monday 06/09/2010

Slyth to skeelzsmiley

Mhm, this thing called "manual" surely serves some sinister purpose, too, and is to be avoided :O

"Battle Points

After each fight, depending on the outcome, you'll receive battle points. These points allow you to upgrade your player level and reach higher rankings. You earn more points when fighting against a player whose ranking is above yours, if one of your characters defeats a higher level opponent or level up after the fight. A bonus is given if you have pillz remaining after you've inflicted a KO on your opponent."

Btw, i think it's foolish to waste time going into training room or losing games just to complete missions. just play normally. you'll complete them in due time. and you'll earn clintz and level up along the way so all is not wasted.

Also, I plan on doing a few vids on helping out newer plays and guiding them through the different game modes and then delve deeper into the strats, current meta-game, and general trends in the market and players. smiley

Gibson if you want to save a little more, if you want to buy now, Archie, Dreen, Otakool, Keanew, Lolly, Veenyle and Sentogan are good choices. Try to asess what your deck needs and pick from these.

sunday 05/09/2010

Danae to Uppers, go pill it

@M1S4 C4MP0
its just an idae so far

Skeelz if u want more strategic play
junta if u want sure 2HKOs

Fang Pi Clang 4* 7,2 Steal damage 2 minimum2. This ability works the same as steal power but with damage.

how is that different to drain...


Caelus Both with Bonus intact, both awesome.

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Personally, I think you're just saying that because you have one...

saturday 04/09/2010

Please check it out all the missions for jungo in a deck

I got Noemi, now I'm wondering about two stars... should I go Brittany or Ella? Because people seem to like Brittany better, but I never seem to get anywhere with her...

That wat i was thinking about angie but i might put ray for her and i dont have money for general cr

Yes, but we stole your thread. Go make one that actually has the title that describes the thread's purpose.

Shann, Lennox, Kevlaer if you need a 2*.

Harion knows what he's talking about, lamb.
Swearing doesn't make you cool.
Different strategies has nothing to do with the discussion above. If you can't win with your strategy, then find a new one. Not rocket science.
Help? She was entirely off of the thread. (He, she, who knows.)
OT, if you really want to switch then no one is stopping you. Overpowering is great, I'd suggest moving to Uppers style decks if you want. Just realize that while Uppers/Montana is good, Uppers/Sakhrom is pointless as the minimum is the same, both clans have enough cards to support mono, the clans are very similar, and you're just sacrificing the ability to always have all cards with a bonus. Another hint, Sak/Junks is also pointless, for most of the same reasons.

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