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friday 12/11/2010

If you want to play Uppers, be prepared to fork out some heavy duty dough if you want Jackie, and, for me at least, Uppers aren't useable in ELO. If you want to do ELO go, with Montana. Sakrohm is good for T2 with their damage reducers. Uppers are probably best for deathmatch and T1.

And we can thank "the administration" for giving us the chance to show us what he could make.I just wonder who they are...

thursday 11/11/2010

Never heard of Hawkins, have you? Cause that's his same ability and He has much better stats at 2 stars than that 3 star card does.

Its_Kris, never heard of comparing have you? 4/4 is different to 7/2, defeat is different to win, clan is different so yeah they are very similar except, different ability,damage,power,clan and stars

Lol its funny as hell to beat them with pills left


'That sounds like a challenge'

If only you said :

'Is that a challenge I hear' smiley

wednesday 10/11/2010

"Maybe some of the artists have some kind of bondage fetish."
Wouldn't be surprised...

Yes, pussycats pair pretty well with freaks since their dr helps the poison to make it's effect

1. Kenny
2. 3 damage
3. OHKO?
4. FTW!

Nicolas Caris, the editor in chief, quit... or idk xD
But they did update the comic section, the organized it smiley
They also made a separate background for it, although we won't really be seeing it since the comics appear in pop ups `_`

Actually, luck basically controls the game, along with skill.
Buying card packs, the pack doesn't care if you're amazing or whatever, they give you a random card.
Lucky-goers get awesome cards, then use skills to play.

I did, i had problems buying credits by mobile and they solved, had problems with friend (who entered by sponsor) not being sponsee and they put him, and last now had problems with reception of messages also solved in a matter of days

It's like this, whenever there is a battle, the time limit depends on the outcome of the battle right. Every second on every round in this rooms is gold. For every second left in the timer, it will be added on your winnings(if you win). Though the room will only take level 40 plus players and all battles have 45 second time limit per round. For every seconds left, 0.5 clintz is added per second. And it will be affected by ELO bans to prevent abuse and such. Losing in this room will only give you a single digit(1 to 9) amount of clintz. Also, there will be limits on how many battles you can have per minute/hour/day to prevent clintz farming and make the life points 8 below to make this room balanced.

tuesday 09/11/2010



I've already made a Newbie Thread. smiley

Wow. OK. I get it, my idea sucked.

Radek was elo banned? Where have I been? when was this? Unholy hell!! This game is going to hell in a hand basket.

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