saturday 10/07/2010

AiR-GeaR-Ikki yea i noticed that as well had my sellf a good laugh as well smiley

Ok Fang, how about: the foolproofest deck at 60k? smiley

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"Or it could have been a test"
Well... let them know that I'm scared...
Dang, no scared smileys on here, well I'll just use smileysmileysmiley

friday 09/07/2010

Title says it all deleted

I don't like dilluting your bonus chance with a Leader in a dual-, either. But I'll go against the standard of what's being said and say that I personally prefer complementing SOA with a SOB bonus. The big problem with that notion is that (as was said) Sentinel's a LOT cheaper to put a competent deck together than Nightmare. But, ideally, I think you want to work over both sides of a opponent's deck, and that means Nightmare (or Piranas).

I think so. I personally really like combining complementary bonuses in my duals, and All-Star/Bangers is a natural. Bangers deals with the lower-powered opponent cards, All-Stars with the higher. PB&J in my book.

The "standard" montana:

Prince Jr

Costs somewhere around 8~9k, will get you to 1200elo/150dt every time. If you're a newer player and can't afford edd and mona, Donnie and Milovan will fill in just fine.

It's a bug, it should unfreeze.

I did survays like 4 diffrent ones registered an every thing didnt get any credits an it was free. whats up with that?smiley

I'm sure there are people who can make amazing mono Pcat decks, but generally speaking, it's not a good idea. There are so many ways to bypass Pcats' damage reduction (poison, -life, +life, SOBs) that a blanket DR will fail more often than not. If you're aiming for total damage negation, I'd suggest pairing Pcats with an SOA clan that can take care of those pesky abilities.

"Virtually is just suggesting the power +- of a card added to the base power. Why can't you guys understand that?"

Because it's not virtual. If a card adds to itself and the number shows 9 then it's /actually/ 9. It was potentially 9 before, and it's actually 9 now.

Virtual is the wrong word. Entirely. It doesn't make sense.

In the context of power reducers that *act* like a 9 (or whatever) in ---certain contexts--- the term works.

That's it.

If you want to call a card like Copepr anything then call it a /potential/ 9, that makes sense and avoids all confusion and threads like this wouldn't need to exist.

thursday 08/07/2010

Oh so having two of the same type unlocks the bonus skill.....thats good to know...thanks,

Need 13? Simple.
Vickie CR (5)
Lysie Terra CR (3)
Mona (3)
Spiaghi (2)

As far as i know it is from monday 00:00 to sunday 23:59 (gmt +0)

Damn it smiley Oh well, cheers for the card haunters smiley

I'll close this subject now.

Basically a thread about Vortex.
Your thoughts/opinons on the clan.
Do you think there a good clan? Over powerd? Under powerd?
Views on the art work, if you like it or not.
Do you like the bonus? Yes/no + Why.
Best match with the Vortex clan + why.

Just general stuff, i personally dont like the clan that much, i havent used the clan yet, but i havent lost against it yet so i mean thats telling me something straight away. Maybe with a few good cards this clan could take a nice stroll to the top, but again this clan IMO relys heavy on abilitys due to there bonus not really making up for it, so i guess we'll see.

Anybody got some idea i need them

More power for Smokey Cr. Try Sliman or Pesth, or possibly Scubb.


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