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wednesday 15/07/2015

monday 13/07/2015


saturday 11/07/2015

Oh I forgot about the link

here it is: Goyeta's Lotto #4

thursday 09/07/2015

Hi Guys we are looking for a new guild's avatar, so we found this event for all UR community, hope all of you will join this event soon. Have a good game


I forgot to mention in the OP as it stands right now, including the mystery card and my incomplete personal donations the total prize pool is over 500k. With 10 more people that means the prize pool is going to hit 700k MINIMUM. Come join an awesome event hosted by an awesome guild smiley

wednesday 08/07/2015

monday 06/07/2015

Also forgot to mention that the fee is 900....to join at least

Quick event based on the "I Hate This Deck" events of Euzebe.
pls only join if you have the time to play, the event ends in max 1 week smiley

I Hate This Game

sunday 05/07/2015

I swear I won't blow you away with my Big Bang Kamehameha attack, I Swear!

friday 03/07/2015


Team Conquest with Bo11

Check it out Guys smiley

thursday 02/07/2015

wednesday 01/07/2015

Newsletter (Keep you up-to-date for my events):

Lottery+Spam event:
Zapatino Party

Battle event:
Your Party Deck

Join please smiley

Hmmm I see that I misreaded again. Thoazol is right. Your collection is not enough

**Special offer**

Today, get your hands on Lamar Cr or Splata Cr to borrow for ELO! And for DT!

Instead of the price 900 Clintz to borrow, it costs only 700 Clintz.

You can use up to 3 hours which is a very decent amount of time! If you need it for longer that is not a problem, just contact me smiley

Borrow Cards Events/Missions

tuesday 30/06/2015

I'm closing the event but however if you need cards to be lent to you that are 70k or below then please PM me. You just need to be above level 50.

There are 9 places left. smiley

monday 29/06/2015



- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )
- Cyan full xp ( 0 WHITE )

friday 26/06/2015

Hi there!

Here's a quick, free event that lasts 45 minutes!
It's going to start in 15 minutes, so be there!

Meet Your Master!

thursday 25/06/2015

Due to some event policy changes made by Boostr, new blood cards will among a pool of cards that will no longer be distributed in events. With this changes, I have to close this series unfortunately.

A new short event series will be planned (like NBMT) but not guaranteed.

tuesday 23/06/2015


join for know all my event and other smiley

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