saturday 18/09/2010

I used clans those i didn't finished their 250 wins mission
but i liked montana, bangers and GHEIST respectively in ELO
and also uppers in DM

Just wanted to point out, hasn't anybody gotten the hikaru no go reference from dan

friday 17/09/2010

I win! smiley Deck barato / Cheap deck
Roots are incredibly cheap!

Hmm, I guess this could work. I mean they had the market analyzer over at the Urban Rivals Database, but the developers put in a price analyzer for every card in the market, and now they have a chart showing past prices. Exchanging happens over at the trading part of the forums, but the developers could upgrade that into the market as a real-time option.

Ok... here is my suggestion (Keeping it 25 stars)

Blaaster (Just like wats_happenin said, Chlora for Cheap)
Vermyn N (Shogunn is still expensive, maybe Laetitia or Platoona would work fine too....)
B Ball

Lulabee (very powerful, if cannot afford, Stanly is fine.)
Buck (Zack or Coraille for cheap)
Gabrielle (Very nice card) / Warren (Nice 2* Card, can get up to 10 power w/o SoA) / Jeff (take the risk for 9 power?)

thursday 16/09/2010

2v2 is hard to make cuz it'll always require same time online and good timing from both players

It's like raaaaaaiiiiinnnn on your wedding day....smiley

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Topic answered, can be closed smiley

Jungo for sure...
Try sum skeelz revenge cards.
Id go
Eloxia (or Dwan if u want even more annoying DR-i prefer Eloxia but hey its up to u)


Easy strategy: Lose with Eloxia, Win with Jay/Chiara, defend with rest.

Lol, use 4 Rolph and 4 random GHEIST cards.... easy in LW (add a unevolved card!)

Cooper meeting a GHEIST will get ugly if the GHEIST have stat manip. as well.

wednesday 15/09/2010

Or replace galen for sunder

Hey, instead of making individual threads about presets, let's post about them in this thread.

I'll start.

deleted look it smiley

Agreed. Dregn might get angry, open a vortex near your house and sue you for disrespecting him. Just close this post.

Galen is a decent card for now. We haven't seen the rest of the clan and Vortex isn't a bona fide good or bad clan if they have not reached 20 cards. Besides, what Xiander said is true. What's the point of this post?

I don't think there's a height/width requirement. They autoscale it to fit into the box.

Be creative. Make your own presets, only to realize it was made by someone else already.

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