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saturday 11/09/2010

Yeah same here, whats up with that?

What happen last night UR was running at a good speed, but now all of a sudden today it's moving slow on my computer, and my friends computers. Please help, whats wrong now?

Masked Killer: Win 50 rounds with Deea

friday 10/09/2010

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An extra option: is unable to change settings and allow messages to be received, lol, tht happens to me xD

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I bought a card and now i can't sell it or remove it from my deck(i have 9 cards and this card isn't in my deck, but when I play 1 of the cards is always the removed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us know that twice(or once, can't remember..)every year (a) clan(s) is introduced into Urban Rivals.

This is where we(and you)speculate what clan shall come into UR.

..Am I the only one who finds it funny each clan leader represents some leader class?

Think about it...

Caelus: Principal
Ielena: ...Head Vampire?
Eyrton: Honesty this confuses me
Charlie: Women's Rights/Feminism Activist/Head.
Dregn: Tyrant
Tan Man: Descendant/Rightful heir
Don: Mafia Honcho
Zlatar: Not sure, but maybe billionaire/snootiest one of them all or richest?
Copper: Commissioner.
General Cr: Commander of Army
Lost Hog: I guess Sensei.
Bodenpower: Chief Delinquent
DJ Korr Cr: Head DJ
Kiki Cr: Symbol of Hope
Sigmund Cr: Mastermind
Ongh: King Kong, aka king of the jungle.
Bloodh: Captain
Kerry: I guess Lead Doctor.
Glibon Dashra Sakrh; Maybe a symbol or God. Or Skrummxxt, he's a Alien King.
Boris: Ringmaster

All we're missing now is probably Mayor of Clint City, Head of a clan(you know, like Asian stuff but not like FPC), and my personal favorite: LEAD SUPAHERO!

Ray is not a threat IF you beat him. But wasting pills to kill an extremely obvious bluff is not good. Eloxia though may have the poison min 0 but the defeat condition is a chain and ball for her 7/7 stat. Either way, these two cards are spawns of an extremely good thinkers. I hope the new cards will not be disappointing and must have.

Can do better, but impressive for a budget deck. I'd suggest you keep going w/ Freaks for a budget deck, possibly add some Skeels(even the cheap ones are good)

@Glint - Really? Wow... Kinda makes me sad. I think the artist should come up with the bio, I understand about the stats

thursday 09/09/2010

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I joined when the piranas was still not there and I can not remember who are the cr's then

Vortex because they only have 12 cards
start collecting them as they will have a cr in the future

wednesday 08/09/2010

Well, atm, vortex in halves would be cool, no mono tho, too expensive, too uneffective

No Limit.
Everything is virtual, if everybody stops opening up packs, it could limit card circulation but not totally stop it since there's events and modes like ELO. Also as long as people are opening up packs and as long as there is ELO, events, lotteries, etc, cards get circulated continuously. Even a Cr unavailable in packs get circulated every now and then. Even if a card is a Cr it is still not totally limited to a set amount or number because there is still distribution through events, lotteries, and ELO. Even if somehow everyone who owns a Cr stops playing, Crs will still be distributed through events and ELO. And that's for Crs, normal cards of course..you know the rest.

So yeah..in short..No Limit.

Wardom is the best choice, he is better and cheaper. Be careful, though. You cannot afford to lose with him.

This has already been answered before. An Admin already confirmed that it's already in the list of future plans (i.e. development of the trade system). Do understand that UR cannot implement all of these updates and developments instantly like noodles. With a lot of updates here and there UR cannot finish all of these in one day. There's a line.

You don;t really need Hammer in this, Oyoh would be good. Actually, get Oyoh!


It's 29K, maybe more with Oyoh or less.

I always assumed it's a kingdom outside of Clint City.

tuesday 07/09/2010

I say Burt for Gina Glitt, one less DR but can be used offensively.

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