monday 16/08/2010

As a person who mains GHEIST I can say that they really only need a new upper tier 3*, preferably a pill manipulator or an other dr or all-stop. Other than that, even with all of the staff bans they are still a really strong clan if you know how to play them.


plz r8 and comment smiley

I just was wondering if anyone would be interested in the concept of an ability which could activate depending on whether you are ahead or behind in pills/life as oppose to your opponent. Such abilities could help make a lop sided battle more interesting or accommodate a certain play style. Just wondering if anyone else is interested in such an ability type. Please comment, but don't hurt me please. smiley

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@MABanator- Nightmare wasn't one of the original clans they were released in 2005 or something

Keep a open mind hear but this clans a bit odd.

name: mythtics
this clan is dragons, unicors, lepercons an so on creatures.
abilitys: all these clan cards have no ability but for good reson.
bounes: cancel all
this bounes cancels all your opps abilitys an bounes an there own that why theres no abilitys in that clan. maken it all out card for card battles. were playing your pillz is crusal. not even sob can stop this clans bounes.

this clan would have to be prity balanced out 5* be stong were 2* with high power would have weak damage so on. a compleat stop all clan. it be intresting an not unstopible.

been hunted long ago then forgoten a dragon came out of the dark with his army to take back the world that was theres many eyons ago. cause they have not battled is so long have lost the ability to realy alter them selfs or recive help from there alies. but they still had the ability to stop a opp from geting help from there team mates for who would belive them that they were attacked by a non real creature.
as dragonith the Leader of the clan has become corrupted an seeks total control of all the world.

sunday 15/08/2010

Have a new one. Beating a level 104, using my Pussycats deck

I decided to make a Fang Pi Tournament bracket

Round 1:
Chan vs Endo-Endo
Mini Mosu vs Windy Mor-Mini Mosu
Yu Mei vs Rei-Rei
Linda vs Otome-Otome
Kuei vs Yusuke-Kuei
Hattori vs Nakata- Hattori
Zinfrid vs Natrang-Zinifrid
Ryuichi vs Sung Tsu-Ryuichi

Round 2:
Endo vs Kuei- Kuei
Otome vs Mini Mosu-Otome
Zinfrid vs Ryuichi- Ryuichi
Hattori vs Rei-Rei

Round 3:
Otome vs Rei-Rei
Ryuichi vs Kuei-Kuei

Final Round:
Rei vs Kuei

Who do you think the winner will be, not based on cards, but based on personal opinion and so on, then put down your very on tournement brackets and winners and so on

I got 2 gertijans and a onyx in a rainbow pack

Junkz look good to me but they have a few put them with sentinels and voila beasting

Hmm... It could work. I see a possibillity for ELO T1

Azgroth is a 11 star half, and

Damian/Manfred (25 total)

logo UR 3 messages


Im gonna try both ideas smiley thanks guys

Oh and unban Vickie Cr while your at it

Well, a guild is a group of people who have their own forum, play room and system, if you join a guild, you're in a family

It will take time but you got to keep worken at it.

No it was a new blood pack

saturday 14/08/2010

Thanks for the tips, everyone! Ultimately I'd love to have a mono Uppers, but going Uppers/Montana looks very viable. At least I get to keep the Uppers I do have, slowly go mono Montana, then save up from there. Thanks!

@ isuicide

I guess you are on terry?

Buy all Montana, rule in DTs, and but all Pussycats. smiley

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