tuesday 24/08/2010

Cas they are not working.

Seriously, you need 2 of the same clan to activate a bonus. Read the rules.

One million in value... 2/3 of a year... 8 months at my average speed.

One million in clintz... That time plus another on top, so about one and a half year, less if you master a good all-around deck with little to no bans.

Definitely aurora

I'm currently running with uppers/montana, and its quite good

monday 23/08/2010

rate and comment

I have my event all set up but i dont know how to get players to join it???
it says that i need at least 2 players to get it out of setup mode.
or i am not sure how or where for ppl to enter it. can u pleases help me???

Kang (now greatly overpriced) and Allison are worth their price for beginner.

Also... get Hugo by playing more. He's just few levels away smiley

If you feel threatened by high damage cards then Dan is also one kind of option. If you feel you need to wreck things more then Bhudd (with Hugo he is usable)

Then just follow the foodchain to the Robb / Marina / Jessie awesomeness.

Skeelz, You will appreciate it in about 1 year

I noticed there wasnt a subject for prese anymore so i me one post your here
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sunday 22/08/2010

Can any moderator help me bridge a trade?.. im a non credit buyer and wanted to trade my multiple copies of Sigma for an Ambre and would take me 8 days all in all to complete that trade.. can any moderator hold the cards till we finish the trade?.. i just don't want to get scammed thanks very much and more power to the game..

To clarify things

the meaning of you attack first is NOT in the animation

but when you PICK your card first

if you pick your card first, and then your opp pick their cards and after that the animation begin, that's what we mean you attack first

if you pick your card and then the animation begin, that means you move second

Play split decks and you overcome the short comings of most of the clans very easily

Well they can add a function so that the guild admin can sent an invitation for a member. that way guild can set whatever min level they wish while still able to recruit any member that doesnt meet the requirement.

Set your goal to a certain Clan, and collect, collect, collect.

Practice and get with a Deck you feel comfortable using and
play well with. Vortex can go well with the Jungo because of the Pillz
and Life manipulation, but their bonuses don't protect you or are protected
from Attack, Damage, and Power manipulation. So just collect and stick with what feels
right. smiley

Just click the event and click the join event button.


Deck one is actually an amazing idea for a deck when the ban is off Rico

Askai m/ Yeaaaaa Ftw Askai

22 messages

Wouldn't that mess with us if C wing suddenly went Cr/

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Well i would think quite a lot, if you think about how many are in circulation. there are 40 offers, assuming that gets deleted, and over the one day suspension to get him in packs, another hundred or 2 will come out, and at least 10,000 players have a Kolos, which means that there will be about 11,000 in circulation, than add in lotteries and ELO, and you have 20,000 in a year or 2 for the 3 or for million active players. so i would say he would reach a few million.

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