thursday 16/09/2010

It's like raaaaaaiiiiinnnn on your wedding day....smiley

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Topic answered, can be closed smiley

Jungo for sure...
Try sum skeelz revenge cards.
Id go
Eloxia (or Dwan if u want even more annoying DR-i prefer Eloxia but hey its up to u)


Easy strategy: Lose with Eloxia, Win with Jay/Chiara, defend with rest.

Lol, use 4 Rolph and 4 random GHEIST cards.... easy in LW (add a unevolved card!)

Cooper meeting a GHEIST will get ugly if the GHEIST have stat manip. as well.

wednesday 15/09/2010

Or replace galen for sunder

Hey, instead of making individual threads about presets, let's post about them in this thread.

I'll start.

deleted look it smiley

Agreed. Dregn might get angry, open a vortex near your house and sue you for disrespecting him. Just close this post.

Galen is a decent card for now. We haven't seen the rest of the clan and Vortex isn't a bona fide good or bad clan if they have not reached 20 cards. Besides, what Xiander said is true. What's the point of this post?

I don't think there's a height/width requirement. They autoscale it to fit into the box.

Be creative. Make your own presets, only to realize it was made by someone else already.

I agree Xiander. Trying to find a mono pirahna and I find every preset with Pirahna... Even if I set both clans to Pirahnas

tuesday 14/09/2010

Good Mono-FPC Deck = Nonexistent. If you want mono, go La Junta. I mean..
Chuck Norris will drop in price soon.
Nahomi's one of the solidest stop cards.
Dean and Thormund are amazing 2* on a budget.
Trish is one of the best 3*s.
Chiro is pretty amazing if SoA isn't present.
Archibald = A weakened Smokey CR, which is still really good.
Bruce is... a doable 3* filler.

Then save up for real cards, or play Montana like the normal beginners.

Bumpin this up with some new presets

That's your best deck? Not what I expected for a Level 33.

Btw: He made it as a joke, I know, but I'm kinda tired of people who want attention and make crappy presets. >

monday 13/09/2010

That's the release of:


them, some cards before them and cards after them will have the 75% of the screen art.

@Red Popsicle: Spiaghi on 4 as an opening move is rarely a good idea (in fact, I don't like to attack with Spiaghi on round 1, too often you see a throw away card and you lose your best DR for 1 damage. If you are defending with Spiaghi with 4 pills, you might as well put something else up with the 4 pills and hit a bit harder.

Second/Third/Fourth round is much harder to generalise, and I didn't attempt to when I say not 4 pilling Spiaghi.

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