saturday 14/08/2010

The phelix card is a killer, maybe down to 5 power i guess.

Keep it if I were you. But since I'm not you then do whatever you want on the Ambre.

First of all people are loosing there account for some odd reason's. Like i gave my password to this guy so i can get more card's, Lol Read what the veary top says.

And my last thing is that never ever think about scamming people, make your account last and don't get carried away from new cards!

friday 13/08/2010

Hello. We just put it on 2 hours ago smiley
Am glad you like it !

Vortex: high chance of getting a decently priced card
Ulu Watu: Chance of getting very expencive cards
Jungo: the above 2 combined
Nightmare: Same as jungo

Yeah I have taken out phyllis and put in mawpin and I've put ashley in there instead of stacey for some DR smiley

Nata might be useful in ELO, solid 7 power, and very potent vs. SoA. Murray is one of the most solid 3* of sakrohm, 8 power, but very ability reliant. These two cards together should work well - Nata vs. SoA, Murray vs. non-SoA.
As for the rest of that deck, I'm not so sure about Slopsh and Sunder. For me, Petra and Trinmkkt are both better than Slopsh, but it's probably more a matter of personal favourite. As for Sunder, he doesn't seem very solid, but then most Vortex 3* aren't particularly solid. You might consider Onyx, since that deck currently does not contain any SoA, which is a must for some people, but again down to personal choice.

Eh just cause a inflation in clintz, with that level 0asimple.. It's fine now, at least you get a reward for leveling.. Back in the day we had nothing, if we wanted leaders we brought packs or traded.

It's just the situation and preference. In the deck the computer gave me only cards that matched were lino borsa and gary and it came with jeff... Now in the beginning I found the +power worked more then the -att because as a starter it was easier to understand the + power advantage jeff had lol.. Now I'm just a sucker for Jackie and Vicki duo or Lamar and Marina... but I would always favor -/+ att at this time..

I beat u with this dec r another

Just noticed a new feature. On card's page, you can click on it's art to see bigger (don't confuse with "full"smiley version. I find it pretty cool. Now we can see how detailed the pictures are

For some reasons, some cards don't show "bigger" art, they just put it in the middle of your screen (I guess only new ones have big art, since all Vortex has it, so does Baldovino and few other newcomers)

Sorry if this was mentioned before, but I didn't see any threads smiley

thursday 12/08/2010

But they al ready have 2 +8 att clans. i dont think theyhave more then 2 of the same kinda bounes clans. if they did then to many clans with the same bounes.smiley

Complete missions as well.

DT's aren't too hard to do as well. I usually just play in ELO during a DT hour and get my score up. I get min 2 creds at the end of the week and about 5-6 credits from DTs so I get free packs often.

It's fine Konsalegen, I just wanted to know what to save for next.

"Hello Giovanni,

As it is written in the rules, you have to play several matches in ELO each day if you want to keep your score.
If you don't play during :
1 days : you'll lose 2 points
on the second day : you'll lose 4 points
on the third day : you'll lose 8 points
on the fourth fay : you'll lose 16 points


Urban-Rivals Customer Support"

I dont know seems that way. but it randomly pairs you up with many clans. just odds are serten large amount of players probly use same clan. when i use my soa i get paired up with alot of sob an rescues it seems. thats why may be you should try mix

Did some mathfor ya'll geeks, now all clans don't have the same amount of cards so it's not so accurate but here it goes:

Skeelz: 65599C where of 38732C is rares
Ulu Watu 91198C where of 14892C are rares
Upper 61198C where of 27733C are rares
Gheist 55724C where of 29002C are rares
Vortex 113656C where of 32867C are rares

But yeah i think i might wait until friday and check out the new stuff
But i really want to enjoy an awsome deck tonight T_T

wednesday 11/08/2010

Ok power = power with a power boost ability exsplain.

when you play her she gets power of the opp +2 more. well this might not work if your opp uses a sob card maken you the same power each an im gessing your opp whould have a lower star cards meken it so they win the round an not Angie. i think angie is a 5* am i right? any way when you play her make sure they dont have a sob to block you if you can. an you got to remebr about the star rule if you playing in no randome.

if angie battle say a pirana thats also power = power angie could lose very easly cause the star lvl. or a stop all card can realy punish angie

rate and comment.. plz rate I got haters rating red smiley

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