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sunday 17/10/2010


29 to 0

Epic Life Gain

Saho is a big meh..
not many will use it, even if you use it, he/she will not win many times, often people will underestimate he/she (because if they use low pillz, you need many pillz to win, at the end, even if you win, they still have the pillz advantage)

I can see lothar in some budget deck he is like mickey t, use it at a right time, and boom, 5 damage, or you can throw him 0 pillz to waste 2-3 pillz of your opp
but he has many flaw, soa, sob, +/- attack and + power (especially ulu watu) will pretty much beat him to dust
he has many competitor though, some people might love solid power card, there are krash, some love solid damage, there are larry, or rescue super star lea and steve will take the spot

spudd is an ok card,
nice little wall (I mean little is his damage) and a replacement for marina if someone really need a level 4 card (except they know kang is 1 power and 2 attack less, but give 1 less star too)
I can see this card win when he only use 1-2 pillz everytime (it's like gibson) people will just let this card win, since it's only 4 damage or they will reduce it

serena is the star of this release for me
actually she has nothing to brag about, it is an ok card, but better than the rest 10/6 with protection bonus is a nice replacement of hikiyousan
she cannot replace stanly in ELO though..
I might use this card in T2 especially with many nightmare in T2

saturday 16/10/2010

No options anymore, guys. They just assign a deck. For my friend, he got the Junta/Sent/AS deck, which is weird since when I started decks were balanced.


She should be banned from T2 smiley

If nanook is banned (god, even nanook got temporary banned these days) you can use lin bee, ice jim, kirk, gaia noel, or rass
and if you do change zack to lucia, you might want to get lin bee or ice jim, otherwise kirk might be a good choice

Bangers 72k
Junkz 62k
Nightmare 98k
Piranas 55k
Pussycat 51k
Skeelz 84k

I imagined this before.... What I thought is that a, say, Gheist/Montana card would need one more (pure!) GHEIST card to activate the GHEIST bonus and one more (pure!) Montana card to activate the Montana bonus part. Obviously only the two-clan card would get both boni - the other only belong to one clan, after all (and get that bonus). That tones down potential overpower quite a bit.

Another take at dual clanning would be... Ability: Clan X. I.e. a second clan's bonus goes into the ability slot and is activated when that second clan is present. But overall dunno; both/all would need excessive playtest - well, that's the creators' job :O


But yeah, the number one issue is simply the difference in rarity of cards. And since UR doesn't seem to want to share, we have to guess. I'd put a common card as being 3 cards, uncommon as 2, and rare as 1 just for the basic estimation. However, the issue with this is that some clans, like Nightmare, would be skewed based on the amount of common cards in the clan. Yeah, you have to ask someone who runs the show to get enough facts to make that work.

Sarcastic comments are freaking hilarious...smiley

friday 15/10/2010

Ok, I see.

That's what I've written page 1 :

"Winners are really randomly chosen, not by a human but by a program on a computer. A bit like the program Randomness but more sophisticated. When winners are selected (for the collector and the prizes in clintz), players are automatically rewarded.

Did you hear about statistics ?
Well here it's all about statistics. There are 10 million accounts, a huge (I mean really huge) majority of these accounts are low level ones, under lvl 20. It means there are more chances a low level wins the lottery. BUT to join the Lottery, players have to use their tickets, it means that the winner is there. It's not an inactive account.

Sometimes, the winner is a multiple account. What happens in this case ?
I already explained it on the forum: the draw is cancelled (just for the collector) and then redone so someone else can win the card. The multiple account is definitely banned.

End of the story."

All answers are there. No need to complain about multiple accounts, they don't win, they get banned instead. About low levels ? Statistics. etc.

All answers have been given, time to lock smiley

Very interesting debate.
I think everything that could be said about the subject has been said in the first pages.
Time to lock and find another interesting debate smiley

Not that its a problem. Well it kind of is! They should turn the app into an android app, and put it into the market for everyones phone or anything for more people to download it. I've been trying to find any version of any tcg for my lg ally. Really wish I had urban rivals!

thursday 14/10/2010

If freaks count, sigma does too.. but i doubt you can count poison, there is no 8 powered card with a min of 0
except you take eloxia and pesth as virtual 8 powered cards when paired with eyrik

Oh azel i forrgot about her and a poison card is always nice

I like you, Mario. You remind me of myself when I first joined (ignoring the fact that you joined UR before me). smiley

smiley gotta use aylen instead and she costs 2k more

Hmmm i don't think she is worth the price tag she has now either. But i reckon she will stay at a price around 7k due to the clan she is in, they already dominate t2 and now with her you can make even more ridiculous decks. If she was in any other clan i don't think she would be worth much at all but it's just the fact that she is enhancing Ulu watu's t2 dominance and that alone is going to give her a decent price tag.

Just to clarify, although in theory Fang Pi can be used for 1/2, in practice that's a terrible idea because they need to have their bonus or else they are disastrous. So in ELO they are bad outside of mono/ leader. Junta are the same but Junta has Support characters.

tuesday 12/10/2010

It is your psychological side playing with you
since you know you will get vholt at level 50, you always watch your exp bar at level 49
my advice: don't look at your exp bar and play

I was trying to make a defence / damage over time deck. Tell me what you guys think. Is it good for a cheap deck?

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