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friday 22/10/2010

Posted a new Type 2 Survivor Deck using Ulu Watu & Junkz. Can you see any improvements for it? (besides using Dj Korr Cr which I don't have)


You can, sell only 1 per day till u get credits (or be certain lvl, don't know), tht makes 2 things:
1. unless u give profit to UR u won't b able to pass cards between multi accs (ya ppl do sometimes even tho they can b ban for tht)
2. avoids ppl in too low lvl to have uber decks (wich indeed i think it's stupid)

there are 2 ways, either buy credits or do surveys/offers, if any is available, so u can unlock the market at any lvl

I went with gheist/nightmare, and so far have only lost one game with it. set up is as follows
Arkn 2*
Bristone 3*
Z3r0 D34d 2*
Wardom 5*

Oshitsune 4*
Glorg 4*
Mawpin 2*
Pan 3*

Possible substitutions are:
XU52 5* for Wardom 5*,
Toro 4* for Wardom 5* and then Pan 3* for Azgroth 4* or Kenny 4*
Toro 4* for Wardom 5* and then Oshitsune 4* for Ghumbo 5*
Leviatonn 3* for Wardom 5* and then Pan 3* for Ghumbo 5*

Lots of options, depends on the bans per week for ELO, obviously
All substitutions depend on play style, i personally like it how it is but I may try out XU52 in the future

I have won the last 8 out of 9 games with this deck, and the loss was a simple mistake, (was not paying attention (Sliman is a sneaky one))

If i can keep the win:loss ratio at that i will be very, very happy.

If your contry has surveys or anything like tht u can do 1 then sell, otherwise, u gota buy unless u want to sell 1 card at time

The Vortex bonus is good and versatile- lose and gain back a pill- they are very similar to Pussycats (damage reduction is also like a defeat ability). As far as the metagame, I see them as 1/2 deck or 3 card 1/2 around 7-8*, complementing a strong combat clan like Uppers, Bangers or Ulu Watu. C Wing and Neloe are there best 2* for this, and Deea and Onyx are the best 3* for this. Dregn and Olfgn are cool but 5* characters that don't have a bonus that helps with winning are not what you want for ELO. I mean, they *do* have a virtual attack bonus but not when they win... Their 4* carry heavy damage but are weak in combat. It's hard to have a competitive 4* character and none of the Vortex are there yet.

Lol this thread has turned into something more entertaining than helpful!smiley

I bought 120 credits for the first time.

Bought 2 Full Decks, and have not been disappointed, They both gave me 5commons, 2uncommons, 1rare.

I sold off the few cards that didn't fit, and one of the cards was worth 6k, so I was able to then buy a bunch of cards to fill out a few clans, and now have 4-5 playable decks that I'm very happy with.

Just my two cents.

Well after selling off the Droid and another card I got in a 2nd pack I bought I wound up with 10K clintz and went crazy buying up some cards.
Still trying to figure out what style I like best,
narrowed down my clans to:
La Junta

Right now leveling a bunch of cards up, to figure out which combination of groups work the best together.

My Best sets now seem to be Pussycats who I got lucky enough to draw a Muze and Ditha from my 2nd pack of cards.
And Allstars who I was able to buy: Amelia, Essie, Randy and Robb.
Also got a Dalhia in Piranhas so I bought some decent cards to work around with her.

thursday 21/10/2010

Wow, old thread is old...

Take your pick!


Well they rely on one or the othere. it be better if they bsnned one then the othere back an forth would be great. but realy with the new clan clan an cards bristone an levation are no longe the best. or that much a threat if you think about it an look at them vs the new ones. i can bild a superb soa clan with my gheist just a pain with out my staples

Nvm. pls close this thread
i did what Bauldy just suggested
thanks Slava N!

btw for those wondering, just switch your event back to set-up, and eliminate the player
then go to the eliminated players list and remove the player
that will remove the player from the event and reimburse his clintz/entrance fee

The reason why gheistling and erika are not on there because i used them as a beginner (and failed of course)

Another issue regarding the mobile version is that the opening post is displayed in a box thing that you can't scroll through, atleast not with an iphone/ipodtouch.

My experience tells me that it's usually don't pay off to buy Titanium packs, unless your really lucky, of course. but if you do, and want to sell off the cards you don't need you should pick Nightmare, Skeelz, Vortex, Jungo, in that order I think. That is, if you want Bangers and Ulu Watu cards, pick Nightmare, Skeelz, Ulu watu and Bangers.
But if you are in it to make some clintz you should wait until friday when 4 new cards come out, buy a load of New Blood packs and hope to get some of the new cards and sell them right away. They are always worth a LOT the first couple of hours when they come out. I cant remember if it's this friday or the next, though..

wednesday 20/10/2010

Sent one message to customer service, let's wait for their answer

Kitsune, let me introduce you to Roots
i built an ELO deck worth 3k without even using the banned Roots cards

An uppers half would be like:
-Nellie (-> Jackie, when get her)

just suggestions

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