thursday 26/08/2010

Well support emailed me and said they would forward my problems to allopass. Allopass said my service provider must be blocking surcharges to my line. After contacting my service provider(AT&T) i have confirmed that i have absolutely no charge blocker on my line. They have even confirmed that all of my texts have gone through to allopass but allopass is not charging me or sending me codes. And of course allopass is giving me the run around.

Not really anything that deserves shouting about. It has been said on the release thread so this minor issue doesn't need it own thread.

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I am so sad.

My age you ask?
I'm 741/-0

May be there should be a pack with a cr pack sorta youget one cr an it cost 1k credits what way any one can earn cr;s throught packs.

There's no reason not to use it for both, but I think these clans would have a hard time in Survivor.

wednesday 25/08/2010

Depends if the cards are good.

Change rosa to donnie
change ricardo to Ficcanaso or filomena and you have a A-class deck

Because of lottery tickets and there is alot of cards out there so the purpose is to recycle back to kate.

tuesday 24/08/2010

Cas they are not working.

Seriously, you need 2 of the same clan to activate a bonus. Read the rules.

One million in value... 2/3 of a year... 8 months at my average speed.

One million in clintz... That time plus another on top, so about one and a half year, less if you master a good all-around deck with little to no bans.

Definitely aurora

I'm currently running with uppers/montana, and its quite good

monday 23/08/2010

rate and comment

I have my event all set up but i dont know how to get players to join it???
it says that i need at least 2 players to get it out of setup mode.
or i am not sure how or where for ppl to enter it. can u pleases help me???

Kang (now greatly overpriced) and Allison are worth their price for beginner.

Also... get Hugo by playing more. He's just few levels away smiley

If you feel threatened by high damage cards then Dan is also one kind of option. If you feel you need to wreck things more then Bhudd (with Hugo he is usable)

Then just follow the foodchain to the Robb / Marina / Jessie awesomeness.

Skeelz, You will appreciate it in about 1 year

I noticed there wasnt a subject for prese anymore so i me one post your here
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sunday 22/08/2010

Can any moderator help me bridge a trade?.. im a non credit buyer and wanted to trade my multiple copies of Sigma for an Ambre and would take me 8 days all in all to complete that trade.. can any moderator hold the cards till we finish the trade?.. i just don't want to get scammed thanks very much and more power to the game..

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