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monday 22/06/2015

Cooking Challenge
Welcome to the cooking challenge!
Ready to cook the most delicious cake ?

Phase 1 : Eggs
32 groups of 4 players, you play against the 3 players of ur group in 3 winning matches
2 best players of each group continue, 2 other are eliminated
Deck : 25* classic ELO format, without Life modificators

Phase 2 : The Flour
16 groups of 4, you play against the 3 player of your in 2 winning matches
2 best players of each group continue, 2 other are eliminated
Deck : 20* with 8 clans, ELO-banned cards are banned

Phase 3 : The Sugar (the funniest part)
1 vs 1 phase, with one important detail : you choose your opponent's deck and vice-versa
5 winning matches

Phase 4 : Chocolate (final phase)
The 16 remaining players fight against each other in one game/player against every player
Format : 25, 4 clans, ELO banned characters are banned plus other characters who are too strong for the format

saturday 20/06/2015

After going through all 54 of the entries, the winner of the 12,000 clintz is (Garcia)39/54.....Congrats, whenever you're ready private sell me any card for 12,050 clintz, and I will sell that card back to you for 50 clintz!

Price list for now:
725 Negodz
10 Bublgmm
5 Rhody

(Mysterious cards arent added)

So why not invite your friends?

I hope for 50 people so help please

2 hours left to join before it starts ends today too probably takes 2 hours.

Negodz Party

friday 19/06/2015

thursday 11/06/2015

Which are the prizes? smiley

tuesday 09/06/2015


Hello everyone.
The event is open to all. It will be fun.
Read the rules: P
Good Game and fun.

thursday 04/06/2015

Changed the Bob Joby that one can possibly win to Sandy because I am a very cheap host.

You know you deleted it right?

tuesday 02/06/2015

This lottery is for cheap cards only. Cards worth less than 1K. Donations will be appreciated and listed but under 1k cards only. Enjoy smiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=108003 please donate more so more will be given results will be according to random.org

monday 01/06/2015

sunday 31/05/2015

Got some fun and big events planned for the future smiley

Join to be notified when they come out

And the last spot is taken! Nobody can join now UNLESS you find 3 others to join the event within 24 hours from now.

saturday 30/05/2015

tuesday 26/05/2015

This is a big event where you spam spam spam to win!
A chance to win collectors
also main thing is to have fun

Rules are
No double posting no cheating guys

There will be a lot of mini games
I think for a chance of winning a collector you must be good at the mini games and be active.
I promise you it will be fun!
For those who still don't understand this is like deleted
Spared this event around the game!

This is now officially opensmiley
Will last a year also i have asked for it to get sponsored hopefully will have a good collector.
So welcome and have fun.



monday 25/05/2015

sunday 17/05/2015

Bonus info:

Screenshots go here.
Prize is above 10,000 Clintz for the first 3 winners.

Check your ranking here.

If you have a rank, copy paste it in your message to customer support to claim the prize.
Tournament today at 06:00:
There were X players and the jackpot reached Z Clintz.
→ You played in this tournament and ranked Yth/X. (W Clintz + V Credit.)

Also, please check your settings here.

Make sure the item below is checked.
Even if I refuse private msgs, Kate can still send me private msgs (Tournaments, Events, Friendship...).

friday 15/05/2015

Hello there, i participated in a tournament yesterday(14th of May , 17:00-18:00 server time) and accumulated up to ~230 points in total.The point is that I spent 1 hour trying to beat 130lvl players and at the end I didn't receive ANY rewards.However I received a 60 clintz reward from the nect tournament (18:00-19:00 s.t.). I now might be late but I thought I should wait because,as always, bigger rewards take more time to be given. Thanks in advance.smileysmiley

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