tuesday 03/08/2010

Hiding missions is senseless
we have a wiki guide for missions

Umm... It's there already?

You should just play more often! i was a level 7...then i started playing everyday for like an hour and an half and now im level 12 going on thirteen in the course of 2 days!!!! so just play more often and you should get better results!!!!smileysmiley

Hugo makes low pill fights more common. Besides, he's a monster if he's with any clan. So if the man banned them then we have no choice. So ELO without leaders might be fun.


We'll take a look.

ALL leaders are banned. It's simply easier to blanket ban the lot, that's all.

Vansaar is irrelevant. Banned or not no one was ever going to use him in elo.

If you're running La Junta and looking for a second clan, I'd go for some attack manipulation to go with it. Out of those clans (Rescue, Sentinel, Junkz, Montana, Uppers, Sakhrom), I'd recommend Uppers. Relatively inexpensive compared to the other clans, a 13 star half deck of Jonas, Frankie Hi, Stanford and Glenn, will only about cost 1550 clints, and can be very effective.

monday 02/08/2010

@yugirival they did it to make it fair for all since alot of leaders get abuse this weeks elo is so much fun with out them. i have seen so many diffrent types of decks not all are the same any more.

Nightmare need another 1hko that be hilarious

What's with the 1* wardom?smiley

sunday 01/08/2010

Sol hona
uncomon price:1000
rare price 2-3000

I checked my battle history, and I'm pretty sure this was the only time I've played this opponent. I was playing on my phone - hopefully that doesn't make a difference.

If your looking to make a load of money you want to be buying the most expensive clans. that means ulu watu / jungo and nightmare or bangers or skeelz most probably. that way you can sell the cards off to make money and then buy the cards you wish for.

Now thinking about Ulu Watu or All Stars combine with Piranas or Vortex. I've got cards on these 4 clans, but like to choose 2.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

You should definatly try each of the different clans and not just stick to one particular one.. when you play with different clans and cards you get way more experience in how to handle different cards in different situtations and that makes you way better in playing this game.. and each person has his/her own playing style so maybe you just don't fit best with Nightmare right now

Check out my new preset deleted

Wait the 8/6 leader was captured so second of the leader would be
Eyrik- he is most powerful with ability

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