wednesday 11/08/2010

You don't need ANYTHING before


Just that. Then change the = for a :

Otherwise you'll have clinging extra code like you do above.

Well, if it's laggy, i don't wanna try it out
have enough problems with connection as it is

Lots of BAWWWW in this thread. If rescue were as strong as everyone's claiming, then no one would be using any other clan. Seriously, if the method to use this clan is so common, it should be very easy to beat and ultimately usurped by its own ubiquity.

If you honestly feel rescue is too strong or too easy to use, then use it yourself, dominate, and maybe the staff will ban many of its best cards and even it out with other clans.

Anyone got a link for the petition, i really enjoy the comics and was a little dissapointed to see none have been made since the Skeelz arrived

tuesday 10/08/2010

Read the rules section for battle winnings or whatever its called, just check the rules

NEVER! Stupid show off presets from popular players shall remain at the top! Good presets with cheap, new ideas must remain forgotten with no more than 300 points! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.smiley

Everyone faces this problem when looking for a good preset, I feel your pain.
Some good ideas already like this: "I would like to see a feature where you can locate the most widely used presets (truly the most popular) or maybe even the presets with the highest win percentage." It's really hard to pull this off.

A bit off-topic:
@wasteroftime Saving a log with your match on a .txt file is really really easy and it would be great! If we had a re-player(?) to watch those then it would be awesome too, but i'd be happy with the first. Most poker rooms keep hand history so that one is really easy to do. When you finish a battle you just have another button to save the file. The re-player could be something really basic with no animation whatsoever, just "step-back" and "step-forward" buttons to show you the match ups and the pill and hp count, something like a slide show if i'm not being clear enough.
Take this as an example:

I'm pretty sure this is easy to do code-wise, don't know how well the servers would handle this new feature though...

There is random in those rooms
if you set it to non-random on game preferences
then you will never get random and the highest attack always wins

+x atk per x life difference as ability or even bonus (example: ability: +4 atk per 3 life difference). If your opp has 3 life and you have 12 ability equals +12 atk (or when you have 3 life and your opp has 12).
It could work the same for power, life gain, pillz. Proportions can always differ so there is plenty of room for balance ability with stats and stars.

Oppression: -/+ x any_ability (oppression: activated when your opponent has more stars in his hand than you) (I see at as most reasonable for 2 and 3*s)

Mono: any_ability (alternative to Support ability, ability activates when all characters in hand are from the same clan but it doesn't give anything per single character like Support does)

Ally: Clan: Ability (if player has at least one card from Allied Clan ability actives; like Roots and Jungo, Junkz and Bangers, Freaks and Sakrohm) (the big minus of this ability that I see is that half decks are already quite strong; from the other hand strenghtening clans like FPC, Freaks or even Jungo that way wouldn't hurt)

And finally, addition to Fury in form of +2 life per 3 pillz (vs DRs, useful for hands with DRs, useful for some combos, useful for poisoning or against already poisoned player). I'm quite sure people could come up with interesting ideas what other options could we get except for Fury and this could add something truly interesting to the game.

Anyway, these are my 2 cents.

This will help you decide how you want to buy credits

Olde: Sentinels/La Junta
Current: Uppers/Skeelz

I'd go for Liam over Anton. Save for Dwan, you have little to moderate damage input. You don't need Anton's extra pills, and even if you manage to get him to win, 1 Damage just is too little.

Anton might be underestimated on his own, but his ability only attracts your opponents to use their high-damaging cards against him. Compared to Liam, who can effectively minimize, if not neutralize, his opponents with his SoA.

But I do advise that you get those high-damage Skeelz cards as soon as possible. Cley seems to be a good low-budget 3* candidate, and we have Aigwon for the low-price 4* category.

monday 09/08/2010

So where did Belleza go?

Yea i use a unagi 0xp in my deck for elo so i have 25 stars but it gets really expensive

Imagine Timber with : Edd 12 , No Nam , Python , Tsung Tsu , Kolos , Lennox , Lost Hog / Kinjo smiley

Yup, psychogear is correct. I think it's been generally agreed upon that C wing is good but not the best 2*. You know how it is...a new ability comes out and I jumped to conclusions a bit too quicklysmiley

I'm closing the thread, but thanks for all the replies! I've learned a lotsmiley

Always state what mode do you wish to play with this deck or we just have to guess like i'm about to do.

For elo:
Keep in mind that mono something a lot of times isn't the best you can get with that clan. That is because there will be a lot of fillers. Fillers are cards that wouldn't be you first choice but you have to pick them to "fill" your 25 stars. Staples are usually your first choices for a certain star count in any given clan. Example: Lehane is a staple in Sentinel decks because when you need a 2* card from that clan you pick her, end of story. If you happen to need another 2* you might consider Tobbie or Aurelia, these are fillers.

Ok, about the deck, i would do this for mono Nightmare:


It's kinda of expensive but it's good with some cards that dominate you opponent like Sargh, Azgroth and Eadh. Fullstops, Glorg and Dieter are really really handy when facing Sakrohm or Jungo. A good DR that can attack too but takes 5*. And two cards that help against DR(damage reducers), Phyllis and Pan. Strong, complete deck.
Nightmare are missing 2 important cards right now due to recent bans, Oshitsune and Ghumbo, two high damage beasts!

About Vortex don't you buy them now. First we still don't have the whole picture of what this clan really is. There might be some better cards in the making and their strategy is still somewhat undefined. Second, right now they're expensive as hell.

Take a look at the roots clan.

I need help... here is a copy of my preset it's a Half deck with Junks and Jungos I am not sure if it is that great or not so could ya'll help me out!? please and thank you!

That would also reduce the amount of "OMG I HAD MORE ATTACK IN NO RANDOM AND I LOST!!!!" threads.

There are certainly matches that I would like to have saved as a video. People said server space could be a problem. I found a semi-solution. System records the battle and after it, you are asked whether you want to save it or not. If you say no, it's removed from the server. If yes, you have to DOWNLOAD it, so it doesn't occupy server space. After you leave, it's removed from the server. To reduce it further, there should be only one record per battle (so sometimes you will see the battle from opponent's view [his cards on the bottom]) and people below level X cannot download (well, that will work only when two people under level X fight. If someone above this level fight someone below it, it will record it anyway, for the higher-level player)

May still take too much space though

sunday 08/08/2010

smiley Give us more montana or give us death! Bwahahahaha! What? Death? Uhhh, how about 2 new vortex and maybe a skeelz instead? smiley

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