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tuesday 09/11/2010


I've already made a Newbie Thread. smiley

Wow. OK. I get it, my idea sucked.

Radek was elo banned? Where have I been? when was this? Unholy hell!! This game is going to hell in a hand basket.

That's how it was before hyperlinks... i guess smiley

monday 08/11/2010

So... I play thissmiley game for 3 days and I got the hang of it. My main deck is Ulu Watu( i picked the "cool" pack). Now i want to start a new half deck thats good but I don`t know which clan to choose.

My question is: What clans work best with Ulu Watu and what charachters should I buy (preferably not over 1200 clintz).

Yeah, I like the idea. Maybe not ability, but the others. Ability would really restrain the cards your looking at.

Then again, I look through the clan page myself. I don't bother with the market other than for collecting.

Yeh go with Steelie_MOB I didnt realise how much Bangers had increased.

Not really overpowered (Reviving old thread time), in fact, I love facing Vortex, they're really easy to beat for me especially with Power/Attack manipulation.
It's a little overrated, too. The Vortex clan is super expensive right now.

Playing with the cards could be a good choice?

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Hello Dredgn. Meet Arno and weep.

sunday 07/11/2010

That's why they wouldn't be very rewarding. The whole point is to have fun figuring it out.

Or just make them really hard to guess?

that would be pretty cruel lol..

Umm unless the points lost is the difference between being in top 10 or not
i wouldn't sweat it too much. just regain the points

Oh but that formula is for finding out exactly how much BP is needed from level to level... idk what you're doing smileysmiley

Its a good idea, but it should stay out of ELO and the other main UR game types.

The only place where it would work would be in Guild rooms, where there are matches between friends. It would also work in some events well, but there must be a setting where the creator would be able to turn the chat ON/OFF.


Would you like me to pick out a shirt for you to wear tomorrow, too? >,>

You know, you could always go visit both guilds and see which you like best~

A good chunk of players are older players as well, likely not the majority or anything but i mean the packs/cards have to come from somewhere that are on the secondary market, and you can see a lot of older people buying whole boxes and cases, as well as you have to remember a lot of older players got into the game when they were younger and still stuck with it, i would say many who say it sucks base it off of the anime which is quite different from actually playing it. i would bet a lot say it sucks even when they never played it, i also see that some magic players say yu gi oh sucks and some yu gi oh players say magic sucks and just everybody saying something sucks, why can't we just appreciate what all the card games have to offer.

saturday 06/11/2010

What? This is not any problem at all. You can see what clans are in which pack and i have gotten many cards from vortex and all the sort. At least you can on my version anyways. Is yours fully updated? That's the only problem I can think of.

Too many characters to fit here so I stuck it in a preset: deleted

Enjoy my stupid UR RAP and LOL about it. smiley

For people who think it would be sooooooo overpowered...

+damage cards for +damage clans? Well, then have a -damage item yourself.
This applies to all "overpowered" combinations

But uh, I dislike this idea. I'd rather not spend my whole turn thinking "hey, if I use this card... and then he has that item and that item.. If he uses that... No, but if he uses that... Nah, I have to use a different card... hm, but now which item should I use? If I use this one, he may counter it with the combination of that annoying card and more annoying item. But if I bluff, he will waste them... But again, he has another combination that can K.O. me, but then..." *DING* TIME OUT

Too much thinking. There are enough combinations already. I mean, 4 different cards.. And each of them can use up to 13 pillz. Every pill makes a big difference. The game is already. I mean, OMG YOU CAN BLUFF! What other card game other than games with "real" cards (aces, kings, queens etc.) lets you bluff? I don't want to see it getting too complex.

I don't think they'll ever add something that changes the gameplay style.

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