saturday 02/10/2010

Unless your card is the cheapest one it probally won't sell for a while. If it is the cheapest one it should sell quicly.

You will get the card back.

This entire thread is just hilarious..

I learned by watching someone else play UR then having them explain to me what's happening. I hadsmiley fun that way, plus I got to look at the pretty drawings of the characters.


friday 01/10/2010

It kinda does xD

I currently have this deck with no other cards.
I have 7k clintz to spend. Give me a good deck? smiley

Its a good deck for surviver but if you want to do well in tornaments a 26* deck would do better.

I think if they do it it should be:
T1 20* or less
T1.5 25* or less
T2 at least 26 stars

And they will give you the normal amounts of points.

thursday 30/09/2010

Worked fine for me. Thanks Lord Christian!

He's awesome, invincible to Olga's ability!

This could be a good idea but it is better to send them an email using the contact us button in the ? tab.

You are allowed to sell 1 card per day on the market if you haven't brought any credits. (if you can sell more then you must have done a survay or brought credits and forgot about it).

Skeelz, in vocational school. Likely under Time/Space

Buy credits the limits removed, end of story

I don't like Sentinel myself, since their best are always banned.

But you can make a nice deck with their better cards, just be aware that unlike other clans, with a bit of wiggle room, Sentinel have two groups of cards: Possibly use, and never use, where most clans have a "eh, whatever" range.

wednesday 29/09/2010

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Then if u had any net problem u'd b unable to reload the page, believe tht is why only 1 at time is allowed

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