sunday 05/09/2010

Danae to Uppers, go pill it

@M1S4 C4MP0
its just an idae so far

Skeelz if u want more strategic play
junta if u want sure 2HKOs

Fang Pi Clang 4* 7,2 Steal damage 2 minimum2. This ability works the same as steal power but with damage.

how is that different to drain...


Caelus Both with Bonus intact, both awesome.

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Personally, I think you're just saying that because you have one...

saturday 04/09/2010

Please check it out all the missions for jungo in a deck

I got Noemi, now I'm wondering about two stars... should I go Brittany or Ella? Because people seem to like Brittany better, but I never seem to get anywhere with her...

That wat i was thinking about angie but i might put ray for her and i dont have money for general cr

Yes, but we stole your thread. Go make one that actually has the title that describes the thread's purpose.

Shann, Lennox, Kevlaer if you need a 2*.

Harion knows what he's talking about, lamb.
Swearing doesn't make you cool.
Different strategies has nothing to do with the discussion above. If you can't win with your strategy, then find a new one. Not rocket science.
Help? She was entirely off of the thread. (He, she, who knows.)
OT, if you really want to switch then no one is stopping you. Overpowering is great, I'd suggest moving to Uppers style decks if you want. Just realize that while Uppers/Montana is good, Uppers/Sakhrom is pointless as the minimum is the same, both clans have enough cards to support mono, the clans are very similar, and you're just sacrificing the ability to always have all cards with a bonus. Another hint, Sak/Junks is also pointless, for most of the same reasons.

friday 03/09/2010

1st Amelia
2nd Ashley

Well thank your for whining and not answering my post at all smiley

thursday 02/09/2010


heres the deck easy for a 2 hit ko, has many options depending on the situation, please rate and comment

@jerromy: dude, MISS cards only...

Guess I need a lot of work on building these decks. Steelie's last suggestion is too good to pass up! smiley Only thing I don't like is Wardom as a revenge card - I'd like to be able to use my main damage dealer at all times. But I'll give it a try first. Thanks, much appreciated!

I had a few to start with, but need help on the best cards to get.

I have: Luba Meyen Toro Na Boh and Skrumxxt

Any suggestions?

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