wednesday 22/09/2010

I dont really find gil a threat lol xD

Thanks for the tips! My current deck is:
Baldovino - Grudj - Hula - Mira
Eadh - Nistarok - Pan - Sargh
I have some "Rare" cards, but mostly cheap. I lose most times, mybe im not good, or something with my cards. But whatever this is the best i can do i guess smiley

That's no reason to ignore these obvious duplicates.

Of course we can't fix it entirely, but +1 presets are easy to see and flag and delete. I guess it won't really make enough impact in the grand scheme of things to really bother with though. smiley

tuesday 21/09/2010

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An odd setup for the cheap (Lower stars are often cheaper) and those who hate 2* cards.

Slyth just cause of the poison but ELO niva.

Many new players get discouraged by repeatedly losing with an underpowered deck while they're still trying to figure out the game mechanics. Rescue and montana have great bonuses that help newbies win a few games early on, even with cheap cards.

My 3000 clintz deck


Sry guys i didn t knew where to post this subject...well this is my problem i publish my deck and later on i can t find it my question is where can i find decks that i published?

100,000? This is a good All Stars - Sentinel deck with that budget:

Tobbie / Aurelia


Mono all stars:

El Gringo / Oyoh
Kang / Randy
Miss Jessie


Good or no? Any improvements I could make?

Junkz if u want the cards for ELO or have fun in pill manipulation (and do sth like this deleted), La Junta if want survivor (and do sth like this Super bestiada !!)

also look at prices, last month Gil and Rowdy went up arround 2k and 4k, so not sure if wanna take a chance tht they will still rise and get them or wait for them to lower again

monday 20/09/2010

Okey, here we are. I made this thread just because i want you to post some deck, so that newcomers can start playing UR well, instead of looking the whole website for a good cheap, and why not, elo deck.
So, i hope you would help me in this project, publishing cheap deck. Here there are the rules:

- Every deck should be "Valued on the Market" LESS than 5000 Clintz;
- Should be a competitive deck (deck that you would play having few cards and clintz);
- You must specify: Clan/s, Stars, Deck format, Cards and use of the deck (not card by card, just the general use).

Hope this will help smiley


pls rate green and add some comments if you want suggestions with my deck

Gary owns all of them....smiley

sunday 19/09/2010

Yeah i was using Ambre and @XC-Manager going for a 1 hit ko dosen't make you a noob in fact it's quite hard to pull of a 1 hit ko

How is that considered a scam? I can also photoshop my face on jessica alba's body, but it's not fooling anyonesmiley

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Argos that's a really poor advice. RedPopsicle is right, if you want certain cards go with titanium.

That'd only happen if they did 1-2 damage with each win. It's worse than Pussycats in most situations, as I'm 99% sure that defeat triggers after damage, so it wouldn't prevent a knockout. It's also worse with poison as it'll keep you in and around the minimum where the poison will keep negating it, whereas damage reduction on low life will ignore most poisons, except Eloxia and Pesth.

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