saturday 07/08/2010

You cant even argue, its Graksmxxt, he is the most defencive card in the entire game and can be used to attack as well

What do you do when you face DRs?

If this happens ill definetly join smileysmiley

Fei is a monster.
A human actuallysmiley

Zatman would rule sudden death.

Time attack: 24 pillz and infinite life. full deck is drawn and each player plays cards as fast as they can to do the most damage in the battle. and at the end of the battle the slower player loses points by the difference between the two play times, yay no more slow people who wait until the last second, also very short time to play your cards.

friday 06/08/2010

Just made 5 decks that work really well, and they all have Ambre, that givs them a boost.

Here they are, and, I will be postin they're public presets, so u can green or red there. - Angie, Blaaster, Bodenpower, Lennox, Shann, Vermyn N, Willy and Ambre. - Lin Xia, Methane, Rolph, Toro, Vladimir, Wardom, Xu52 and Ambre. - Estalt, Ghumbo, Kenny, Kolos, Nistarok, Oshitsune, Vince and Ambre. - Buck, Hikiyousan, Lulabee, Miss Lulabee, Shayna, Stanly, Tanaereva and Ambre. - Aylen, Caelus, Greem, Jay, Manfred, Praxie and Ambre.

Hope u guys like it, and if u do, Green them. Only the Skeelz 1 is mine. I really think they deserve it.

Agreed with jerromy. It really depends on the player.

Fine i'll write in proper english but shadow coulcil is getting on my last nerve

I collect whole clans that i claim.I have only 3 i use...and a tessa just because she was my reason for joining urban and staying

With the cards you have available:

Sting (better than Katan, though that is debatable)
Andsom (a better bluff than greesh)

But try replacing sting with Scubb and Deadeye with Ulrich if you have the clintz. Getting Hawkins and smokey Cr would also be nicesmiley

This is a preset I will miss due to the new ELO bans smiley

smiley Yayoi & Petra; A Perfect Pair smiley

That deck.. will destroy the competition in ELO this week. Genius work!

Ideas can be extremely horrid. Like drying your dog in a microwave or shaving your face with a chainsaw or banning all cards from elo except bob jobby...

thursday 05/08/2010

Freaks are fun to play.

MrPancake, i appreciate your vague blurry feedback, but I should have explained at how little i understand things. Damage reducer? such as?

Any advice better than cards are good?

I guess im looking for a more in depth explanation or perhaps advice on where to go with the deck, what to change, would anyone change anything? What to add? What to look for and what to save up for to make a badass montana clan deck.

Thanks to anyone who replies!

And to add to my point, i do use the newer clans, but my collection is mostly the olders. Nothing against anybody, but i don't play everyday, It's more of something to pass the time.

It would be cool if they had made for the future

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