saturday 23/12/2017

friday 22/12/2017

Hahaha with all the bronze and silver tokens we are getting , hopefully we could get atleast one rumble , to enjoy the holiday seasons smiley

thursday 21/12/2017

wednesday 20/12/2017

Joke went too far little bro, Do something good in Urban and maybe one day staff would release a card for you but why want a card named after you when there's already #d43th LD

I see thanks alot for the info

Mine reverted back to default despite having an avatar selected in both my profile and "in game" like with the clan avatars. Did UR screw something up with the UI?

monday 18/12/2017

Indeed 17th present was the best so far, I really enjoyed and spent time watching the special characteristics of each hero.

sunday 17/12/2017

Honestly, I understand most of you guys are trying to help but everything you say is long, confusing, makes no sense and doesn't help anyone.

It all comes down to finish the match with more life than your opp, that is what you should aim for. It's not about perfect pilling every round or doing complex psychological analysis of your opp, just finish with more life than your opponent. No matter wich clan you're playing, focus on life gaps and win condition, consider wich cards you can let him win the round with and wich cards you can't afford to lose the round with, look for win conditions (plays that guarantee you will win the match), look for your opponent win conditions and try to cover them and at last if there are no win conditions just go for a favourable split. Of course different clans will have different win conditions, but it also depends on your opponent's hand, so there's no "X clan is played this way".

Best advice for a beginner is to start thinking, do the math, analyze the match 1-2 rounds ahead, don't repeat plays just because they worked once or twice and if you face a good player try to learn from his plays and his deckbuilding

A pirate hacker,coolest person in clint city.

friday 15/12/2017

I am saving clintz and waiting for two CRs: Sum Sam Cr and Lao Cr
their price is pretty volatile, especially Sum Sam's have seen him for 4 million then he did hit even 10 million then dropped to 6 millionsmiley

wednesday 13/12/2017

It does need updating as there is no GhosTown listed

A LD is rewarded from the pool of LDs that you do not currently have. However, the Lds from Arcade Season 4 are not included yet.

tuesday 12/12/2017

Hello all, I'm Goldmoonwiz and I'd like to impart some advice as well as ask for feedback on how to build an EFC deck

1. Pick your first clan and figure out it's theme. Don't confuse this with Bonus. Each clan focuses on a different way to play. For example, my favorite clan is Pussycats and their theme is to make gaps by gaining life and hitting hard when they can.

2. Find a second clan that can work together with your first clans theme. This does not mean 2 bonuses that look good on paper. To continue my Pussycat example, people say that FPC is a good companion clan but FPC wants to win as soon as possible while Pussycats want to stall out all four rounds. So I chose the other life gaps decided, Jungo.

3. Coordinate abilities. This seems basic but it's often not thought about. Try to have a card whose ability is your other clans bonus. This is to keep your theme working even against pirana or nightmare. I used Pegh and Slayer for my "understudy" cards

4. Don't put all your strong cards in one clan. Again, obvious but ignored. The whole point of playing half decks is to cover each other's weaknesses

If anyone has anything to add, or to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize my guide please do so.

Those two are Remove 100 life with Jalil and Inflict 100 damage with Futoshi Ld.

monday 11/12/2017

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Just regular ELO matches, but thanks for the reply any way.

But whatever the case I've only ran into toxic, even in Training for god's sake. This game isn't for me any more, seems it only has gotten more frustrating as time went on.

sunday 10/12/2017

Wouldn't it make sense to have one new mythic per EFC season?

Thank you i will try that deck out

Mmm really? i wonder why lol

saturday 09/12/2017

Guillotinette +3- pillz in EFC. That's the only mode that it has increased for me.

friday 08/12/2017

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í think serafina is one of the best heal/regen/life gain u can have her power as long isnt canceled is amazing just amazing

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