monday 13/09/2010

That's the release of:


them, some cards before them and cards after them will have the 75% of the screen art.

@Red Popsicle: Spiaghi on 4 as an opening move is rarely a good idea (in fact, I don't like to attack with Spiaghi on round 1, too often you see a throw away card and you lose your best DR for 1 damage. If you are defending with Spiaghi with 4 pills, you might as well put something else up with the 4 pills and hit a bit harder.

Second/Third/Fourth round is much harder to generalise, and I didn't attempt to when I say not 4 pilling Spiaghi.

Another "Best" and "Unused" Semi Evo card is Lyse Teria Cr 2* (almost no one has 2* copies of her anymore)

Not true,

Andsom lost to Toro with same attacks
Andsom lvl 3 Toro lvl 4

Now, I thought you were joking since I saw that you were a Master, but as I hovered over, I noticed that you were Level 17. No offense intended, as newbies need to understand UR gameplay.
You see, what you witnessed was either false, made up, or maybe it was lag, or a technical glitch. Other than that, I don't know how to reply to you.

sunday 12/09/2010

Ty alot and do you know y the link wont work 4 the present in my post?
btw the deck it makes is not mine its jerromy's

Photoshop i make av's if you need one just pm me

I often see the round running out of time 4-5 sec after clicking ok, about 2-3 dashes left. Is this normal?

Take a break, you'll get hooked up after a while.

saturday 11/09/2010

I'd suggest Niva, since your deck would be a bit stabler with a DR.
Also, an out-of-clan Jackie or Yayoi would work better than Psylo.

@ boyboy

we just had eloxia two weeks ago

Hello everyone
I have an idea as I'd like to share with you and I make a reservation for that perhaps has been suggested before.
I think that there should be some kind of showoff space on your profile where you can put special characters in. Eg. all your Cr. Other players will then be able to see your beloved characters and drool over them. (Maybe)smiley
It would be a blistered function and have no influence on the game smiley


I really don't wanna get another Janice, Sentogan, Yumi, Vince, Aigwon, Sunder anymore. Last time, my credits got wasted thanks to those cards along with Zhang, Veronica and Gertjan. The wait will be long but by the time new releases come out, those hated cards will be going, going, going, gone!!!!^__smiley__^

Its nice but i think it would really slow the server up since everybody would have preferences for every card.. it would take up a lot of memory smiley --geek-- smiley

IMO, this clan is a good support clan
I would use neloe, c wing, deea and dagg / onxy for my half to get pillz manipulation ability
the problem with it is this clan destroyed by both, SOA and SOB
and if you only draw one of them (3 other clan, 1 vortex), they are not too useful, because they can't stand on their own without their bonus
it will not shine in T1, but it might get a place in ELO and survivor ELO

Yeah same here, whats up with that?

What happen last night UR was running at a good speed, but now all of a sudden today it's moving slow on my computer, and my friends computers. Please help, whats wrong now?

Masked Killer: Win 50 rounds with Deea

friday 10/09/2010

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An extra option: is unable to change settings and allow messages to be received, lol, tht happens to me xD

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I bought a card and now i can't sell it or remove it from my deck(i have 9 cards and this card isn't in my deck, but when I play 1 of the cards is always the removed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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