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monday 27/09/2010

Being accused of picking on newbs because you beat one when using quick search in elo.....

I don't believe this is that competitive of a game to put into GameBattles. Can't exactly clan match either, but I guess I do support the idea.

sunday 26/09/2010

You wont get anoying messages from everyone to join there guild =P
but really there is no real bennefit to joining a guild. thought a nice guild is there, just for you to chat with a little about all kinds of stuff, and makes the game a bit more social. and some guilds help out there members with playstyles, tactics, getting cards etc.

Easy: whatever you want.

You're welcome for being so helpful smiley smiley

Sayura's great. Yumi's a 2* Stanly. Yu Mei can OHKO against Copper and Caelus. 5* are legendary.

Yes- you can use 2 powerfull bonus that will help each other
no- if your cards really rely on bonus remember it won't activate all the times

I would tend to agree with you miterman i dont think certain cr's are worht it

however i do own both sigmund and tessa cr and i feel tessa cr is one everyone should have

sigmund is my little trophy

First thing to note is that I am not choosing 2 different cards for Top T1 and Top T2. I am just choosing this card based upon its bodies of work in both types. And in my opinion, the award goes to... Jackie! Now on to the reasons:
1. Jackie is in a league of his own in relation to all other cards in UR (Even 5*!)
a. Only 4 star to beat DJ Korr at all pill levels and both turns AND deal 5 or more damage (maybe the only card in the entire game)
b. Only 4 star with more than 7 power and 5 damage
c. Beats almost every legend at low pill games (He only beats Lyse Teria up until the first pill, then Lyse gains 2 attack on Jackie)

1 a,b, and c seem like sufficient evidence for his supremacy, so there. What do you think?

Orlok can cancel C Wing's defeat 2/3 pill. C Wing will be thrashed by Orlok if they both go on a face off. Besides, 4-6 damage of Orlok is better than 3-5 damage of C Wing.

Tital: vortex schooled

vortex go to the skeelz school to atain som rare materials skeelz make at there school. but skeelz wont give it up with out a fight. an it can have a intence fight scenes.

I have no idea

saturday 25/09/2010

Well, if you can´t beat them, join them:

Burt/frankie hi/harold

Gives you attack manipulation, solid dammage potential, and possibly a spot of dr. It is more expensive than my first suggestion, but still well within what you asked for. A bit weak to SoA though.

Hellfire said it !

except this one isnt correct
''Ability: SOA VS Bonus: SOA
Both work normally.''
the soa bonus will cancel the soa ability

Going mono skeelz, there are three cards i never go without: Redra, Sandro and sasha.
These three are good solid cards for their star count, and though they do not end maches alone, but they win you rounds, or make the loss bareable.
Chiara is of course one of the best three stars out there, and if you have her, you should use her.

Beyond that personal taste comes into the picture. There are a lot of good choices for four and five star slots. Personally i think Dwan is very underrated, but i concede that thomas has an easier time winning matches and Aylen makes a bigger impact when she wins. Eloxia of course puts the opponent in a hard spot and forces him to guess wether you are pilling for seven dammage, or bluffing for poison.
Four stars is an even tougher choice. Greem has a solid poison, which is even more solid because of her bonus. Jay packs a solid punch and opens a lot of 2ko possibilities. Manfred gives you lifegain, and unlike the other two has eight power, the only thing that detracts from his playability is confidence, but you do have cards that can win that first or second round so he is still very playable.

I suggest that you experiment, find out what cards do it for you, and play them. No matter what i hope i helped.

My dumbest move is ( i have done this like 4 or 5 times already -__- ) while thinking of what to do or calculating, forgetting about my own bonus not being there when i have 3/1 hand,i remember clearly how a few of those times, i predicted my opponent perfect with a pill manip of piranas, but not having sob and beceause of that lost of atk manip bonus lol =P that hurts !

dumbest moves i most likely by lvl 10 - 15 or so, when they fury a card with there last 3 pills while it is unable to beat any of my cards played with zero pills. but there just learning still there new guys so its ok i think.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1519831 comment and rate plz

400+ to be safe, but even then they slowly lose rating over time and will eventually go away. You have to have enough people interested in the deck over time that it maintains a good rating.

Sentinel: Havok, Rick Luis, Katja, Chloe, Tobie, John, Amy
I started with my Sentinel deck with those guys. Cost just under 10K. It depends on how you play too. Some of those guys in that deck are purely just for sacrifice and have the ability to sometimes win and put you on the front foot and its pretty hard to lose from there. Havok is a must win so i would always save enough pills to win it with him. Just remember you dont have to win every round to win the battle. Ive won battles by winning 1 round only. Dont know what other clan would be good with Sentinels. Havent tried it myself.

friday 24/09/2010

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