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sunday 25/03/2018

Lyse -> Pandora. Already said this. SOB is a very strong bonus, and it, coupled with the insane ability Pandora has, makes for a great round winner that only ever has a hard time with the very few 9 powered cards.
Dj -> Maana Cercei (to an extent, both have 8/8, attack manip in the bonus, and a defeat ability. One could even argue Maana Cercei is better than Dj.)
Guru -> Locke. Almost same base stats, essentially same bonus (though Locke's is better) and COB is SOB most of the time (sometimes it's better, sometimes it does nothing). Perhaps there's a better card to compare it to.
General -> For now, i'd say the closest comparable card is Shinobi. Same stats and ability, but Shinobi obviously doesn't threaten the 1hko, instead being much better at winning rounds. I'd even say Shinobi is better.
Kiki -> Pretty sure the Gheist broken card will be very comparable to Kiki.

I don't think it's possible to make a list of the best five cards in UR anymore, since there's plenty that rival the old big five now, even in less obvious ways than raw stats, like Goure.

To answer the original post. Cards with abilities at a level other than their maximum are often called "semi-evo"

Players will use these cards to get the value of the ability, but will use them at an earlier level to make room in their deck.

Most examples are level 5 cards used at level 4. But there are some cards like Raoul that can be used as early as level 2.

Players need to constantly replace these cards as they level up, so there is a higher demand on them.

friday 23/03/2018

Its in your profile page

Hello everybody!

This is the first of an upcomming series of Top 10 that I'll be posting. To start with, here ir the Top 10 Best Five Stars in the game.

I did this after a lot of analysis and taking multiple factors into consideration. Resisteance to SoA, SoB, DR, Atk. Manip or Power Manip were all considered and also conditionals were taken into consideration. Saying that, here it goes, and I hope to read your list as well smiley.

10.- Dragomir / Shakra / Shinobi.
This may see I little tricky, as I placed three cards in one spot. It's hard to tell, and after a lot of consideration, I had to leave the three overthere. While Dragomir's damage is way more shaky, his natural power + SoB makes him able of taking big monsters, like Ymirah Cr, pill for pill.
I feel like Shinobi's position and Shakra's are well jusified. They're quite powerful, threating cards wich only specific cards can deal with them.

9.- Kalindra Cr.
This is the shakiest card of them all, but also the highest reawarding one. a 10/12 or even 10/16 it's quite the deal. If Kalindra Cr's wins, in proper conditions, it's enough to win the whole match. Of course, such a threat comes with several limitations. First, she is revenge based to be SO threating. Next, SoA, SoB an DR become quite annoying. Finally, certain card can Overpower here, even with 10 power. Yet she remains a solid card against any of those obstacles. In SoB or non-revenge she remains 8/8. On SoA she remains 10/6. DR usually will make her a

thursday 22/03/2018

I'm not sure they were all usable...
Sylvia Ld was released as a 6-6 backlash: -3 life min 4, and no one used her ever.
Bella Ld was a 5-5 revenge: +2 power, and Sharon was better than her in every aspect.

And the list may go on quite a lot... smiley

wednesday 21/03/2018

Well around the time of FR closure was a card released into skeelz called navi I personally think the monster in the level 5 artwork looks alot like Kaah

Daisy is right in that GhosTown's animation only happens at night.
And, huh... I guess I just never noticed the Mythic 'sparkles'... don't really know why, its not exactly subtle...

I just said it wasn't coming three posts ago sorry youre going to have to pull it from non new blood packs

monday 19/03/2018

Can't tell if serious.

A screen would be appreciated to help understand the circumstances.

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100 tokenz = one random collector from the shop. The harder to get the token, the more expensive the collector you can get. Grind tons of daily tournaments with good decks and you will open a gold box one day.

Market demand on one card doesn't show up if game is dead or not. And people amount replying to this topic is good indicator that it' s on dead. smiley

friday 16/03/2018

The announcement is delayed

wednesday 14/03/2018

tuesday 13/03/2018

A T2 and an EFC deck will work for me i guess

Oh, and don't forget Bridget!

Just deduce one zero from all prices and they will be about then back in 2011-12 except some collectors

monday 12/03/2018

I honestly don't have too big of an issue with the -Pillz opp. missions since it actively makes you try and win rounds. Block damage however is a bit weird in my opinion but I understand that they use it since it's just one of the mechanics that's in the game. Almost every ability wants you to win a round but if you wanted to complete the Block Damage in the quickest way possible you just play no pillz until you've blocked enough... Which actually is a lot less fun for both yourself and your opponent..

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