friday 20/08/2010

The card with the least amount of stars will win, I believe.

I was wondering this and came to the solution that they'd have a female chef join the pussycats ranks next.That or a maleslave they walk around on a leash to show there female dominance and use to attack other clans.

Set the game room to non-random. Avoid fight club XD.

Kate=instant CR.
Anyone else think that an instant Cr card would be interesting? Though something tells me UR would make it so that it's as often in the lotto as Ndolo Cr.

thursday 19/08/2010



You forgot to change the = in the link to a :

I have a droid, hasn't shown up yet

Nope when they first released the app, they had a special that if you payed for the payed version of the app you get free creds.

I believe Cr rumors are not allowed on the forum, since unscrupulous people may start these rumors for price guaging purposes.

Well.. For Junkz, you NEED DJ Korr CR, and for Piranas, Smokey CR's a must.

wednesday 18/08/2010


chose pussycats to annoy people smiley

Check it out

rate and comment plz

In no random there is no randomness like it says..

When the attacks are tied, the card with the lowest star count wins. If the star counts are tied aswell, the attacking character wins.

Close... bought rescue

Okay, so im trying to make a pussycats-roots deck and i have a few questions to ask. smiley

For 2-stars:
Arno, Jeto, Miken Moose
- Which of the three are the best to use with pussycats? I think I wont be using arno since the pussycats already have DR. But which among Jeto and Miken Moose is a better option? smiley

For 3-stars:
Nahi Cr, Yookie, Noodile, Rico
- Which three among this list should i use? Noodile and Nahi Cr are staples already but I dont know if I should choose either Yookie or Rico. Im thinking of using Rico since I wont be needing Yookie's DR as the pussycats already have that ability.

Thanks in advance for those who will give their opinion. smiley

Haha. TC_Kid nailed it, that's mainly what I was asking. Just so you know, the main reason I provided decks is because that's the main deck formats I've played in the past, and would be most likely to return to in the future. So, for any Freaks experts out there, is it smarter to play a deck off of Cassandra and Baldovino (Freaks has 3 great 2* cards, and one bearable, and one desperately in need of help) or a standard deck?

tuesday 17/08/2010

It's deleted.

How can you tell a cr is comen out any way?

Best deck idea ive ever heard,i think ill preset it.smiley

If there is a 200 clintz different buy it. Then sell it for the cheapest price. (dont try to get 50 more clintz jus to have it take forever to sell you want to buy it then sell it in under 5 min)
I get at least 5k (but up to 40k) per hour using this method (need to have around 12k for this to happen)

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