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friday 24/09/2010

Your Welcome~

Old Preset: Nellie, Zatman, Burt, Samantha, Beetenka, Collin, Tyler, Glenn

Thanks for all the advice!! All have been very helpful smiley. My preset page has disappeared =(. Oh well I have made a couple of changes to my deck and got rid of Collin and Tyler (everyone insisted i rid Tyler of my deck immediately and Collin was just a fill in till i had got more advice on to to replace him with). Oh and whats the down side of Tyler & Glenn? They were pretty important to my old preset when I was a fresh noob (still noob..smiley). I bought in Rubie an Oxen and they have improved my deck hugely. Which other clans would help complement Uppers for ELO? I have only played with Nightmare, GHEIST, Sentinel, Vortex and have enough cards for a deck with Montanas, Piranhas and Sakrohm but havent analysed any of the characters yet.smiley

We need an Uppers card! Uppers REALLY needs a support: ability badly!

Nope. You'll have to suffer the indignity of clicking them one by one.smileysmiley

Me i use to run gheist an thats it once i hit around lvl 30 i started usen roots an nightmares then piranas came out so i grab them around lvl 49. im not sure when for serten but i stuck with ones with bounes i can use easly. im a soa sob player who find it easyer to get rid of my opp abilitys or bounes depending on who im fighting an what type.

Tobbie, Louis and Aurelia are all quite cheap and perfect for starting out with the Sentinel.

thursday 23/09/2010

It just a bit cartoony

Raeth is scary = Whenever I face him, I just tend to let him go.

DarkwingxDuck, i've got 2 words for you: BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!

Oops nevermind...I just found out montanas are secret missions.

To be honest you have a good deck there, get some practice and you should be able to go a good distance with it.

NO DONT BUY FULL DECK. Since this is your first purchase get titanium. You can choose which clans you want to start collecting and you get to choose which clans they come from. Full deck comes from random clans. It is more likely that you'll get an expensive card if you get titanium.


This was really difficult to make because Mickey T and the Root's 3*'s are a few hundred higher than they used to be..

wednesday 22/09/2010

I dont really find gil a threat lol xD

Thanks for the tips! My current deck is:
Baldovino - Grudj - Hula - Mira
Eadh - Nistarok - Pan - Sargh
I have some "Rare" cards, but mostly cheap. I lose most times, mybe im not good, or something with my cards. But whatever this is the best i can do i guess smiley

That's no reason to ignore these obvious duplicates.

Of course we can't fix it entirely, but +1 presets are easy to see and flag and delete. I guess it won't really make enough impact in the grand scheme of things to really bother with though. smiley

tuesday 21/09/2010

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An odd setup for the cheap (Lower stars are often cheaper) and those who hate 2* cards.

Slyth just cause of the poison but ELO niva.

Many new players get discouraged by repeatedly losing with an underpowered deck while they're still trying to figure out the game mechanics. Rescue and montana have great bonuses that help newbies win a few games early on, even with cheap cards.

My 3000 clintz deck

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