tuesday 05/10/2010

Now what if I wanted to close GHEIST?

monday 04/10/2010

Wow really? When I got the full non cr collection it was around 400k smiley

Oh ok, thanks everyone smileysmiley

That is false um_aaabattery. If the opponent has Timber it offsets Vholt. Also Dacote can without Timber if facing SOA. Might be missing some others that can too.

This is quite interesting, after ages of players who resented the amount of random present-- it has come the point that players now love and embrace random at the fear of more powerful decks. If a certain hand would get abused than simply run the exact counter and win every game without random draws saving opponents. It would simply put more stress on the player to come up with answers and not random hope. Not every player would be forced to play it, so what is the harm in creating such a mode. This is just an alternative for players who would like to play a mode that relies more on skill and strategy than coin flipping.

Nah, Mickey T > Samantha

sunday 03/10/2010

I'd rather somewhat filter halfdecks. i mean real half decks 4/4. half of what you find is either mono with splash( if you look for skeelz,sentinel,sakrohm, montana especially) or rainbow.

♫ ♫ C'est kiki va gagner ?! ♫
that would be this preset
cost pretty much 70k

It was actually not bad, but all cards elo banned. sort of funny.

Why don't people bother looking at other threads first? there is at least another thread like this on the first page, if not 2 or 3 on the first 2 pages...

Don't. You'll regret selling Kreen if you go collector on all cards.

I'd only advice based on a budget, how much u got to spend in order to make a good deck, so get all staples or only a few and use other non staple but usable cards

@harion - i thought the limit is level 40 for the event making?

Poor Man's Rescue that's mine
for you
Sledg (defiitely a keeper) 5
Elvira (the only SOA) 3
Slyde (you need a DR) 3
Ghoub 4 (wow 2HKO possibilities)
Suzie 4 (life gap issues)
Larry 2 (wall)
Lea 2 (another wall)
Denise 2 (DR)
total 25 stars

saturday 02/10/2010

Well some 5*characters start at level 1. kolos for example

Deathmatch rooms are no random, they all are. just like the elo room, you can't decide.

Nice decks.

Unless your card is the cheapest one it probally won't sell for a while. If it is the cheapest one it should sell quicly.

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