thursday 29/07/2010

Ok... =(

Then i'm the unlucky one! xD

Didn't found anything about this on the FAQs, that's why i asked here.

Thank you guys.

Hey all thanks alot keep posting msgs and tell all your friends to leave what they think Thanks

Dude read the rules i did the same mistake

Courage: Only if you play a card on the FIRST ROUND, NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. I got this confused when I started.

Revenge: Only activated when a card on your team loses. (Must be played right after the loss)
Remember, Revenge and Confidence can be activated EVEN when the losing/victorious card is in a different clan.
Confidence: Activated when a card on your team wins. (Must be played right after the victory).
Defeat: Activated only when the card is defeated. (See Vortex's Bonus)

Protection Ability: This prevents the ability from being stopped from other card bonuses or abilities.
Example: Yayoi VS Anton. Anton's ability is STILL +3 Pillz because his ability is protected.

Example: Glorg VS Caelus. Caelus loses his ability, because Glorg is an All-Stop (Wall).

Oh, forgot the freebie, thanks trippie and rhoki

wednesday 28/07/2010

If anyone can message me i got about 30 something odd cards just lookin for advice on to build a decent all around deck msg me for the names i got thanks

I would actually recommend someone just starting out to buy a Vansaar and put it in your deck before playing a game. There is reason to own multiple Vansaars too. If you only have one character to level up you can use 3 of them in lost warehouse, and they'll earn more XP losing that otherwise winning. I haven't tried this personally but I know people that testify to this. Even if this is wrong, you just sell that Vansaar after you level yours up. Leveling your Vansaar up to 5 is a massive chore, and it is worth the minor market loss to save you half that time in lost warehouse. And you need a level 5 Vansaar at some point, because you will have new characters and better things to do than sit in lost warehouse for days on end unless you are a bot or a sociopath.

Thanks WarPig, this helped me alot man and I'll stay in touch .

I'm going to get on it now!

The battle animation is completely random, it has nothing to do with the actual outcome of the battle. Except for the final part of course, where you see who won.smiley

Pick non-random at the top of the game screen

Nice deck try to get more money to upgrade it

Any way i close this now

tuesday 27/07/2010


its up to you all stars an Sentinelcould mix you have to just know what your doing with them.
all stars will give you a power drain were sentenials will give you a att boost. prity good combo.

an its -12 min 8 for montanas there not unbeatable there -12 wont help them if you drag there power to 2 or 1 wich all stars can do prity easy.

Yea some could use some fixing up.
like Ogoun Kyu five him a power ability like a power= power or a +4 power you know sho ppl could aculy use him

The "Reduce X damage" missions aren't those you do. You put a DR or two into a deck and let the mission complete itself. The reward isn't really worth it.

Ok Chan Thormans Sandro Nahomi Nanok Shayna Nakata i'm sure there is more
and stop shouldnt matter cause sting is courage
Sting is a great card but I personally prefer scrubb or Kristin just cause i am a damage person and she is a little underated but her compititon is strong so she has a low price

monday 26/07/2010

7 full decks = 7 rare + 49 random crads = 56 cards

I would use Tessa Cr if I had the money for her but right now she is a bit out of reach. I like the Sylth idea though.

Yep what maths said.

I love Pi.

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