that it looks, especially at peak hours. I've only played in DTs for half an hour and done well enough to place for a credit. Think about it- you get a 5 thousand person DT, it's almost harder to not-place if you win 5-6 times.

As for what you've got, I do see two Sakrohm guys in there. Wouldn't be hard to pick up 2 more for a half deck and start from there. Maybe Sak/Tana? Who knows.

I don't remember the order since I seem to change my deck almost every 2 day. But If memory serves me right I started out with Sentinal/Wata Ulu deck. Then I dropped Wata Ula for another attack manipulating clan.
Currently I use a Sent/Upper and Sent/Freaks half deck. I have tried majority of clans except for Vortex (overrated piece of crap), Gheist, Bangers, Leaders, Jungo, Montanas and Skeelz.

Um basically anything that has an attack/power mod since you technically don't get penalized for losing your bonus its all abilities so battle-ready abilities crush them....or SOA and SOB as abilties they kinda cripple them as well or in general high stats nightmare have very few high stats cards Oshitsune gets decimated by anything with decent power and SOA and damage reducers also kill them (mainly because no one uses the posion/life version of nightmare anymore), but yea they really aren't that difficult to defeat just watch out for the occasional kenny because even though he is easily beat if he wins you are gonnna have one helluva time catching up

Well my BEST pack ever was Chiara Jay and redra when they first came out, so for 20 credits I got 50k smiley

Are you a:

Reckless attacker: One who just attacks randomly and hopes for the best
Perfect defender: Has decks wild with DRs and high damages to defend and attacl
Precisionist: One who plans out every possibility and tries to make a fool-proof plan
Nuker: Does little daamge at first then annihilate them with your strongest card

I'm half-precisionist and half-nuker I try to do a little damage and conserve pillz then try to make sure I have enough pillz to ensure a KO the next turn with any given combination of what I play and what my opponent plays.

Great deck but expensive

Eadh/mawapin (preference

u could switch dorian for ghumbo and take out eadh/mawapin 4 a 2 star

"TROLLS! TROLLS! THHEERREE ARREE TROOLLLSS IN THE DUNGEON!!!" No really i think it's a good idea. As a result, I decided to input replaced Burdock with Tshern and inputed Veronica in my deck.

Not really. He double posted one. One seemingly criticizing this, and then the 11th was his? K Tizzle should rightfully win. smiley

tuesday 16/11/2010

Lol i love funny arguments

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