saturday 31/07/2010

I think they should be a lttle more

To be fair, I just bought two Titanium packs and got absolutely nothing worthwhile... then I bought three Elite packs, and got Caelus in one, Kolos in another, and Jackie in the third.

Basically, my answer to your question is "get lucky".

friday 30/07/2010

What be rad if they got card of artist wh0 r n0 l0ng3r w1th Ur and remake that all i want

Lol i guess im going to buy more clintz to make 0asimple's deck to work to...

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Is there a specific format your looking to play your deck in?

If your going with ELO, maybe pairing up with an SOB or a DR clan.
If your going with DT, pair up with a attack/power manipulation clan.
If your playing Survivor, go after the pill manipulator cards in junkz.

Well all stars are going well for me. (mainly because i've got robb and jessie so the noobs are having trouble)


Type 1 deck. Not exactly for DT as it has 25* but not for ELO either. Perhaps good for DM smiley

Im finally a legend. But i have to decide if should buy the cheaper useless crs first or to save up for the big usefull crs?
any advice? the most expensive cr i have right now is vickie cr smiley

and i have the cheap usefull crs like smokey cr etc

Well okay, Dhalia, Hawkins and smokey Cr are rather expensive, but Tyd and Tula can still win you a fair share of gamessmiley

But I agree, start with montana or rescue, they're the easiest to use.


thursday 29/07/2010

See the thing is you go by the abilities and such, im goin by the background stories of the characters to make my choices

1. 7/7 no ability. Solider.
2. Sigma-styled poisoner. Ulu watu needs damage.
3. Ditha in La junta. 14 life gap without fury is insane.

You can't, when it says: " connect FB to UR account", it meant using your FB to play UR( i think)

Same problem here tooooo!

Ok... =(

Then i'm the unlucky one! xD

Didn't found anything about this on the FAQs, that's why i asked here.

Thank you guys.

Hey all thanks alot keep posting msgs and tell all your friends to leave what they think Thanks

Dude read the rules i did the same mistake

Courage: Only if you play a card on the FIRST ROUND, NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. I got this confused when I started.

Revenge: Only activated when a card on your team loses. (Must be played right after the loss)
Remember, Revenge and Confidence can be activated EVEN when the losing/victorious card is in a different clan.
Confidence: Activated when a card on your team wins. (Must be played right after the victory).
Defeat: Activated only when the card is defeated. (See Vortex's Bonus)

Protection Ability: This prevents the ability from being stopped from other card bonuses or abilities.
Example: Yayoi VS Anton. Anton's ability is STILL +3 Pillz because his ability is protected.

Example: Glorg VS Caelus. Caelus loses his ability, because Glorg is an All-Stop (Wall).

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