monday 12/07/2010

1) no way, you must buy the card over and over again to use the card as is.
2) you do, but only if you manage to KO the opponent, the rules of points are already mentioned in the game rules/FAQ
3) they haven't done anything much yet... just something to show you're devoted to the same

Timber Dieter Eadh Estalt Glorg Nistarok Kenny und Timmy
This is my Pure Nightmare Deck.
Its ok , but i need some tips to upgrade it smiley
So give me tips pls

@Traxxion why do you buy clintz with your credits?

20 credits->2000 clintz

While packs can get you from 1k to 30k sometimes.

Ambre, power rules

Yes! Amanie could actually help you... i used her before and she has saved me many times...

Well if you vs Nightmare XD

Jane Ramba is great but ex[pensive cause Junta is short on drs but dean to winston trust me on this one dean is great and ur deck is well balenced only one 2 star and if u want to keep winston then tank for Leo. but dont do both u need one dr.

Cards packs even bad ones usually have more worth and u could get amazing cards.

Wow i never knew that

sunday 11/07/2010

Who knows...

but new formats can make most cards playable in some way

The game used to be a hella lot, it is so hard to many damage reducers....

but when i first started, i thought i was supposed to pick some cards out of each clan to make a good deck..didn't even understand clan bonus.

and the message boards were simple and there wasnt comment on cards.

Just was playing in fightclub beceause deathmach time was just over, and still wanted to play some maches,...
so i was fighting, and second round my oppenent had to choose first, and after that me, but when i had choosen my card i got some message saying, no battle with this id ?

Urban rivals has a feature that lets users make API

An api is an application dedicated for this game for multiple purposes. But other than the iphone app, i only found one made by Zapatan.

Its an application that lets you see how much your total collection's value, market profits and some other stuff.


if you know any other applications, please share and post smiley

T2 definately requires skill, probably more than T1 because of the amount of high star cards. In T1, you can often let a card through, only recieving small damage, in T2, even small damage can end in a 2 HKO. Then you've got the balance to that with the massive DR's, to counter them you've got SOA and so on. T2 is much more dangerous in that regard. I don't know if you watch MMA but its a similar principal, you have the lower weight classes that strike alot or use technical ability and often fight for most of the rounds, Then you've got the heavy weights who go in there and try to knock eachother out in the 1st or 2nd round, some of which are able to fight technically but most are heavy hitters. T2 requires skill, different skill to T1 or ELO but skill none the less. I play all formats so my opinion is unbias, I like each format for different reasons.

Dont like where this is going....

as everyone already knows the UR staff prints all the artwork for the cards... puts them up on a wall. then take turns throwing darts. the first two cards to get 3 darts goes Cr

Im so glad you told me about this, i was almost thinking about ending it but you know what, this story has bought meaning to life once more. Thanks smiley

saturday 10/07/2010

Here are some of my favorite presets that I made

It's better to recieve
Never underestimate
Sufer girls wanna have fun
Best offense
Star Pupils
Copper's day off
The best I got
Steer clear
Peace through Pain
Med team
Help's en route
Pussycats roar
Kitty's claws
Plague of the seven seas
Second attack wave
La Junta main attack force
Freaks defense
The Circus in jail
The All Stars ELO
All Stars defense force

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Yea the traing mission room is way easy

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