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monday 11/08/2014

Yeah, it really depends on your strategy. You can mix Vortex with Frozn because of the revenge, or maybe Junkz/Piranas for a more pill manipulation based deck. Almost any clan can work with Vortex IMO, so I guess it just depends on your playstyle.

sunday 10/08/2014


Thanks for the suggestions, will try those out soon.

However, here's my second budget deck (All Stars mixed with Ulu Watu)

Budget All Stars-Ulu Watu

I'd love to hear some tips with this deck smiley

friday 08/08/2014

It definitely puts Ulu on the map I have played around with Dave, Noland, Shaun, Wee Lee as a half deck which has been working good for me but its still not good enough to be my top pick

thursday 07/08/2014

Its good thanks

wednesday 06/08/2014

I had success in survivor elo with it. 11 wins. a friend of mine got 1384 elo with it

monday 04/08/2014

Ivana is worse than Wanda. Wanda=Nabrissa, Nabrissa can be a 9/4 but is conditional and if you have Jayzel, Cherry, etc, it may be hard to activate so Wanda might be better in that case. Brittany is kinda meh. Lucy is needed. Diana is nice when she isn't banned. Ditha is kinda bad, 5* 7 power with a great ability but can easily be DR'd or SOA'd. Louise is bad compared to Lena

saturday 02/08/2014


Is this team any good? Feedback appreciated smiley Note: I have swapped out gatline and ray for pilzken and brianna.

friday 01/08/2014

Not the whole Mechakolos thing with Brody in the ban election smiley

thursday 31/07/2014

I propose devs start paying attention to what an op clan they created and nerf it a bit so this game is fair and still playable by all clans. They can change their bonus so that it says:"+1 attack per health left. max+10" . so,they will still have a pretty powerful bonus that can be used in mono decks as well. I mean, what's the point of a game having so many different clans
to play with but make one this strong?Not only can they beat wayyyy more clans that other clans can, they have an unfair advantage in lots of game modes as well. Rescue are strong,but with a mono deck and in >25 star formats.Rescue kinda
suck in elo, but Huracan on the other hand have strong cards for >25 formats as well as a plus 2 attack in elo mode. They have plus 60 attack in training mode ( -_- ) and a huge advantage in survivor mode coz the more you advance the less pills you get but also more life points. More life points though means more attack for hurracan. This clan is smiley

Could you give me an example of a good jungo+freak deck ? thanks very much !

friday 25/07/2014

Check out this deck: [I]des of March let me no what you think and how well do you think it should compare this week. Thank you!

^What he said. Calliope and Ector are a great combo and I used Calliope until I switched to Scubb

Minerva is always nice tho and Plunk> Hemdall in ELO. Lorna is also a good option over Dounia because she helps vs GHIEST as an SOA, versus Kitties as DR, etc. Of course since you have Chiara and Sandro, and NEED a DR, look into Spaghi.

wednesday 23/07/2014

Yep. I think Rescue definitely needs a solid 7-powered card to replace him...

monday 21/07/2014

Congrats!!! I'd look into adding Ongh n Pegh or Mindy for Moguera and Scopica. But it kind of depends on ur playstyle. Anyway, keep up the good work

Looks good man, thanks

wednesday 16/07/2014


Thought I'd test run this deck. Very solid, but Sean is nagging me as to whether he fits.
Maybe Dave too, not so sure.
Thoughts? Opinions?

tuesday 15/07/2014

No offense, but you wanna be in the top 100 at the END of the week. smiley

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